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May 05, 2014

Ten Things! ... and some Weekly Goals

Happy Monday guys!  I'm still on the positive Monday train ... although its a slow moving train ... so I'm not going to complain that it's Monday today! Nor am I going to give a weekend recap this week (it was lame anyway and may throw a wrench in the whole 'positive' train thing).

Last month I listed Ten things (I think I would) love about blogging. Fun fact: It's still one of my most popular posts! This month, the topic is travel! It's no secret around here that I love to travel and see new places . I also like to write about it ... so I had to join in again this month!

Ten favourite things about 

1. The experiencing of new places and cultures - This is a given. One of the best things about travelling is that you get to see and visit new places. There's an added bonus if the place you visit has a culture that largely differs from yours. I would elaborate but you can read here for more on my experience of a radically different culture in India.

2. Meeting new people - Another favourite about travelling! I've met some kick ass peeps in other countries. There are some people I'll be forever grateful for meeting and I did not meet them at home. This guy is one of them... I met him in Barbados (he's actually Jamaican). This boy will forever be one of my bros/besties and had I not travelled, I would have never met him. This is a Terrible, anxiety-inducing picture of me from a few years back ... but I took one for the team just to show off one of the best humans ever:

3. Learning new languages - I took some Spanish and French in school but I'm fluent in neither. While I much prefer to travel in ease and to countries where English is the native tongue, I cannot lie, I get a kick  out of hearing new languages. (Sidenote: either I'm getting a lot of kicks in this post or I need a new adjective)

4. Exploring - Best thing ever ..Whether its a submarine tour in Barbados (yes I did that) or exploring new monuments in India, or even strolling through Manhattan or London... exploring is definitely one of my favourite things. Please excuse the following pic it was negative 2 degrees when we decided to explore London ... I'm in the middle ... freezing! I've said it once and Ill say it again, I'm not sure I'll ever be cut out for four seasons! I live in a tropical climate with only two seasons - wet/rainy season and dry/hot season. That. is. it.

5. Vacation/relaxation - This post is really making me feel for a trip and some relaxation. No work, no school, no students, no worries ... just rest. 

6. Shopping - YAAAS! No explanation necessary! #allshadeseverything

7. Seeing family/friends you haven't seen in a long time! - This one is just the best!  The joy of either going to see someone or having someone come to see you, sometimes it cant be beat. My sister, her hubby and my niece and nephew all live in Australia. She was recently here for a few weeks but the next time I see her it will be in October :( ... bummed that its so far away but I cannot wait to visit Australia for the first time.

8. Fun with friends/family - Connected to the one above ... cept this one is more about the fun and having a blast ... just being with the ones you love being around can make a vacation/travel so much better! Add in a drink or two and its golden.

9. Food!!! - I mean ... this one needs no explanation either. Its fun to find something unique to the place that you visited, whether it be a baguette in France or tea in England or curry in India, food is one of the best parts about travel! Hey,  I ate curried pizza in India and lived to tell the tale... 

10. Memories/Pictures -Where would we be in this world without memories. We need them and the point of this whole journey through life is making them.

And that's it for my Ten favourite things, I hope you enjoyed! ... On to my Weekly Goals.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Last week on a whim I randomly listed some 'Weekly Goals'. You can check out that post here. I decided I'd do it every week! Every Monday I will post 3 short realizable goals for the week because lets be honest if they aren't realizable ... this girl will never do them. I'll also post an update on the week before and I'll be honest with whether or not I did actually complete said goals. Spoiler - surprise, surprise .. I didn't complete all this week. This really is just a little something to keep me in check ...

Update on Last weeks goals:

  • Go to the Gym at least 3 times this week - Semi Fail - I went twice. I consider this a small win considering the week that I had. Also shout out to Sara who read my goals last week and checked in on me during the week to make sure I was hitting the gym! It's the little things ... :)
  • Get caught up on deadlines - Done! .. well at least for work - All work stuff either handed in or on target to be handed in on time!
  • Better balance of time - Fail - You would think since I am caught up on deadlines I would have a better balance on time. Nope! I have exams coming up and I have not opened a book! 

This week's goals:

  • Go to the gym at least three times this week - at least 3 times ... This may be a recurring goal.
  • Study for exams - They. are. in. a. week
  • Cook - Even one day will be a win this week! Heck making a sandwich will be a win!

Phew .. A little long for a Monday morning! I considered making this two posts but frankly no one wants to read two posts, especially on a Monday ... If you read this far, you rock!

What are your goals for the week and do you like to travel?

Have a great Monday guys :)


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  1. i love getting the snacks from different countries!

  2. I love to travel! Is it weird that being on a plane is one of my favorite things? The anticipation that you are about to go on an adventure is awesome!

  3. Good luck finding the time to study for your exams!

  4. All great reasons to love travel! I especially agree on the meeting new people part. I move around alot so it's not technically vacation but I still consider it traveling even if I do live there for a bit.

  5. I definitely love traveling and seeing new things. Meeting new people. I once had to live in Costa Rica for 6 weeks, with a family who did not speak English. Guess what? I also did not speak any Spanish. It was definitely a learning experience.

    I think that everyone should get out and travel. See the world. There is much more to it than what you see in your familiar surroundings. You seem like a fun person to travel with.

    Goals? Maintain my sanity. I'm trying to plan for by baby boy's first birthday piece by piece. The gym would be nice too, or some Tabata workouts at home.

  6. Love it all! I love nothing more than traveling and learning about new cultures, trying new food and meeting interesting people. I have so many countries on my must-do list.

    How was the curried pizza? I've never heard of that one before lol.

  7. traveling is the best! I really wish i could do it more often!

  8. I haven't had the opportunity to travel nearly enough. I'm jealous!!!!!

  9. I LOVE to travel and wish that I could do it more often. I've never been overseas but I have been to several states (even lived in a few) and have been to Canada. I'm happy if I'm doing any sort of travelling. Put me on a plane or train and I get a giant smile on my face. No plane phobias here! (Well, unless it's super crowded - I am claustrophobic on full planes if stuck in the middle.

    I like the cooking goal. I actually cook a lot. If you lived near me, I'd be over helping you to meet that goal, as often as you wanted!

    I actually really liked that photo of you. The one you didn't particularly like. I love the smile.

    1. Thanks Melissa about the pic!

      Cooking is such a chore for me! I like to bake though. The odd thing is I actually cook well when I try.

  10. Ok I'm ready to go on vacay NOW. Good luck on exams!! ahhhh!

  11. Going to the gym twice is better than not going at all. I would call that goal a win.

    Also, having four seasons isn't all bad.

  12. PIZZA! Yum. I love the language thing, too! Theres something so excited being in a place that doesn't speak English! Thank you for linking up!

  13. The food has to got be in everyone's top 10 right? Cuz who doesn't love food on trips??? :-)

  14. Great list!! I could go on forever about my favourite travel things, but discovering new foods and meeting like minded people are both close to the top!
    Claire xx | somewhere... beyond the sea

  15. I wish I could take a quick trip right now! Shopping and food are two of the best things about traveling. Good luck on your exams!

    ♥ Duckie.


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