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June 05, 2014

Off to ...

This afternoon I'll be hopping a short 25 minute flight to the sister isle. Yay! *several emoji dancing ladies*

I like to drop just a touch of Caribbean-ness once in a while because well I love the Caribbean and because I know so many just don't know about where I'm from. I only hope it doesn't bore you. My country has two islands, the Caribbean business capital, oil producing Trinidad, which is where I live and the touristy, beautiful beach having, relaxing Tobago. Fun fact for those who read lots of classic books: Tobago = The island that the book Robinson Crusoe was based on

You can ask Emily or anyone who has stopped by the two islands and they will tell you that although its technically one country (Trinidad & Tobago), the two islands are completely different. The feel is just different. One is fast paced and the other is very ... relaxing with beautiful beaches and almost stereotypical Caribbean like (and I don't mean stereotypical as in sitting down sipping on coconuts on a beach all day erryday to the backdrop of steelpan music. All commercials and TV shows that depict such asinine stereotypes are just downright insulting). Even the driving is different on the two islands (never met a visitor who hasn't commented on how quickly and wildly we drive here). 

I head over to Tobago to go to court maybe once a month or once every two months and I hop over with friends every now and again as well. You wont find me complaining about that. Tobago is a tourist isle and hotels just aint cheap so whenever work is willing to pay for it ... ummm hells yeah Ill go! I always take the plane whenever I go for work, but there is a ferry that takes about 3-4 hours and the upside to the ferry is that you can take pay to take your car from island to island. I take the ferry if its a big group of friends going to hang out for a weekend or something and we would need our cars to get around easier. 

Anyhoosle, this is a short post ... I cant wait to do some prep work for work tomorrow and blog my Friday Faves poolside sipping on whatever I feel to be sipping tonight ... and listening to music like this:

Well maybe not ... but I like this song and just heard it for the first time in a VERY long time.

Present me is jealous of future me's poolside shenanigans ... Oh and I will be going back next week with my mama for a little R&R ... but work aint payin'.

{P.S. Before I forget. Remember that book club I mentioned in Monday's post? Well it's begun. The first book is The Fault in our stars and we'll post on it on the last Thursday of the month. Kari will host the link up and if you've written on it before feel free to link up your old post. Anyone interested can also join discussions on each book on the goodreads group page here.} 

Have a great Thursday guys :)


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  1. Have a great couple of days! Thanks so much for sharing. I love hearing about life in the Caribbean from someone who actually knows what she's talking about ;)

  2. So interesting! I'll take a plane ticket to either island - the Caribbean is too pretty for words! Enjoy those drinks poolside. I'll be here, at my desk, without a window. Sigh ha. Making sure to finish TFIOS before your book link-up now, for sure!

  3. wow lucky you! lol have a great time girl :)

  4. Thank you for that lesson. I made note so I could be a little more educated with the in-laws ;-)

  5. Enjoy lady!

    My friend from my knot wedding board is from Tobago.

  6. Posting tomorrow's post poolside. I cannot. I am SO jealous of you. Have a boozy drink (or 5) for me!

  7. So jealous! Have lots of fun and R&R and maybe a rum punch or some crab & dumplings!!

  8. Jealous!! I honestly don't know anything about Trinidad and Tobago so I had no idea that they were two separate islands with two very different atmospheres. I would love to visit one day to see for myself. Unfortunately the cheapest flights out of Guam are upwards of $1,000. No wonder there's a lot of people who have never left this island - EVER.

  9. Sounds amazing to be on either island!! :)

  10. i literally knew nothing of either island until reading your blog. love it! sounds like an awesome place to live, would love to visit one day!


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