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June 11, 2014

Coffee cups are for Coffee!

You know what day it is. It's that day of the week where I air my dirty laundry with the bestest bloggers in blogland and make you guys think I'm certifiably crazy. Clearly I like nothing better.

On to this weeks Confessions:
1. I refuse to drink anything other than coffee or hot tea from a coffee mug. Cold beverages or God forbid water, do not belong in a coffee mug!  Yesterday, I had just washed my coffee cup in the office kitchen and my colleague (she's also a good friend), was having some juice from the kitchen fridge and she asked if I wanted any. The following convo ensued ...

             Me: Oh yum yes, let me go grab a glass from my office 
             Her: Ummm Krys ... you have a cup in your hand. 
             Me: "yes but this is a coffee cup ..." 
             Her: *blank stare* ...  "Its a clean cup" 
             Me: "It's a clean coffee cup. You can't drink juice from a coffee cup"
             Her: Its the same thing!!!

2. I was driving through a University campus last night (I tutor and 'summer' school is in... summer is in inverted commas because I don't know why we in the Caribbean call it that since we do not in fact have a summer). Anyway this young couple decides to cross the street so I stopped willingly ... they sauntered across gazing into each others eyes so I honked the horn, wound my window down and said 'could we move this along? You can cuddle after you cross the street!' Not even a little sorry. #keepitmoving

3. If I really wanted to at this very moment I could live a full two days in my car. Clothes? check. Shoes? Take your pick. Perfume/Deodarant? Check. Mouthwash? Check. Files for work? ALWAYS. I shit you not, there is even a washed and folded set of sheets in my car that my mum placed there over the weekend. My poor beautiful car. I don't even know when the takeover of stuff happened. I don't even think there is room at this very moment for more than two passengers without some serious rearranging.

4. Speaking of car. My car has leather seats ... Monday after work I walked to my car that was parked in the sun all day. I sat down and I swear to you it was like fire on my legs. Sooooo I JUMPED ... so high that I hit my head on the ceiling! Naturally I got stunned so I sat down to rub my head ... but the seat was still hot scorching ... aaaand repeat ... several times. You'd think I would have tried something different but:

5. I change the nail polish on my hands more than once a week. My toes however have been chipping for maybe the last month. Hey, I haven't been out much this last month and I'll just avoid slippers till I have the time and/or patience. It might help if I didn't frequently paint my nails in this position;

6. Sometimes when I blog I use legal terms randomly and I always have to go back and replace words and sayings. Case in point, I just deleted three 'thereins' and one 'vis a vis'. I can't help it, it's how I write all day.

7. Also, this:

about right ... 'cept I most certainly don't think I sit around and gaze all day. I wish though ..

I am more normal than the sum of my confessions I promise.

Have a great Wednesday guys! :)

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  1. haha! i definitely drink water out of my coffee mug all the time. its more a laziness thing... like, there's no clean glasses so instead of washing one, i'll use my mug. :)

  2. i will drink anything out of any cup; i ran out of clean glasses a few times and had my wine in my daughter's plastic ikea cups LOL. mama needed a drink bad!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Oh my god...juice....in a COFFEE cup?! No. Just...no. That is so wrong. Also, my nails are the Exact same way.....my toes go neglected forever unless I get a pedi!

  4. I don't drink coffee but certain cups do have certain designations and if I drank tea from one, do not expect me to drink anything else from that cup until it has been cleaned.

  5. "knees to chest! knees to chest!" hahahahahahah I always love your confessions.

  6. I'm also an attorney but in South Africa and I agree with the What People Think Lawyers do! hahaha

  7. Couldn't agree more about the coffee mug. Cold drinks coming from it just aren't right!

  8. Haha road ragers/no patience drivers, unite! Tourist lady walking during a red hand at a crosswalk got a major honk the other day. I hate people sometimes who are just so clueless. Love the lawyer 'images' hah.

  9. Since I'm blonde and like pink and have a little dog, evvvveryone thinks I'm Elle Woods. But nope, I am literally that person with the piles of paper. Sigh. I'd rather be Elle.

