June 30, 2014

Tag ... I'm it!

How is it Monday?? The weekend just flew by! I had a quiet one at my folks house watching football, doing some work and relaxing. Being boring basically. Highlight? My sweet daddy washed my car and my darling mum cooked 'clean' food for me for the entire week. I'm blessed with two amazing humans for parents. Future hubby, please see them when you remark about how spoilt I am.

Anyway my lovely bloggy pal Kristen tagged me in an Q&A post. You all know by now that I love to answer questions and share my weirdness with the world. So without further ado ...

1. What's a nickname only your family calls you?
My sister calls me Kripsie or Kryssy Poogie. My dad sometimes calls me Mrystal Kririam or just Kririam ... Not a spelling error, you read that right. My middle name is Miriam and the man likes to switch up my name HA! My mum ONLY calls me Krys or babes.  She never says Krystal and I love it.  Generally my family and friends call me Kay or Krys, I rarely hear my entire name. 

June 27, 2014

The week that flew by!

I feel like I say this every week but this week I really mean it. The week flew by! June came and went in a flash! It was actually a pretty quiet week. I'm heading out on the town tonight but for the most part aside from returning from my short trip on Monday, work and the gym I did nada this week. Anyway on to the Faves ...

Fave Moment:

It isn't one moment really, I started a cleanse this week and although its only been a few days, I seriously feel like a new woman. And when last evening my friend Whitney decided that we would be joining a new gym together ... a gym that has a sauna and yoga classes... I seriously felt like this: 

June 26, 2014

Book Review #1 - The Fault in Our Stars

It's the last Thursday in June and that means its the first book club review! As you know by now, Kari came up with the idea of a book club and I jumped on board. The name of the Book Club is "To fill up and live" and you can join the Goodreads page here. Every last Thursday of the month though Ill post a review of the book on the blog. Easy Peasy. I think next month Kari will make this a link up! Anyone willing should join in!

Although this book has been reviewed ad nauseum on blogs all over we still thought it would be a great book for June since its the month that the movie came out.

On to the review:

June 25, 2014

Honey, I shrunk ... myself?

How is it Wednesday already? Seriously this week month is flying by! I'm super energized this week after my short vaca though so let's let's confess shall we? 
1. I weighed myself yesterday at the gym and it gives a print out of weight, BMI, and height ... I have stated on this blog loudly and proudly that I am 4'11". I've said it sooooo many times to people when they ask me how tall short I am. HA! Jokes on me ... 

June 24, 2014

A little R&R

I think this is the first time since I started blogging that I didn't show up up a Monday. I had good reason though! Last Thursday I left on a short impromptu trip to get in some much needed R&R. I had a blast even though the squad I rolled with (aka my mum and her friend) were a little older than my typical crew HA! (love them still)

Anyway a little recap for ya ... I'm just going to offload some photos really so here goes...

We went to a beach called Store Bay. I actually didn't take many pictures of the actual ocean on this beach but these are pics of the little shops and food places on the beach. Lovely scenery! Also you don't go to Store Bay and not have curried crab and dumplings. It may not look like much but I promise you it is yummo! 

June 20, 2014

Friday Faves!

Ahh I love Fridays's because I get to spill all my favourite things for the week! Also ... its the day before the weekend and who doesn't love that!

Fave moment:

Living my favourite moment right now. I'm on a short vacay!!! Rules don't belong on vacations but I do have one rule for the short break though ...

June 19, 2014

Off to ...

Yesterday was my Friday!

Although this was an extremely short week for me, with yesterday being my last work day for the week, I'm exhausted. Those three days looked like this pretty much every day:

See those old books on that table ... Old English law books. Lemme bore you a sec. When you live in a country that has only been independent for 52 years, and was under prior British rule, well you cant just know your country's laws because chances are some crappy case or point of law is going to pop up that was pre independence and you will need to find some archaic UK Ordinance or old editions of UK law books that are not on an online database ... Great. Just great.

