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May 29, 2014


Wow this week is flying by ... It's Thursday!!!

I feel a little random today so I whipped up one of those currently posts that are popping up everywhere. I've always wanted to do one of these posts because well I like to read about the random things people are up to. I cant even remember where I first saw this particular version but according to one of the blogs I read, I think the original can be found here

Making: A new playlist on iTunes for my drive to and from work.

Cooking: HAHA my most elusive goal. But if you call whipping up a salad cooking then I guess I cooked this week

Drinking: A wine spritzer ... Nice way of saying wine with some sprite. Don't judge my methods just try it! haha 

Reading: Boy I read quickly usually but I didn't get to read a lot this week so I'm still reading this book but I plan to finish it up on Friday because I have a holiday and a long weekend yay!

Wanting: So many thingsssss ... I want this dress right now. I have two weddings in August. One is more dressed down/ casual than the other. I really really like this dress but the problem is that I'm not sure how it will look on a girl with boobs. The price is also steep and there's also the fact that I'm short and would have to cut it even if I buy it in petite and it may lose some of its design. Maybe I should say I wanted this dress but it may not happen:

Found here

Looking: Looking at the Miama vs Indiana game at the moment. #GOHEAT

Playing: Music softly on my laptop while I blog and watch the game! Music from my college years always take me back. So Im playing music circa 2009 This song is currently playing:

Wasting: Money on food ... Why are salads so expensive anyway? Its grass people. On a serious note though I need to go a week without spending a dime on food! I keep saying it but I keep doing the same thing every week.

Sewing: haha ... This is funny. My grandfather had a tailor shop growing up and I always wanted to learn to sew. It never happened. I can 'hem' something if I really needed to. That's the extent of it!

Wishing: So many things ... To get fit enough to run a 5k in September is one of the tops on the list though.

Enjoying: My wine spritzer. Yum.

Waiting: For next week when I get an overnight trip to Tobago (the sister isle) for work! Yay for hotels, room service and hotel TVs.

Liking: Blogging and the friendships I'm making through it. Makes me all smiley :D

Wondering: Where the heck I put the white shorts I wore this weekend. They could be in my apt or at my parents. I have no clue.

Loving:  This romper that I bought online from Nordstoms this weekend!!! I love it! Does anyone think I can make this work for a wedding? Or is it too casual? 

Found here

Hoping: To enjoy the long weekend I have this weekend!

Marvelling: At my ability to waste time. Not that blogging is wasting time, but I do have a deadline for tomorrow and I should be working on a file right now. Whadamidoing? I'm blogging ... and searching Nordstrom for a dress ... at a reasonable price.

Needing: Compression sleeves for my shins to prevent shin splints!!! Also needing to stretch some more to maybe prevent some of those shin splints! Thanks Alyssa for the advice :)

Smelling: My Glade candle that's burning. Love me some candles.

Wearing: I think I need to go put on some pants in order to answer this question ... not gonna happen.

Following: The NBA Playoffs ... 

Noticing: How many people are pregnant and engaged. A few months ago everyone would guess it would be me next. It's only when you're single you notice just how many folks are getting knocked up and engaged/married!

Knowing: That I'm going to pour a second glass before bed because yum ...

Thinking: About so many things. Life, love, the fact that my car NEEDS to be washed ... That last one is really on my mind. The car is horribly dirty.

Feeling: Tired. Also genuinely sad that the world lost a great woman yesterday. She was as wise one that Maya Angelou ...

Bookmarking: PicMonkey ... because I love it.

Opening: A pack of nuts ... because I now eat like a squirrel and this is what snacking looks like nowadays.

Giggling: This would be a weird one to answer except I actually was just giggling while messaging my friend. My neighbours are having quite the night and I'm hearing through my very thick apt walls. #YouGoGirl

What are you currently doing/loving?? Let me know!

Have a great Thursday!


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  1. Oh I am obsessed with that maxi dress! Of course it wasn't on their recent sale.....keep an eye on it Nordstroms is so good about random sale prices. You can totally make that romper work (which is gorgeous btw) if it's not a super formal wedding. Think tall heels, gold jewelry, bold lip and a big clutch (that's like totally my go to romper look ;-) I really liked the setup of this post great way to get to know you better. Oh and I love spritzers! I tend to say "spritzers!!!!" in a very high pitch note that drives Mark crazy but that just makes me love it even more! The weekend is almost here!!! xoxoxo

  2. that maxi dress is gorgeous!! and that romper, gorgeous. you can absolutely make it work for a wedding. i agree with Amanda's suggestions.
    yes salad counts as cooking haha.
    i love that Maya quote. she was so amazing, her words so inspirational!
    hurry up and finish that book girl ;)

  3. if you love wine spritzers you should try it with Fresca or flavored sparkling water, it is soooo good! Especially with fruit added. I mean that makes it healthy right?

  4. Love wine spritzers! You could def wear the romper to a more casual wedding. I agree with Amanda - heels, bold jewelry and awesome bag. Love it!

  5. Picmonkey is my jam.

    I love wine spritzers with club soda.

    Very sad about Maya Angelou.

  6. Agree with everyone above about the romper, I think that would be great for a casual wedding! And I love that maxi too.
    You are going to be doing WORK in that September 5k, I know it! Just keep building up your strength and don't let setbacks get you down {remember the arrow? ;)}. Before you pick up compression sleeves try just sleeping with tall tube socks on, that might be all you need {plus the stretches I sent you and icing nightly, of course!} and is way cheaper. Anyway I LOVE this post!

  7. That romper is awesome I think you could wear it to a wedding!
    Hahaha oh I remember hearing my neighbors when I lived in an apartment too funny!

  8. love that dress! and the jumpsuit is mad cute too. i think you could make it work for a wedding - do you think you could change out the belt for something a bit more dressy? you can also glam it up with some cute shoes and statement jewelry if not :)

  9. LOVE that Keri Hilson song!
    And I love that romper, too... but I don't know if I'd wear it to a wedding. I don't know... for women, I feel like it's gotta be some kind of skirt/dress. That being said, I definitely wouldn't side eye someone if I saw them wearing it at a wedding either!

  10. That romper is so cute! I think it could work for a formal wedding depending on what its made of. So long as it isn't like super see-thru or spandex-y, then throw on some strappy sandals, metallic accessories and pull your hair up for a little sophistication and girl, you're ready to go.
    Shin splints are the devil. For real. I've been dealing with that pain since my gymnastics days and nothing really works, except powering through, which isn't really that great. Bleh.

  11. Fault in Our Stars needs to move up my reading list, but with Book Bash I'm just not motivated to read it unless I see a preview for the movie that comes out next week!

  12. Did you finish Fault in Our Stars??? I need to read this from what I've heard!

  13. Oh, how I loved and hated The Fault In Our Stars. John Green is a bastard. An amazing writer, but a bastard. He made me cry. Not out right sobbing, but more than just a couple tears. *sigh* I hope you enjoy it. I also recommend If I Stay if you haven't read it!

    1. I loves and hated it tooo! I'm going to check that book out!


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