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May 16, 2014

These are a few of my favourite things ... and some Soca music ;)

It's Friday and exams are over so its a good one. I may or may not be getting my second tattoo today also so I'm pumped. Jumping right in since this post might be a little long. If you read nothing else, please read the end ... oh and watch the Fave video too! :)

Fave Moment:

Tuesday morning I went to court all decked in a black suit as usual, looking cayute and feeling smart. I walk to the bar table and a young lady who is sitting in the viewers section was staring at me and she caught my eye. Naturally, I stared back. Then she says "Hi Miss are you a lawyer?" ..... "Uhhh yes" .... "You look sooooooo young to be a lawyer." Well damn ...

Ill be honest initially I took it as a huge diss that even in a suit I look like a child but ehhhh I realize it was a compliment. Sidenote: I don't think I look like a teenager so she was clearly a little delusional but still, nice to know I look young. Ill take it.

Fave Makeup:

Bought these two beauties this week. I swear I spend more on my lips than any other body part just to find an alternative to lipstick (which I rarely wear). Ah well ... I love em both!

Lip Gloss

  • M·A·C 'Cremesheen + Pearl' Glass
  • M·A·C Dazzleglass

Fave on TV:

I might not play many any sports but I sure do love to watch them. I watch almost all NBA playoff games and this week was no exception. My favourite team is ANYWHERE CARMELO ANTHONY IS PLAYING the Knicks but since the Knicks aren't in the playoffs I back Miami Heat. The game against the Nets on Wednesday had me biting my nails. No worries my boys handled that situation in the last few seconds....

Fave Food:

Thursday night take-out from my fave Italian Restaurant! Yummers. Yes it's fattening and yes I'm on a journey to healthy living but exams were over guys and I wasn't in the mood to eat grass #YOLO

Excuse the blurriness of this pic!

Fave Video:

Did anyone else see this video? I'm a dog person myself, but this cat deserves a gold platinum plated kitty litter box for saving this little boy this week.  Security camera footage caught it all!

Guys I have a confession. I am not an emotional person, but I am an animal person and I almost cried ... almost ... because animals are just the best and they will do anything for their humans! We can learn from them! This video made my week :)

Ninja cat must have been a dog in a former life.
Fave Funnies:

This gif makes me laugh so hard every. single. time.

And the church says Amen!

He had to be fair ...

... except when you need to change a light bulb ... in which case you need a honey who will do it.

Tuck and Roll baby ... Tuck. and. roll.

And now for my favourite part of this week's post:

Fave Soca Songs:

Yesterday Angie asked me where in the Caribbean I'm from and I realized I had never ever said it on the blog. Weird. I am from Trinidad and Tobago, a twin island Republic, and I live in the much larger island of Trinidad. A short history since many of you won't know ... it's the 'business capital' of the West Indies and the only oil producing island in the Caribbean..We also  supply oil to the US and other nations. 

Fun fact: The Steelpan or Steeldrum as it is called in the US was also invented in my country! Onika Maharaj who you would know as Nicki Minaj ... was also born here ... I actually have a post in draft of some people you may know from my country but I don't know if anyone will want to read it.

Anyhoosle, we are also home to Carnival!! Our Carnival is almost as popular as Brazilian Carnival and takes place on the exact same days ... It's also just as naked. 

Tons of celebrities frequent Carnival every year and one of the draws (aside from the country completely shutting down and everyone dancing naked in the streets for two days) is the music. Soca Music!

I'm feeling a little nostalgic for Carnival today so I thought I'd share some Soca from Carnival 2014.  Take it from me ... its best played LOUD! Warning: A lot of the lyrics involve shaking your derrière ... however I dare you not to shake your bumper while listening to this ... 

Too Real by Kerwin DuBois
Too real by Kerwin Du Bois on Grooveshark
Doh tell meh Dat by Flipo
Doh Tell Meh Dat by Flipo on Grooveshark
Timaya ft Machel Montano
E.P.I.C by Machel Montano
EPIC by Machel Montano on Grooveshark
I know this post was long and if you read this far thanks so much for reading it :) 

Have a GREAT weekend!!!


