Exhaustion ...

Well this has been an exhausting week full of hospital trips, graduate assignments due, and deadlines for work amongst other things. I literally got two hours of sleep last night and I'm heading right back into the grind as we speak. Hopefully tonight I can get me some rest!!! Yup my idea of a good Friday today folks is my bed.

Anyhoo... on another note ...

I wasn't going to do another link up (look at me using blog lingo and ish) until I actually got off my lazy bum and started to get actual readers this blog but since I have literally been listening to this jam all week, I figure why the hell not. Can't hurt right?
Anyway linking up with Whitney from I wore Yoga pants to work for #backthatazzup Friday!

Like I said this song has been stuck in my head all week and this may or may not be because its been on repeat for the whole darn week... What can I say when I love a song I obsessively play it NON. STOP.


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