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February 27, 2014

Ten reasons why I ❤️ the Real Housewives

So I began this post while sitting in a conflict resolution class typing away on my Ipad ... I'm pretty sure I was looking all studious, meanwhile I was writing a post ... about housewives no less. This is my life folks. Anyway so I don't intend on this becoming a TV or reality blog, although let's face it I'll be writing about TV at some point. Yesterday I posted ten reasons why I could never be a real housewife and today I am going to list the ten reasons why I love them and would hang with them ...

1. Ummm ... duh they are down for a good time .... From Brandi in Beverly Hills to Ramona and Sonja in New York to Tamra in the OC to ALL of the Jersey girls, these girls know how to party and more than that these ladies know how to drink! Come even the stushiest (new word?) among us can agree that a few drinks in and these ladies would would be our besties...

2. Where they live ... The Real Housewives franchise was initially marketed as really rich housewives living lives of lavishness and excess. While clearly with time we have seen that a lot of these ladies were keeping up with the Joneses, the fact is they all live in some spectacular homes and neighbourhoods. Would I like to live in one of those houses? Ummm is the sky blue? I'd be all like:

3. The cars. Oh the cars. I love me some cars. I'm that girl. So me and all of those cars would have a love relationship. Seriously.

4. The shopping - Now I'm not big on shopping for clothing all the time but only because I have weird sizes in everything Im 4'11" after all. However ... bags and shoes is a whole other question. I love me some bags and shoes even with my size 5 mini feet, and these ladies have them. Excuse the french and I really wouldn't but ...


..... Then again probably not.

5. The parties. Now this is different from number one. This isn't about drinking or having a good time but these ladies are invited to some awesome parties and who doesn't like to live it up? I'd hang with them at their luxury parties. in. a. minute... ahh who am I kidding just like in number one.. its all about the alcho:

6. The dogs - I'm obsessed with dogs and in every city there's a lady that's as dog obsessed as I am. Think Kenya from Atlanta, Gretchen from OC, Jill Zarin ugh from New York, and Brandi and Lisa from Beverly Hills! Love me some dogs and these ladies know how to pamper man's best friend. Does it get much closer or weirder than this?:

7. I'm going to completely contradict yesterdays post with this one. The trips. Now I still maintain that I will not go on a trip with anyone I'm 'feuding' with BUT and this is a big BUT ... who would really give up a chance to fly all over the world. Like I said before I love travel and vacations. The RHOBH girls went to Paris last season, RHONY girls went to Marrakesh ... I mean... no question... Plus the trips = drama:

8. The food and the restaurants and the food and all of the food. You get my point. Food. The end.

9. The friendships. Now not all of these ladies like each other lets be honest but when there's a real friendship, its a sweet thing...

10. Who are we kidding ... the fighting is entertaining ... 

And there it is Ten solid reasons why I love this franchise. Ill be the first to admit that all of the franchises are getting a little dark with all the fighting, but the reason they are still on the air is because we love them ... or we love to hate the. Whatever it is we are watching!

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