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April 30, 2014

It's Wednesday! Let's Confess ...

Ahhh Hump Day guys and more confessions. I say this every week but I love these posts. I get to scream and shout and let it all out *dances to the song in my head*. Everytime I read a confessions post, Im like:

Anyway, enough babble and on to my confessions ...

1. I have dance parties by myself in front of the mirror. I'm talking headphones in ear and dancing and singing with an imaginary mike like I'm 12. It's odd and embarrassing. 

2. For the first seven posts this blog was named 'Simply Kay' ... and it looked like this:

I taught myself enough html to be able to 'design' (clearly I'm using that word veryyyy loosely) it myself. I created the header and the side buttons for the pages and everything. And then I hated everything about it including the name, so I changed it! I think that my God awful 'sketched' picture that looked nothing like me or the original picture (my nose looked extraordinarily large in the sketch) scared people off because I got exactly zero comments when my blog looked like that. I decided to leave the designing to other people and I changed the name to something that suited me more. Good job Kay *pats self on back*.

3. I am terrified of too many people in my real life finding this blog. Since we're confessing, I think I'm more afraid they'll laugh.There I said it. I'm a lawyer and my colleagues can be a bit umm ... judge-y.  I imagine a reaction like this:

which will ultimately lead to me saying:

It's one of the main reasons for the lack of pics around here. I'm slowly starting not to give a rat's derrière about who finds out though. We'll see how that goes.

4. I was told by the dentist about 6 months ago that I need to remove my wisdom teeth because my mouth is too small for them. Particularly one tooth that is painfully emerging. I haven't gone back. I'm a chicken hear me squak.

5. If I have a plate of food I prefer everything to be separate on the plate especially the meat. Meat. must. touch. nothing. ever. Yeah I know what you're thinking:

And that's it ... short and sweet this week!

I have a long couple days ahead with work, actually this entire week has been a bundle of crazy work-wise, so I may just catch you all on Friday to list my Favourites of the week!

Have a great Wednesday! :)


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  1. Hi. Found your blog via Fitness Blondie's hump day blog hop and thought I'd say hi and keep up the good work :).

  2. i got all of my wisdom teeth removed in one shot. they put me out and then shot me up with pain killers. that was a fun week :)

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Hey with the wisdom teeth at least you get a few days off work! And liquid diet = a few lbs down? just trying to see the bright side... Annnd I totally know what you mean about the co-workers thing- people can be soooo judgey.

  4. My food never ever touches, and I eat it in order - veggie, starch, meat.

  5. haha love this! i totally totally do the dance parties too, sometimes when i'm home alone, i go all out in my living room and call it a 'workout' otherwise, it is physically impossible (ok, maybe not) for me to get ready without music and a little shimmy. also, screw the dentist. my wisdom teeth 'had to come out' like 10 years ago and they still there and i still alive! and i dont know why i wrote like that, lol. alllssssoo i dont like my food to touch either, but im not super picky. i just hate when something saucy touches something not saucy. ha!

  6. You need to get it over with...the longer you wait the more you are in pain and it is going to have to happen anyway. I had mine done where they put you under and just cut out all 4 at once, it is not pleasant but not that bad and basically I suffered for 4 months for no reason other than, I "didn't" want to do it :) When I was a child I was weird about my food touching and would leave the touching food on my plate :)

  7. Hey Kay!!! Great post!! I love your new design, and I love how you can look back and laugh at it all!! I had the exact same experience and design is a huge factor! :D And I totally agree, I am sooo picky about who knows about my blog and who doesn't, I think my b/f id the only one who know lol! The Rats derrière had me laughing! haha! Keep up the great work lovely, talk soon! XOXO


  8. I love your confessions! I don't want people in real life to find my blog either... just a few close friends know!

  9. I'm terrified of real life people finding my blog too. My cousin knows about it...another friend knows I have one but not what it is...and that's IT!

  10. I don't tell anyone about my blog either. My husband and 2 friends know about it...otherwise I never talk about it.

    I just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth out a couple months ago and it wasn't a fun procedure but it's defintely better to get it out the way now and not deal with the recurring pain from the teeth protruding. I recommend you get it out the way soon so life will be easier down the road!

  11. lol...GO BACK TO THE DENTIST!!!! My daguhter has that same affliction...if she had a plate with dividers she would use it. but I refuse to buy her one...nope nope...lol

  12. I haven't been to the dentist since they told me about my wisdom teeth either!! It's not that I'm scared as much as I don't want to waste any vacation time on recovery time!!

    1. Vacation time is also an issue although I can make my time flexible. But I'm a scared-y cat! That's my main reason right there.

  13. Umm, I love you simply because you said "rat's derrière," haha! Also, I had to get my wisdom teeth out because my mouth was too small! It was sorta awful ... though my husband/then-boyfriend said my antics were hilarious as I was just coming out of my anesthesia. Apparently I slapped myself in the face and burped a lot, then stumbled all over the parking lot as he tried to put me in the car. I remember none of it.

  14. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed at once. They put you under and give you vicodin after. Can't go wrong! hahah

  15. Yeah get those teeth out and be pampered for a week (read: on meds!)

    Real life people knowing about your blog can be both scary and awesome - but it's creepy when they don't comment or like any of the places you share it - yet they read every word and bring it up in real life a year later.

  16. I totally break it down in front of the mirror! I love dancing in front of the mirror, or around the house really. I used to use my hairbrush as a microphone all the time.
    My wisdom teeth will bother me every so often but I am way to chicken to go in and have them look at them. I like my teeth in my mouth.

  17. Oh lord, I've got three wisdom teeth that need to be removed like, yesterday, but I haven't gone back to get them pulled. I'm scared as fuck!

    As for the whole real life people reading your blog, I was the same way at first too. I think all bloggers are.

    ♥ Duckie.

  18. Some people in real life know about my blog, but I hate it each time my friend announces it to new people. She's not a blogger so doesn't get that I'd like to keep this hobby of mine in the closet, if you will. Oh, and I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed at once. Let's just say there was about a 4 hour timeframe that I have no recollection of, but they do give some great pain medication!

  19. So I still get weird about real life peeps knowing about my blog but I was outted in one of my graduate classes last night so now literally all my peers know about it.....I got a surprisingly good reaction though and gained a few more followers...we'll see if I can still make eye contact with them though lol

  20. my wisdom teeth are now coming in...and i'm OLD!

  21. This post made me smile! :)

  22. I worry about IRL people finding my blog too, though it would be pretty hard to find being that I don't post about it on any social media, and I've set up blogger to not have it show up in searches. So far, so good! Also, is it just food on a plate? What about sandwiches? Just curious :) Happy weekend!

  23. Oh my goodness, I am dying. I found #2 to be hilarious, as you describe the picture looking nothing like you, but it was supposed to be. In the beginning, I shared that same fear of others finding my blog and judging it. Then I realized that nobody was finding my blog, so it was okay. Haha! I had no idea what I was doing back then... I am still a little fearful of some of my friends finding it, but my family all knows about it. Not sure if they read...

    I loved your confession. I do a weekly Hump Day Confession too! I've been trying to gauge readers' interests, see if they would be interested in a link-up on my blog. I think it would be fun to showcase everyone's posts.

    Anyway, have a great weekend!


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