  10. Totally agree with the coffee cup confession, not for cold drinks!! I'm actually a bit particular and I don't see how people drink out of plastic cups all the time.

  11. The coffee cup convo is too funny but we all have our quirks!

  12. I purposely bought these huge mugs at Disney so I could drink adult beverages from them, although they've gotten more attention from peanut butter frozen hot chocolate than liquor.. not even sorry. I don't really drink coffee/tea so I just call them mugs so they don't feel profiled.

  13. I LOVE you so much for #2...I start rebbing the engine like I'm about to start a chicken race....lol
    You have no children your car should be immaculate!!!! LOL!

  14. Hey Krystal!! Omg too funny!! All so true!! I hate when people drag they're ass when you stop for them!! And oouch that sounds painful with he leather seat!! I hate when that happens!!! Oh and the mug thing!! Gosh I cringed at the thought of something other than tea or coffee in there!! Anything else is not allowed lol! Great post Krystal!! XOXO


  15. Hahaha I will also not drink cold things from coffee mugs. I make an exception for cookies and milk, though. The mug seems to fit.

  16. Great confessions! I def agree with you on the coffe mug is for coffee and tea thing. Water....in a coffee mug....NOPE!

  17. I love your confessions! I'm totally with you on the coffee cup. Maybe it's because I don't drink coffee, but I would never put anything cold in one!

  18. lol the mental picture I got of you jumping up and down in your car has me in tears!
    Im the same way about my cups it's weird.

  19. Hahaha yep, coffee is the only thing that belongs in my coffee cups ;) I would feel so odd drinking water out of a mug!

  20. Hahahah well I have to confess then, I'll drink anything out of a coffee mug. I just... really, really like mugs. Don't shoot!
    I'm so with you on #2 and that card is excellent! Love that "Lawyers" photoset too!

  21. I totally never thought about the mug thing but I'm the same way. Unless it's coffee or hot chocolate it doesn't belong. Except for soup...and then only really brothy chicken noodle soup. I love that you called the couple out haha.

  22. When people poke along in front of my car, I have ZERO patience!! GET OUT OF THE WAY OR I WILL RUN YOUR ASS OVER!!!! Seriously, what is the deal?!?! MOVE!

    Also, yes!!! A coffee cup is for COFFE or TEA or HOT CHOCOLATE and NOTHING else.

  23. OMGGGG number one...YES!! NOTHING but coffee or tea belongs in a mug!! NOTHING!

  24. OMG..Nothing annoys me more than when someone just starts crossing the street and they just walk as slow as a snail. Especially when they weren't in a crosswalk and I wasn't going going to let them cross but they walked in front of my car and gave me no choice. ARGH! Come on people! MOVE!!

  25. Bahahaha... so with you on the car 90% of the time. I just cleaned it out the other day and the only reason is b/c I don't want people at my new job to think I'm a fucking pig! haha

  26. Drinking a cold beverage out of a mug is a mortal sin! So is stopping in the middle of the street when someone was nice enough to let you go. AMEN!

  27. YES. I swear half of my closet is in my car right now! And I laughed SO hard at the coffee cup situation. I feel the same way!! Mugs are for hot beverages only! Case closed!

  28. I totally get the coffee mug thing. Also, my husband has leather seats in his car, and I don't want to fry bare legs, so I make him keep a towel in there I can sit on.


    I only drink coffee from a coffee cup. Unless it's iced, then I used a tervis tumbler cup.. yes.. no? LOL

    I HAVE LEATHER SEATS TOO! And I live in Florida. Imagine that....

    And I don't stop for people when driving. LOL

  30. I'm totally with you on #2! Here in Upstate NY it's mostly older people who are slower so I try to cut them some slack.

    I generally drink hot things out of mugs, but wine can go in any cup like container so far as I'm concerned.

  31. omg the coffee cup thing. i have definitely drank something from a mug but i don't enjoy it, and i absolutely would have walked back to my desk to get a cup haha. unless its a quick swig of water to take a tablet or something, no way jose. and the car thing - your poor head! haha sounds like something i would do for sure. thats why i no do leather ;)

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