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April 14, 2014

And just like that it's Monday

Is it Monday already? I feel like my weekend just began! I usually keep it positive on a Monday, but the truth is every Monday is a drag. Yes its a new week, and I'm thankful and grateful yada yada ... But its Monday, and we'd all be much happier people with four day work weeks and three day weekends. Don't even try to argue otherwise. Although, this IS a four day work week and I'm still grumpy pants this morning.

Anyway, I thought I'd give a little recap on what I did with the extremely short weekend:

Friday night after work, I had a presentation at school and handed in my final school project for the year! After the presentation was over, you best believe my group members and I hit up a nearby bar and had one too many drinks. I haven't been going out much at all recently for personal reasons but it was nice to get out for a bit on Friday. I needed it ... and my brain needed it more!

Instagram filters for the win! See the drink looking like a male drink? The one in the glass labelled Hennessy? Yeah that's mine ...

Anyway, Saturday into Sunday I spent with my mummy and my daddy ... I could have easily typed mum and dad but I literally call them mummy and daddy ... I'm 28. Judge me! They spoil me to this day and they are the most wonderful humans to ever grace this planet. Lets not argue this either because it is fact. I adore my parents. The end! Anyway, all my online shopping goodies were by my parents (where I ship them) and let's be honest when online shopping is delivered its like Christmas every single time ... Side note: I have an online shopping addiction. Rehab is calling! I swear I order an Ipad case or Iphone case or cord nearly every week ... and I bought an Erin Condren notebook with monthly add-ons and stickers and whatever else I added on, for no good reason at all ... And let's not even talk about clothes ... It's a problem!

Saturday night I spent grading the never ending mass of papers for my students and well ... we all know how that went ... Sunday I woke up way too early and went to Church. This may be a story for another day but, I grew up in church and took a little long hiatus. Anyway, I'm slowly getting my feet wet again and Sunday, frankly I just needed it. I made a quick grocery run after church and then headed back to my apartment and straight up bummed around for the rest of the evening ... until I had to mark some more papers. 

Not the most exciting of weekends but it wasn't bad either... Lets hope for a good week this week!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Ahhh that meme is perfect.. I think Mondays hate me and the feeling is mutual! haha

  2. mondays.are.terrible

    Even when I go into them with a positive attitude. they.just.suck. haha.


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