June 18, 2014

I cant even ...

Vodka and Soda

Happy Humpday! Well didn't Humpday just get a whole lot hotter! Frankly Ryan wasn't that cute anyway.

I'm Jumping straight into the confessions! 
1. I ate a hefty serving of humble pie last week... and because it was served on a platter by my intern who got me to court in the right place (and saved the day), I gave him NO work this week. Lucky duck he was this week. I might even go so far as to say I was not annoyed by his constant presence. I almost busted out one of these:

June 16, 2014

Weekends are too short

Monday again. Weekends are too short. Someone really needs to advocate for four day weekends. Ill gladly do it but who do we send the petition to? 

If only ...

Anyway, yesterday was Father's Day and so I took the parentals for brunch and it was such a sweet calm day. Funny story about brunch though, my mum told me to make reservations at their favourite restaurant for breakfast ... I heard brunch ... so we starved for the better part of the day because none of us wanted to eat before we went. Smart bunch we are.

Brunch was waterfront near the port, so we got brunch with a view. My parents love this restaurant and particularly love to dine outside when we're here. I don't blame them. 

June 15, 2014

I call him Daddy!

Picture taken August 2013

See that handsome man in that picture up there?

Sorry ladies, he's been taken for a long long time ... married 41 years this last May to be exact. I'm his last born spoilt child and always will be. So spoilt that he often used to tell me, in jest of course, that I would make him go broke - that I'm his most expensive child. Quite possibly true (eight years of college and two degrees aint cheap), but we all knew then and know now that he loved and still loves to pamper his daughters. He's a giver this one. The one we ran to when mummy said we didn't need that extra 10 bucks (love you mummy hehe).

June 13, 2014

If you're looking for me you can find me ...

Its Friday and lemme tell you I have probably never been happier to see a Friday! I'm exhausted! Don't worry I've got a smile on my face and I refuse to let anything shake that today. 

I wont be joining the baddest bloggy ladies and the Friday Favorites link up today but I'll be back next week! Why you ask?

Well, I have a pretty awesome reason! I'm Guest posting (my first yay!) for one of my favourite bloggy peeps Emily while she is in the Dominican Republic on on one of her fabulous vacations! Fun fact: Emily also happens to be from Trinidad, although she now calls Florida home.

This guest post couldn't come at a better time, because my brain is literally mashed potatoes and I'm exhausted from the past week! Sooooo, if you're looking for me, head on over to Emily's blog, Martinis and Bikinis (catchiest name evah ...) and say hi!


June 12, 2014

Yesterday was all kinds of fun

some buildings in\ that I pass on the way to work ... included only because the post was picture-less

Wanna hear a funny story about my day yesterday?

I live about 15 minutes away from my office if there isn't any traffic. However, if you knew anything about where I'm from you would know that if you are heading into the capital from any direction there is a LOT of traffic. This is no exaggeration. Public transport (which I absolutely do not take) is actually much faster than driving if you work in the capital city. My 15 minute commute to work is easily 45 minutes to a full hour on a morning. Nothing drives me more batty. 

So yesterday, I woke up late because I had been up until 3 am the night before working on a deadline. I rushed, literally showered changed and bolted out the door in 20 minutes, and sat in my usual traffic routine. True to form about 50 minutes later I finally made it to my office. Parked my car, put on my heels (I drive without shoes), and walked into my office feeling pretty stoked that I wasn't that late. So lets say it was about 8:45 - ish when I actually got to work. Honestly no one cares if I'm late or not because I'm generally in charge of myself but I usually have to rush to court at about 9-9:15 if its a court day and I usually have stuff to do beforehand.

June 11, 2014

Coffee cups are for Coffee!

You know what day it is. It's that day of the week where I air my dirty laundry with the bestest bloggers in blogland and make you guys think I'm certifiably crazy. Clearly I like nothing better.

