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May 26, 2014

A long overdue Q&A

**This post contains an affiliate link and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on this link. 

First off, Happy Memorial Day to you guys in the U.S. Many of you won't even see this post because of Memorial Day relaxation and I don't blame you. I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend. I unfortunately have work today (boo), but I do have a holiday on Friday!

Anyhoosle, Some weeks ago, the lovely Kristen (who btw leaves the most thoughtful comments ever. Seriously the girl rocks) nominated me for another Liebster. So much time has past since then, (sorry Kris) but I loved her questions and so I'm going to answer them anyway. Thanks Kristen again for the nomination!

1. Favourite guilty pleasure TV show?
If you have read this blog long enough then you know the answer to this is anything on Bravo could be my guilty pleasure, particularly those darn houswives. However, Game of Thrones and Scandal both top any Bravo show any day of the week.

2. Biggest pet peeve? 
Open mouth chewing. Just don't. Also slow drivers on the fast lane drive me absolutely crazy. I mean it. My anxiety hits the roof and I get bad bad thoughts.

3. Favourite store - in person or online.
I live in the Caribbean. I have great beaches but you guys in the US have the great shopping. Just a fact. Some days I would trade in a heartbeat. I can't wait to be in the US later this year just for the shopping. That said, I do A LOT of credit card damage online shopping and I even have a 'skybox' which is a US shipping address that I pay for annually to facilitate this obsession habit. Forever 21, Nordstrom and Target all have good online shopping. Amazon of course does too. 
4. Which song do you hear and you can't help but shake your booty?
It doesn't take much for me to shake my booty. But since this song came out I can't help but jig everytime I hear it.

5. Tell me the most random, awesome, strange fact about yourself.
I freaked out numerous people who read this post last week but I'll say it again hahahaha. I play with my bellybutton. Have since I was a kid. True talk.

6. Favourite book?
I can't possibly answer this one. I feel like I'll be cheating on soooo any good books if I do. Yes, cheating. Yes, I'm a closet nerd. Fun fact though, I'm still reading The Fault in Our Stars which I purchased on my Kindle (didn't get much time this weekend or it'd be done) and its going great!

7. Who's your celebrity girl crush?
For looks: Zoe Saldana. Sweet baby Jesus this woman is beautiful.

For personality: Chrissy Teigen. I know she's a hit or miss for most people but I think we are kindred souls. she gives us gems like these:
 She's just so random ... much like myself.

8. If you could meet anyone dead (not alive, and not a family member!) who would it be? you can answer why if you want.
I've been asked this question before and my answers may disturb you ... Hitler. I'd not just like to meet him but I'd like to cross examine him. It fascinates me that a man who did not even possess the physical characteristics which he deemed perfect, could convince an entire bloody nation to do his bidding. I would ask him 10 million questions non stop for hours. I would probably also spit in his face. But after the questions.

A quick second place would be Napoleon Bonaparte for similar reasons ... 

9. Dream travel destination?
GREECE!!!! Australia is a close second but I should be in Australia in October so Greece wins this one.

10. You have a million dollars. What do you do first?
Ok First I'd buy my parents whatever they want. Why stop there, I can tell you what I'd do with the rest. I'd maybe go to Greece on vacation, or purchase a home. The rest would be promptly put into the bank or invested. If you take a dollar from a million you no longer have a million. So a lot of it would be invested so I can build it back up to a million. 

Thanks again Kristen, loved these questions! I actually love answering questions so if any of you have any for me shoot me some in the comments and Ill answer them in a post :)

* * * * * * * *

**I started this little series to keep myself accountable. I'm not big on huge resolutions for the year because I don't succeed at those. Smaller more realistic goals work for me. I may not succeed in all my goals each week but at least I can keep a check and balance on what I need to do.

