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April 10, 2014

Grammar police: in which I give the "apposite" response

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on grammar ... I'm just annoyed ... or annoying ...

I think I fall into that annoying group of people. You know the kind. Yup. The ones who see grammar and spelling mistakes and their faces become all emoji angry face. Sometimes I just can't! To be fair, I don't go around randomly correcting people, especially not on the internet. I know that people make mistakes! But and that's a big BUT ... I just don't get it sometimes ...

Why the rant?

I'm correcting papers that why ...

I've been correcting assignments for the students I tutor and people ... the grammar is atrocious. I mean its bad. It's hand-over-eyes-peeking-through-fingers bad. It's like that bad accident you cant look away from bad. I hate to judge, I really do, except .... I can't understand how my students, college/university students, cant grasp "there, their and they're" ... "your, you're" ... "to, too".

I can deal with spelling complications like "favourite vs favorite" or "colour vs color", because the spellings are different depending on the country (Fun fact: I use the British spelling of words and so I see red squiggly lines all over my posts), but "their vs there" ... NO. I can ignore these mistakes on the interwebs but I'm being forced to read them over and over and over again ... they're lucky I like them.

I should have marked these papers on the weekend and created a drinking game: take a shot every time I see a wrongly spelt word, a grammar mistake or a just plain jacked up sentence. Unfortunately for me, if I were to do that now, while at the office, I'd be a happy camper all day at work today fired! So I'm going to sip on my coffee (hashtag addicted) and mark these papers ... on my desk that's piled high with legal files ... and try not to scream.

Before I go, Ill leave you with the word of the day ... and an ehem 'apposite' story to end this post.  I've said before that I am in grad school. Anyway ... so I'm sitting in class the other day and the lecturer says a word in a sentence that caused a fellow classmate to boldly and embarrassingly announce to the class that the word that the lecturer used was in fact not a real word and a more appropriate word would be 'appropriate'. I knew the word. It was a word. It is a word. What's the word???

ap·po·site: adjective

meaning: very appropriate : suitable for the occasion or situation
Example :  "an apposite quotation"
synonyms: appropriate, suitable, fitting, apt, befitting;

The irony is not lost on me haha ... Oh no, not one bit... the word 'appropriate' that he said was more 'appropriate' was actually an 'appropriate' synonym for the word apposite which does in fact mean .... 'appropriate'. Pretty sure the next time he doesn't know a word, he'd do what any normal person would do and google it ...

I'm not a brat I swear :|

Going totally against my ranting tone I do love my students and I'm loving the fact that the weekend is almost here :)

(Haha as I'm proofing this post, I see more than one grammatical mistake ... and I'm leaving them ... that's my karma for ranting about my poor students ...)

 Have a happy Thursday folks!


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  1. Oh my, I would have been embarrassed for him. What did the professor say? I'm not a grammar-police but my sister, who is a middle school English teacher, is. (I don't blame her--I have seen the papers she has to grade.) I do have tiny pet-peeves about the misuse of certain words, but I know it can definitely get annoying when you are correcting papers. (btw, I'm coming by from the link-up & following your blog!)

    1. Hi Haley! I'm usually not that annoying, but marking those papers this morning had my head spinning! lol Thanks for following I'm going to follow you right back (PS I couldn't reply via email so I hope you see this)

  2. Ahhh I am the same way! and that ecard is perfect!!

  3. I hear you on this! I don't always speak/write properly but there are some things that are just "duh?!" things!

  4. I am the same way. My grammar obsession started early on in life, and even in junior high, I was correcting my classmates who would say things like "I seen her at the store." *cringe.* But now, when I see educated adults, and my colleagues, WHO ARE WRITERS, use incorrect grammar, it takes a lot of self control to not say something.

  5. I am not going to lie - I unfollow blogs when I see that the blogger has put an apostrophe in a plural. I can't be friends with people like that.

  6. ONE OF MY PET PEEVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! subject-verb agreement is very real!!! HA!!

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