On to this weeks Confessions:
1. I refuse to drink anything other than coffee or hot tea from a coffee mug. Cold beverages or God forbid water, do not belong in a coffee mug!  Yesterday, I had just washed my coffee cup in the office kitchen and my colleague (she's also a good friend), was having some juice from the kitchen fridge and she asked if I wanted any. The following convo ensued ...

             Me: Oh yum yes, let me go grab a glass from my office 
             Her: Ummm Krys ... you have a cup in your hand. 
             Me: "yes but this is a coffee cup ..." 
             Her: *blank stare* ...  "Its a clean cup" 
             Me: "It's a clean coffee cup. You can't drink juice from a coffee cup"
             Her: Its the same thing!!!

June 09, 2014

Some Sunshine Things

Naming posts might be the hardest thing ever ...

I'm back home from my quick work trip and boy do I miss it! Work doesn't quite seem like a chore when blue beaches are staring at you even as you stand in the court building. I had to take a pic from my iPad when I was leaving because the water just looked so yummy!

Unedited. All those colours are real. And stunning
June 06, 2014

Gotta get down on Friday

It's Friday!

Whatever happened to this chick?

Anyhoo ...Honestly its been a really busy week for me and by Tuesday I could have sworn it was already Thursday. But ... I took a mental health day on Wednesday to recover from the first two days of the week and to prepare for my work trip so I really shouldn't complain. Also, so much for blogging my faves poolside. This hotel bed is just too comfy for any such crazy business.

On to the Faves ...

June 05, 2014

Off to ...

This afternoon I'll be hopping a short 25 minute flight to the sister isle. Yay! *several emoji dancing ladies*

I like to drop just a touch of Caribbean-ness once in a while because well I love the Caribbean and because I know so many just don't know about where I'm from. I only hope it doesn't bore you. My country has two islands, the Caribbean business capital, oil producing Trinidad, which is where I live and the touristy, beautiful beach having, relaxing Tobago. Fun fact for those who read lots of classic books: Tobago = The island that the book Robinson Crusoe was based on

June 03, 2014

7 iPhone Apps I just can't live without

My phone is always in my hand or very close to me. It's probably why I respond to texts and emails at embarrassingly quick speeds (also I don't like to see the red notifications thingies so that may be the reason as well). I'm an Iphone girl and I love my phone although I desperately need an upgrade because I'm still rocking a 4s!! (I'm patiently waiting for the 6).  If my Iphone isn't in my hand my Ipad is. This is me all day everyday ...

Anyway, I remember years ago when I was a blackberry girl and I just couldn't live without BBM.  I remember during that phase thinking no way would it get better than this, then BAM, Iphones and Androids and all kinds of techy gadgets and poor Blackberry has all but gone extinct. So I thought it would be fun to document what apps I love on the Iphone now so that I could look back on it when the new craze comes around.

June 02, 2014


It's been a while now since I've written a post with no theme, questions, or direction. Just ramblings. And if you know me I like to ramble on about any and everything. So bear with me a bit.

If there was a picture to describe my weekend, it would be that one. Ok ... maybe with better glasses. Or no glasses at all since I don't wear them. And maybe wine instead of coffee. But you get my point. I had a quiet and peaceful weekend that started on Friday, and I did nothing but read, watch a little TV, spend time with family and write. You know those times when you just sit and ponder? I had some of those moments this weekend too. So even though it was not one of my wilder weekends, it was nice. 

What was particularly nice was the fact that I read. all. weekend. Before the whole law thing happened I did a degree in English Literature (actually English and History double major). Reading is second nature. I haven't been able to get lost completely in a book for a while now and I not only completed one book but read another and started a third. What the freak? Who am I and what did I do with busy as all hell Krystal? I remember a time when I used to read a book a week. At least. Ha! Distant memory. With life and work and having a rough few months, all of that kind of went out the window. I am pretty excited that I got a renewed zest for reading.