June 17, 2014

The most awkward Giveaway post... ever!

Let's just get the elephant out of the room ... for my sake.

I read blogs and sometimes skip giveaway posts because well I guess I see too many of them? Or maybe I'm just bitter that I never win them. Ha! Joking. Kinda. I'm not sure what my qualm is just yet but I know some folks could really just do without a whole lot of giveaways ... Still, here I am entered into a giveaway.

Annoyance of giveaway/sponsored posts aside, bear with me as I attempt to expand and maintain this little old blog of mine which I've grown to love like its my baby.

Anyhooooo this is a pretty great giveaway with boatloads of cash. So if you have time check out the giveaway. Enter and hopefully you win some mullah!



  1. yeah!!! I thought I was already following you on all things but I guess not! Now I am! ;-)

  2. Hello, cash money! You're not on Insta?! We will have to talk about this.

  3. Admittedly, I usually skip giveaway posts, because I don't ever enter them, because I never win things when I do, so I just don't bother. But I'll always read your posts and girl, DO YOU! And do what you gotta do! :)

  4. I usually skip giveaway posts too unless they're from one of my favorites... like YOU! :) I don't have paypal though... womp, wooompppp!

  5. this is the best intro to a giveaway I've ever read!

  6. boo i missed it! but loved the intro :)


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