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  1. Can't watch the video or listen to the music since I'm at work right now, but I will when I get home!

    Loved your TMI post, I'm gonna try to vlog it later...maybe this weekend. And as for your first post, it was pretty good for your first time ever posting to your blog! Mine was horrible. I don't even remember what I posted about but I'm sure it was horrible. Lol.

    And yes, I agree, you do look young in a good way!

    ♥ Duckie.

  2. I looooove Lipglass! I wish I could have them in every color. Cremesheens are my favorite!
    LOVE the "do it myself" list e-card... bahaahhaha... so true!
    P.S. Picture this entire comment, even the "P.S." in my terrible attempt at a fake Caribbean accent, please and thank you.

  3. Lips are my bank breaker too! And a million times yes to the Do It myself list. My husband is King of Procrastination!

  4. Did I ever tell you that Mark's family is from Trinidad? I want to go to Carnival so badly! I have watched that first funny about 10 times it is cracking me up! I kinda want to try to convince Mark to do that first gif with me.....I doubt it but how dang cute is that? Thanks so much for linking up girl I love your posts every week! xoxoxo
    p.s I get that all the time "hold old are you?? and you're a what???"

  5. um yes i would want to read that post in your draft girl, hurry up and post it ;) i cant believe Nicki Minaj's real name, lol.
    and hell yes you look young girl, its a compliment for sure! yay no exams! you deserved that meal which doesnt look that bad at all.. i totally had fettuccine alfredo the other night, no shame.
    lastly, all of your funnies, i love them so much. tuck and roll. hahaha!
    i do have a 'honey do' list, but its more of 'these are things i physically cannot do myself, i just need your muscles for a second, otherwise i would do it myself'
    haha! have a good weekend gorgeous girl xo

  6. and are you on instagram? i want to follow you! :(

  7. trust me girl, when you get to my age and people think you're younger you want to make out with them just for saying that. in miami, one of the staff at the hotel found out i was 38 and he didn't believe me; he said "GTFO, you're probably 28, right?" and i swear, i wanted to kiss him. i even got carded and that made me happy because old hags don't get carded LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  8. I always love your funnies! Italain take out?! I'm there!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. I grant you a total pass on the Italian takeout girl, comfort food is just necessary sometimes. Also, I am so afraid to watch that video, just the title of it has my stomach in knots. That gif has me cracking up though! Those cards are hold too.

    Also, really weird... I was just wondering to myself this morning (that's not creepy, right?) where in the Caribbean you're from and there you go, answering before I can ask! And I would LOVE to read that post! Do eeeet! Thanks for sharing that part of yourself with us today!

  10. I WONDERED where you're from! OMG this soca music! it's all i'm going to listen to today, LOVE it!!

  11. omg that takeout looks delicious! I've seen that cat video floating around and haven't watched it till now, and while I am a total dog person that makes me so happy to see how the cat protected the little boy

  12. Kitty for the freakin win that was awesome!

  13. What a compliment! It's good to look young as a lawyer. I love that gif! Haha. That soca music is awesome. Followed your blog x


  14. I get told I look super young constantly. It's rare that I get into a bar without being carded. It's frustrating to be honest, but I've been told I'll love it in a few years. I'm waitttiinnnggggg!
    Anywhere Carmelo Anthony is playing? Word. I mean, hello, he's sooo cute. & he plays for my team now :)
    I love Soca Music, but I can NOT dance to it to save my life, much to the dismay of my Costa Rican mother. Oh well lol. Def jamming to it now though.

  15. I love the video of the cat! That pasta looks delicious! I'm a lip gloss junkie too. You can never have too much lip gloss.

  16. Hey looking younger will come in handy later. That pasta looks so good! That dog gif, is everything!! Too cute!

  17. Hi! I don't know how I missed this on Friday but I'm happy I didn't skip over it. This playlist is my get-ready music this morning and the booty is shakin!!!! Did you get that tattoo?!

  18. I would love to see your Island some day!


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