February 28, 2014

Blogmopolitan Quiz #1

While reading my blog feed today I stumbled upon this quiz. I love reading Cosmopolitan so this 'Blogmopolitan' quiz is right up my alley.

Without further ado:

February 27, 2014

Ten reasons why I ❤️ the Real Housewives

So I began this post while sitting in a conflict resolution class typing away on my Ipad ... I'm pretty sure I was looking all studious, meanwhile I was writing a post ... about housewives no less. This is my life folks. Anyway so I don't intend on this becoming a TV or reality blog, although let's face it I'll be writing about TV at some point. Yesterday I posted ten reasons why I could never be a real housewife and today I am going to list the ten reasons why I love them and would hang with them ...

1. Ummm ... duh they are down for a good time .... From Brandi in Beverly Hills to Ramona and Sonja in New York to Tamra in the OC to ALL of the Jersey girls, these girls know how to party and more than that these ladies know how to drink! Come even the stushiest (new word?) among us can agree that a few drinks in and these ladies would would be our besties...

February 25, 2014

Ten Reasons why I could never be a Real Housewife .. Although I love to watch them

I religiously watch the Real Housewives of everywhere ... yes even those lame ones from Vancouver before they got cancelled. I cant help it, its an addiction to all reality TV actually and I need help ... or not ... I mean who can resist the shenanigans on these shows?

Anyway so last night while watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and after having re-watched Sunday's Real Housewives of Atlanta, I figured out that there are several reasons why I cannot be a real housewife. Here are my top ten reasons ... and lets be clear there are many many more:


Sooo I started a blog ... now what?

Welp ...

I started this little space here on the interwebs and guess what ... I'm stumped. I tried my hand at editing my very simple template, I created a blog button and nearly lost my shit while doing it and then I opened the blank 'new post' page and stared.

and stared ....

and stared....

And then I typed this babble.

Clearly I'm not off to a good start .. Its not that I dont have ideas because I do have posts that I already want to write and pictures from trips that Ive taken that I would like to share. Maybe its the long day at work or the graduate class that i suffered through for 3 hours afterwards that has my brain all muddled, or maybe I just need to sleep. Or maybe at the ripe old age of 28 I have to accept that I'm getting old. Seriously, growing older is overrated...

February 23, 2014

Did I just start a blog?

I cant believe I just sat for an hour starting a blog ... Literally. One. Hour. I cant even imagine anyone will ever read it (they wont) or find it, since no one knows I am starting it ... yet here I am, typing my first post, on a blog that I just actually started. I guess its not too farfetched either ... Reading blogs is my not so secret hobby. I may or may not have downloaded bloglovin' as my first ipad app. Before I became an attorney, I read for a literature degree. I absolutely love to write and so I think writing as opposed to only reading others' blogs will float my proverbial boat. My only hang up is that in the Caribbean where I'm from there are very few bloggers who do so just for the fun of it. In spite of that, I plan to write for the fun of it even though i have serious anxiety over people actually reading it and judging me for having a blog ... hypothetically of course. I genuinely think that people will have this sarcastic reaction if I told them that I have a blog:

All. kinds. of. fascinating.