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May 01, 2014

That serious post ...

Clearly I am obsessed with quotes this week. Either that or this week is just really not going my way. Or both.

I wasn't going to post today as I've been swamped at work all week and on top of that I've had some incredibly tough decisions to make. Decisions I did not want to make but had to. Decisions in love and in life. I know I'm being intentionally invasive but I'm generally very private with my personal life so forgive me when I say I have no clue why I'm even typing this in blogger and not writing it on a journal page that could be discarded never to see the light of day again. I know ... what's a private person doing with a blog? When I figure that answer out I'll let you know, but until then, if you read Whitney's post from yesterday you can probably have a pretty clear indication of where my life is right now, because in describing her situation, she described mine perfectly, except I've had my 'fixer-upper' house for years

Being private doesn't mean that you don't get to vent and that's all I want to do right now. Vent. And complain. And whine ... even though I hate it. And then I'm reminded of this:

As always, my brain reminds my heart that it may take me a minute but you can generally find the positives in most situations. Do I want things to change now? Yes. Do I think they will? I doubt it, and if things are to change it won't be anytime soon. But ... is it the end of the world? Fuck no! (I usually delete cuss words but I'm leaving this one in). In fact, I'll go as far as to say that even though this week has been incredibly difficult, there is some peace in knowing that sometimes when you make a hard decision, it's the right thing to do ... even if you still hope for some resolution in the future.

I like to keep it positive and light and gif-fy around here so I'll end this seriously depressive post. The truth is I have a lot to be grateful for and right now I'm looking forward to a night out, some drinks and an incredibly satisfying alcohol infused vent sesh with one of my besties tonight. Chin up and fake smile till it becomes real.

It's a new month guys and tomorrow I'll be back with my Friday's Faves.

Have a great Thursday! :)


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  1. Break ups are tough, but the silver lining is we learn a lot about ourselves and our strength. Hang in there.

  2. i hope everything works out my dear. keep smiling till its a real smile, like you said. i am a pretty private person too sometimes, so i applaud the strength you showed by posting this, even if it doesnt go into details. virtual hugs to you, and drink plenty of wine. makes it all better ;)

  3. I usually delete the swears as well.....but that one was definitely well worth it. Sending some positive energy and light your way girl!

  4. You know I love me a good cuss word. ;P
    I hope that things perk up for you girl. Here for you!

  5. I love your light and giffy posts, but it's ok to be serious and sad sometimes here too. We'll read whatever you want to write any day! And you go let loose and have some fun tonight! <3

  6. It's so hard to let go of something you held onto for years and it takes forever to get over. But eventually you're better off.

  7. Sorry you have to be going through this right now. I don't mean to shamelessly self-promote here, but this post I wrote a couple weeks ago might possibly have an insight or two that could be helpful {fingers crossed}: http://alyssagoesbang.blogspot.com/2014/03/25.html

    Anyway, hope your weekend brings some light to the subject and you start feeling better than normal soon. Hugs!

  8. Yes, chin up and remember to look for positives every day. Enjoy your night :)

  9. I recently said goodbye to someone who had been my boyfriend and my best friend. It was incredibly hard to do and for the first couple weeks I didn't think I could go without talking to him. Tomorrow is three months since we stopped. And yes, sometimes I miss him but overall I'm glad we're not friends or even lovers anymore. Sometimes you have to say goodbye to feel better. Obviously I don't know the exact reasons, but if you feel that it's something you have to do then I would say go with your gut.

    And hey, just because you're a private person, doesn't mean that you're not allowed to blog. I used to be really open in previous websites but after more recent events, I have become more closed off and I'm trying hard again to be a little bit more open. Besides there's nothing wrong with being evasive on your blog and venting all of it out to friends or in a journal.

  10. Vent sessions with friends make EVERYTHING better. And if you still need someone I'll be here on my email if you need me :) Give me warning though so I can grab a drink and catch up ;)


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