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May 19, 2014

You Only Live Once ...

I'm not even mad that its Monday, that's how restful my weekend was! Well let's start with Friday. I was barely even able to read or comment on blogs Friday. I went to work late on Friday, it was a no court day for me so I grabbed a late coffee (which I walked an obscene distance for in heels), sat at my desk reading my bloglovin list before I started my work and then received a call from one of my bffs Whitney, also an attorney, who was feeling pretty random. 

The convo went like this:

"Are you in office?"
"Yup ... no court"
"You plan on staying in office?"
(I paused ... glanced at my desk piled high with files ...)
'Uhhhh ... not if I have something better to do ... and you sound like you have something better for me to do"
"Well ..."

Before she was done talking ... I hung up the phone, dialled the extension to the office secretary, told her to call me if anyone needs me, chucked up some deuces and was out of there within the next 10 minutes.  She didn't have to ask me twice #YOLO

I work reallllly hard. When most of mankind are on their second dream, I am awake reading files/working on last minute stuff and wishing my bank account reflected the amount of work I did. I needed a YOLO moment so I took it. That probably means I wont show up to party blog style every day this week because those files wont work on themselves but whatevs at this point.

The impromptu plan was to go to the beach, but we just roamed, shopped, did our nails, drank one too MANY wine spritzers, made a pizza (well she did) and just plain chilled. 

Speaking of nails I saw this pattern on Pinterest and decided to do my own version of it:

Mine aren't that cute/neat but I still love it! My nails are usually much longer but one broke during my exam stress and then I had to file them all. This was my version using the above pic as inspiration.

I think it looks ok. Not as neat and a little loosely interpreted but hey ... we were drinking. Cheers.

Friday night I slept ... All day drinking and being 28 will do that to you! Saturday was also a lazy day and all I did was chill with my mama.

Sunday though ... Another YOLO moment. Me and my ride or die Nads headed up to Maracas Beach, one of the more popular beaches in our neck of the woods. More on that tomorrow, but for today Ill leave you with a couple pics :) Nads is the only one outside of family IRL who has the link to this blog ...

Ebony and Ivory Forevs and evs 

All I did was resize these pics. That is actually how blue the sky looked. In fact I don't think my pictures did the beach any justice... More pictures tomorrow.

I'd say I had a good weekend. The best in some time!

* * * * * *

Keeping it short this week since I've babbled enough ...

Last week's Goals:

1. Go to the gym at least three times this week - Pass
2. Write! And I don't just mean on the blog - Pass
3. Cook - ... I just don't know ... Does watching Whitney make Pizza count? Fail.

This week's Goals:

1. Gym 4 times - upping it to 4 this week
2. Take mum out to get pampered - If anyone deserves it, its her.
3. Write some more 

Before I forget... The Bachelorette premieres tonight!!!

Have a great Monday!!! :)


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  1. I'm glad you had such a nice weekend. The beach looks amazing!

  2. When you have the chance to YOLO, YOLO. I love your pamper goal for your mama, what will you be doing for her?

  3. yay for random hanging out with friends. so fun! and your nails are so cute!

  4. Good for you for going for it on Friday! You definitely deserve some time to take care of yourself, relax, enjoy, and have fun! Your nails look great and that beach looks like HEAVEN. Can't wait to see more pics tomorrow!

  5. I think your nails turned out amazing! Much nicer than I could have ever done! LOL! Glad you had a good weekend!!

  6. looks like you had a great weekend. I love the nails! I'm like that on Sunday as well all I want to do is sleep.

  7. Love the spontaneity! You've got to do it once in a while for sure :)

  8. Girl I 100% agree!!! We work too hard and sometimes you just have to say F it.....let's go get some manis and drink wine.....it's the only we can stay sane right??? Your mani looks so cute! I attempted at doing my own nails this weekend......yours came out better that is for sure!

  9. You nails came out really good! Oh how i miss Maracas but more so the bake & shark!

  10. I am SO jealous that you have that beach right there! Love that you were able to enjoy a day for yourself... love the nails :)

  11. I wish I could take a YOLO moment at work I could definitely use it today!

  12. Your nails look adorable! Shopping and wine sounds way better than working! :)

  13. I love your nails - way better than I could do!


  14. Will you come do my nails? Yours look amazing, you did a wonderful job. I could never do that. I love how you plan goals on a weekly basis like that. Do you mind if I steal this idea and do a blog post on it? I will totally give you credit! Hit the gym hard this week my gorgeous friend!

  15. I'm so glad you took a #YOLO day. I'm sure it recharged you like nobody's business.

    I like your nails!

  16. as an attorney too, i totally know what you mean about needing to have a YOLO day every once in awhile! and i think your nails turned out cute - always fun to do something different!

  17. i hear ya--sometimes you just need to get the heck outta there!!

  18. YOLO girl, YOLO to the max. that's what life is about - taking those moments and enjoying the hell out of them. damn, it took me a WHOLE WEEK to recover from miami but it was totally worth it and we got YOLOADED every damn chance we got haha!

  19. All work and no play isn't any fun, so it's nice to take advantage of the time you have to do what YOU want to do. Thanks for the reminder about The Bachelorette!! I almost forgot!

  20. Love those nails. You did a great job recreating that look. Such a fun mix of colors and prints.

  21. Oh, pretty nails. I better get all the fun, stiletto, sparkly nail tendencies out now while I'm just chillin. Because I feel like when I get into a stuffy office, I'll have to keep them short and light-colored. Bring on the bright blue and bedazzled!

  22. Your nails are really nice, I think you did an excellent job.

    A day in nature, particularly the beach, is always a good thing.


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