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April 15, 2014

25 Things you didn't know about me!

I read celebrity magazines on a daily. This post is inspired by Us Magazine's "25 things you didn't know about me" series where celebrities are asked to give 25 random facts about themselves. I haven't really posted much about myself and so I thought I'd try a little something. I don't know about you but I love reading little snippets about people! Here goes ...

Without further ado:

1. I don't drink milk ever ... I am not lactose intolerant, I just don't like it. In fact, as a toddler, I'm told .. and I vaguely remember ... that I used to pour my milk onto the carpet... which left some very interesting smelling carpet!

2. I also don't eat tomatoes under any circumstances. Just. No. However, I do eat ketchup but it must be on something. I cant taste it directly.

3. I am Deathly afraid of lizards. This one is no joke. Those suckers could be the size of my very little little toe and I'd freak the hell out. Like run off the sidewalk in front of a truck kinda freak out... Yeah that happened.

4. I adore my family! This should have been number one.

5. I don't drink fruity alcoholic beverages. Scotch, Hennessy, and maybe vodka. Add some chaser and we're in business. Oh and wine. I like wine.

6. I was skipped a year (grade in the US) in primary (elementary) school. Also my teachers in primary school called me "chatterbox" because I. would. not. shut. up. Not much has changed.

7. Because of the above, I had my first bachelor's degree, a double major in literature and history at the age of 20. I am however not your typical nerd.

8. I'm VERY short ..... 4'11" to be exact (we'll just ignore the fact that at my last weigh in the scale said that I was 4'10.5").

9. .... and I have size 5 feet! Cute? Yes. Annoying? Also yes, especially when there's never anything in your size.

10. My maternal grandfather lived to be 100 and my maternal grandmother lived to be 96. They were married for 72 years.

11. My parents have been married for 40 years and  both still look so young.

12. I went to an all girls primary school and an all girls secondary school (High school). Male interaction before University = limited.

13. I can swim, but I'd rather swim in a pool than in the ocean ... especially if there are waves, I hate waves.

14. I love all animals, but I'm partial to dogs ... Love me some pooches.

15. I don't really have a favourite food. There are many foods that I like a lot but a favourite? I dunno ...

16. Grapefruit Juice is my favourite type of juice.

17. I prefer my fingernails long.

18. If I weren't an attorney, I'd be a journalist, realtor or interior designer.

19. I love to drive. It relaxes me. Unless there is traffic. I don't do traffic well.

20. As a child I took music classes (theory, piano and recorder) and swimming classes

21. Every singly day, I read TMZ.com, UsMagazine.com and People.com for celebrity news. Every day.

22. Reading relaxes me. Once after a breakup, well before the movies came out, I read all of the hunger games books in 3 days to relax myself.

23. I am writing a book ... I've been writing said book for years. So there's that.

24. I can be extremely sarcastic. Extremely. 

25. I have one tattoo but I'm soon getting another. Like soon.

26. I'm a rebel at heart. Always have been and always will be ... And so I made 26 instead.

And there you have it, 25 26 little facts about lil' old me. There's so many more little tidbits about me that I could share but that's it for today.

Happy Tuesday! Tomorrow is Hump Day!

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  1. You're only 4'11"?! I could put you in my pocket and carry you around! I'm 5'8"! haha

  2. Love this list! A great way to introduce yourself... I have size 6.5 shoes and they are always sold out of styles I want. Not fair. I can't imagine my feet being any smaller. Do you also have really tiny fingers? I swear, my rings are so freaking tiny! No one else could ever wear them except me... and now, maybe you! haha


  3. I don't do tomatoes either. Eew. I hate when they appear in my salads at restaurants. I pick them out and then wipe off their juices with a napkin. Can't have that touchin' my lettuce!

  4. What's going to be your next tattoo?? And what's your first?

  5. I don't drink milk either... ever. I just don't like it! I'm on people.com like crazy.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. I enjoyed reading these 26 facts about you! I'm with you on the scotch and wine...and reading...and sarcasm... Also I read in your About Me page that your blog only exists because of losing your sister. My blog only exists because I lost my little girl. Writing was my way to cope, and I just never stopped. What kind of book are you writing? :)

    1. Aww yes I absolutely started it because of my sister. Loss had a way of making you find ways to cope.

      I'm writing a dramatic fiction! I hope to finish this year :)


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