Last week's Goals:

1. Gym 4 times - Ugh ... it was a busy week and I only made it once. Pretty bummed about this actually.

2. Take mum out to get pampered - Yes Yes Yes. On Friday evening I took mum to a spa where she got a massage and a facial. I actually on a whim booked a facial as well and now both our faces are as soft and smooth as a baby's bum. I also got my eyebrows done which the public should be grateful for.

3. Write some more - Very little, but every little counts!

This week's Goals:

1. Gym 2 times - reduced the gym time this week because of number 2.

2. Run outdoors - I want to conquer this one and so I need to pound some pavement and not just the treadmill.

3. Cook - here we go again. This is important this week because I am seriously changing up my diet this week. All the shit is getting cut out and I'm going strict once again. 

Before I forget ... The Bachelorette is on again tonight!

Another long Monday post. I can't help myself, I like to babble.

Have a great Memorial Day to those in the US and to everyone else Happy Monday!

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  1. awwwwww girl you are so sweet! stop it. me, thoughtful? blushing!
    ok. open mouth chewing, yes, ew. gross. how do people still do it?? i want to smack them.
    i love your shopping addiction haha you know i have one. when are you coming to the US, and where?
    omg that Chrissy tweet, dying. Zoe whatsherface is gorgeous, isnt she?!
    I really like and understand your answers for the meeting someone dead. Do you watch Doctor Who? Haha, probably not but there is an episode where they meet Hitler, it's kinda funny.
    Ah Greece, I wish. Maybe one day!
    yay for running outdoors! you can do it! treadmills, or dreadmills as i call them.. suck!
    i have got to be super strict this week and next. eep. wish me luck, lol.
    hope you had a good weekend!

  2. I loooove Chrissy Teigen!
    I still dance whenever I hear "Happy", too! I swear, that song is impossible to get sick of - I don't understand how some people have never liked it to begin with!

  3. I find Hitler to be so fascinating. Yes, he was incredibly evil and I think people are just so disturbed by what he did that they don't even realize how incredibly intelligent he was. Part of me really wishes that we would have been able to keep him alive and study his brain because who knows what we would have found? At the same time, he was so powerful I fear that if we had done that would he still be able to brainwash/manipulate people?


  4. I haven't finished that book either. lost interest sort of. hope you had a great weekend.

  5. I agree - Zoe Saldana is stunning. She's on my girl crush list too:)

  6. Good Luck with the good eating this week! I'm starting this tomorrow too. I was doing really well then sort of forgot, oops. I cant wait to read The Fault in our Stars!

  7. Ugh I HATE open mouth chewing too! And talking with a full mouth. Just don't! And your answer to #8 is really interesting, I totally get you on that. You'd probably do a better job cross-examining than I would, haha. Good luck with your goals this week!

  8. I think an interview with Hitler would be VERY intersting. Let me know if you ever get to do that... haha. I'm obsessed with Bravo shows!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. i used to like Happy until every single radio station here played it every second of every day. at one point, EVERY SINGLE station i selected were playing it at the same time! they tend to overkill a song and makes me dislike it :(

    Vodka and Soda

  10. Open mouth chewing is my pet peeve, too. It ruins my appetite if I hear someone eating across the room. So gross :OOO.

  11. I'm still jealous you're going to Australia! it will be a blast! and i loooove chrissy teigan!

  12. Good luck on your outdoor running adventure!

  13. OMG I just read that book and I cried like a little baby!!! Also, open-mouth chewing just makes me go INSANE. Can't even handle it!

  14. congrats on the nomination. Open mouth chewing annoys the heck out of me too. And when you can hear people eating. It grosses me out LOL. I think Greece would be a beautiful place to visit. I need to add that one to my Bucket list. Online shopping is my favorite.

  15. skybox sounds amazing! but you should be happy to live in the caribbean! my family is from puerto rico and i would trade living in the US for their beaches ANY DAY!

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  16. that's so nice and congrats for the nomination

  17. I HATE when people chew with their mouth open....I got stuck sitting across from somone once who did that and I HAD to move!


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