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June 16, 2014

Weekends are too short

Monday again. Weekends are too short. Someone really needs to advocate for four day weekends. Ill gladly do it but who do we send the petition to? 

If only ...

Anyway, yesterday was Father's Day and so I took the parentals for brunch and it was such a sweet calm day. Funny story about brunch though, my mum told me to make reservations at their favourite restaurant for breakfast ... I heard brunch ... so we starved for the better part of the day because none of us wanted to eat before we went. Smart bunch we are.

Brunch was waterfront near the port, so we got brunch with a view. My parents love this restaurant and particularly love to dine outside when we're here. I don't blame them. 

It was a good day! Let's hope week is just as fab ... and it should be! Although the Miami Heat lost last night, the World Cup is in full swing! 

World cup 2014 logo

I love football! Where I'm from, an important football or World Cup game could literally cause the country to shut the hell down. Productivity goes to shit and everyone is glued to a TV! 

I feel the need to pause and mention that on this blog, the sport where players aim for a foot to kick the ball, will be called football. So where I say football just know I'm talking about the sport you refer to as s----r. I cant even type the 'S' word replacement that you sweet US peeps call it haha! Love you guys and I love the US but the sport is called football. But really ... (don't hate me!)

My teams are (and have always been) Brazil, Spain and France. Who are you backing? Do you watch?

**I started this little series to keep myself accountable. I'm not big on huge resolutions for the year because I don't succeed at those. Smaller more realistic goals work for me. I may not succeed in all my goals each week but at least I can keep a check and balance on what I need to do.

Well last week there were no goals because I knew it would be a long and hard week but this week should be easier!

This weeks's Goals:

1. Exercise - it doesn't matter how much as long as I do it! Last week I did nada!

2. Write - Guys I've been on a writing kick (I don't know where I find the time)

3. Enjoy a little vaca - On Thursday I'm taking a little trip with my mum back to Tobago to enjoy a LONG weekend away. Beaches, relaxation, peace and quiet. 

Have a great Monday guys!!!


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  1. EEEEEEYYYYAAAA Another World Cup fan! Thank the Lord! I was glued to the tv all weekend and I'm pissed that I can't take tomorrow off to watch two of my teams, Iran and Germany. Italy is my other love and was so proud of them on Saturday. Looks like your teams are off to a good start (except Spain, yikes that was quite the match right?) Love me some Futbol!!! :)

  2. I'm extremely jealous of the fact you can take "a little trip" to Tobago just like that. Extremely jealous. Have a cocktail for me.

  3. I'm a huge *North American football* fan, but have never really gotten into soccer/football. I do enjoy any display of great talent and passion though, so I'll definitely try to catch some of the World Cup. Seeing as I have basically no attachment to any players, I'll root for the U.S. and Italy, in that order, just as I do in the Olympics. I just love the sense that the whole world is kind of in one place and the global attention is on these incredibly talented athletes. It's pretty sweet. Glad you had a nice weekend!

  4. Both of my brothers are accomplished soccer players and they're very into the World Cup. Not me, even though I come from a big soccer family!

  5. Ummm, don't you just look out your window sometimes and think wow, how bad ass are my views? Ha because they're stunning! Yay for a short work week and long weekend away next week. Haven't gotten into the soccer, but I'm all caught up on my Ladies of London ;)

  6. Boo to no exercise. But I'm right there with ya. Yay for writing -- do you write outside of the blog?? I'm pulling for the US :) And that restaurant has awesome views! I'm seriously in need of a tropical vacay...

  7. I have never had brunch before...I need to make that happen!

  8. Sweet of you to take the parents out! Also I will starve all day if I am going to a nice place for dinner. Ridiculous but worth it!! Also my heart belongs to US football...I've never gotten in to the rest of the world's football!

  9. Good luck with your goals. Sometimes I really wish I lived closer to the Gulf so that I could eat at places on the water more often. What a gorgeous view.

  10. That beach front dining looks beautiful! I need to show that to Marks dad he would love it!

  11. What a great way to have lunch. How far do you live to the beach and where is this at? I bet that's loads of fun. I wouldn't know what to do if I lived close to the beach. Esp if I was at least 10 mins from it. I'd be there daily.


  12. Just found your blog from the big ol cash giveaway! Excited to be following along!

  13. It looks like a beautiful place to eat! Glad you had a great day with your family.

  14. Weekends really are too short!!!

    Looks like you had a great one! I'm going to say it...I dont really care about soccer, but I can be excited for you! :)

  15. I will DEFINITELY sign that petition if you get it going! C'MON LAWYER GIRL! ;P
    So jealous of those views. The only ones we get from restaurants around here are of parking lots. :)

  16. Count me in for that weekend petition. If only girl, if only! That brunch looks absolutely amazing. Man I want to go there! I wish you luck on your exercise this week and write your little heart out - it is an amazing release! :)

  17. love your goals! mine are pretty much the same this week - I want to write more on the blog (totally didn't today though, oops) and log a couple of days at the gym!

  18. i wish i cared more about the world cup. you know how it is here. my bosses are fanatics and fly to every one. not this year, due to a new baby!

  19. I can't believe your day out to brunch looks like my vacation that I'm saving all year for. So. Jealous.

  20. brunch looks amazing. so jealous of the view. haha we call it soccer in Aus as well :-P but i dont care what other people call it, no one gets mad when i call a truck a ute, or a trunk a boot - so who cares about football and soccer ;)


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