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May 06, 2014

Let's talk shoes!

I love me some shoes! I may not be the biggest fashion-ista or stylish girl (being that I'm always in black) but I have the shoe game on lock! (I also love handbags but that's for another day). Shoes make me happy and I don't give a flamingo's tail feather if that comes across a little superficial... 

Kidding of course ...
Shoes don't need to be designer for me to love them. I'm also frugal as heck so I have a limit as to what I'd spend on a shoe! I have found some great comfortable shoes that are not from a 'popular' designer. That being said, finding shoes for size 5 feet at all can become a little very difficult ... This is not an exaggeration. However, If I could get my hand on any of these in my size, I'd be happy as a clam. I provided the links for most of them so feel free to click the links for those you want to check out some more.

It's no secret that I'm basically a little person at 4'11. I love me some heels. It gives me height and makes my short legs look ... less short. Check these out! I want. I need.

1. FOREVERNEW.COM.AU - I wish I had somewhere to wear these beauties to. If I did, I'd buy them immediately.
2.  CASADEI STILETTO HEEL PUMPS - I have one similar to this. Perfect shoe for a night out. 
3. GILT.COM - Great work shoe for (in my case) a non-court day. On court days I must wear black. Not complaining.
4. NINEWEST.COM - I own these! Hell I'm on my second pair and I'd buy another. This is my everyday work shoe!
5. FARFETCH.COM - Fancy dinner or wedding shoe. Love a black option!
6. HEELS.COM I'm in love with these Badgley Mischka pumps. I may have a wedding in Australia in October and I want these!
Moving right along with the 'I need some height' shoes are the wedges. I love wedges and I have a lot of them. 

1. CHARLOTTERUSSE.COM - I like a strappy option and I like the colour and shape of the heel.
2. DEBENHAMS.COM - I could actually wear these to work! I'm not the biggest fan of suede though ...
3. DSW.COM - In LOVE with these! Everything about them.
4. LORDANDTAYLOR.COM - I like the mesh / webbed top of these.
5. NET-A-PORTER.COM - Love the zip at the top of this one. I dont love it though but its a less tall wedge and looks like it would be comfortable.

Even though I'm short, I actually like the comfort of flats and 9 out of 10 times I will throw on some flats and head out even if the event may call for heels. Why? Comfort that's why. I wear heels to work everyday, a girl needs some flats in her life!

1ROCKPORT.COM - I always need a flat option for work. I don't run around in heels all day at work.
2. GAP.COM - I'm actually in two minds bout these but I think they might look cute on my small feet!
3AEROPOSTALE.COM - These. are. too. cute.
4. NEIMANMARCUS.COM - I'm in two minds about these as well but mainly because its white and because of the bow! I hate bows.
For everyday when I just need to hop out of the house, catch a movie or just a random outing, I wear sandals. And I have a million of them!

1.SOLESOCIETY.COM - I like the detail at the top of this shoe
2.VICTORIASSECRET.COM - I want. I need. I'm buying. It's probably purchased by the time you read this post.
3.BARNEYS.COM - I love this but will probably never ever buy it at the price tag of $350 USD ... I mean ... Just NO! How are these so expensive??? 
4.PACSUN.COM - Simple and sleek and silver. Love!
5.GILT.COM - A simple black everyday sandal! I have several variations of this and would still buy another.

Clearly I have a problem with shoes. I don't think I'm too adventurous with my shoes (no flowers or bows please) but I think I have great taste in finding and choosing them! What do you think of these? Do you like shoes?

That's all I got this Tuesday. Today is my parents anniversary so I'm looking forward to hanging with the folks tonight. See you on the flipside! Have a great Tuesday! :)


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  1. well hey now, i'm trying to be good and not buy everything. but i want all of these! haha. i love shoes as well - who doesnt! i love all the flats you picked, and the wedges are crazy cute.

  2. I love those mesh wedges! I also have a problem with shoes - my closet is overflowing and I cant stop. Love all of the flats and sandals you picked as well! Happy Anniversary to your parents - how sweet :)

  3. It might be b/c I'm so tall and heels clock me in around 6 foot (yikes I know) my flat shoe game is much better. Buuuuuuut I still love me some heels so tall guys are a must. 6'5' yes please ;) haha

    1. HA! I'm short and I never had a bf under 6'1!!! lol tall shoes are a MUST!

  4. Love all your picks! As much as I love how heels look, I always end up leaving the house with flats or sandals. The comfort factor always seems to win even though I own so many pretty pairs of heels.

  5. I wear flats a lot more than heels, myself! I love how they look but I can't walk in them for long!

  6. I'm constantly in flats or sandals but am trying to branch out with wedges. I'm not too coordinated so it's a sweet trick for me to make it too long in heels but wedges I can do {better}. :)

  7. I loooooooove shoes. I have way too many. I recently got rid of a bunch of pairs to make room for new ones and it was like getting rid of a child!

  8. I love flip flops and sneakers, always and forever. Flats too.

  9. Love all your selections! I... don't wear heels anymore. My feet just rebel too easily, they're such wusses when it comes to the pain of standing on my toes. But I do looooove summer sandals :)

  10. I need more wedges! I only have one pair and love them!


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