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June 27, 2014

The week that flew by!

I feel like I say this every week but this week I really mean it. The week flew by! June came and went in a flash! It was actually a pretty quiet week. I'm heading out on the town tonight but for the most part aside from returning from my short trip on Monday, work and the gym I did nada this week. Anyway on to the Faves ...

Fave Moment:

It isn't one moment really, I started a cleanse this week and although its only been a few days, I seriously feel like a new woman. And when last evening my friend Whitney decided that we would be joining a new gym together ... a gym that has a sauna and yoga classes... I seriously felt like this: 

Fave Read:

Well its not exactly my fave since I haven't read it yet. But I'm about to read this book for the book club.

Fave on TV:

Well I've made no secret that I love the World Cup and that I've been watching. Ill be honest this is a World cup of upsets. My Spanish boys have gone home... but can we talk about Luis Suarez BITING the player from Italy on his shoulder and the FAKING a mouth injury?? 

Seriously, look at this faker:

Thank God he was banned!!!

Fave Fash Find:

Its no secret around here that I love to shop, and that I love black. I bought this Nordstroms dress which was marked down! Its not fancy, it's pretty simple actually but I cant wait for it to arrive.

Foud here

Fave Recipe:

I'm not a very motivated chef. What I mean is when I cook, I guess I enjoy it and my food tastes great. But I don't actually cook that often.  Well until this week. Like I said above, I started a cleanse on Monday and I've been doing great. For the cleanse I drink shakes for breakfast and dinner but I have to eat a big clean lunch. So this week I actually cooked every night. I made spinach, grilled chicken, grilled lamb (thank God for my George Foreman), brown rice, and countless salads. I want to attempt this recipe (using brown rice) this coming week!
Found here

I will keep eating clean even after this cleanse is done so Ill probably be blogging a lot about it. Apologies in advance for the healthy overload. On another note, why do all healthy recipes have tomatoes! Ugh

Fave Funnies:

Every single morning:

For my intern:


Cats are just too funny (I'm still a dog person though)

Fave Song:

This is an oldie from the college days. Most people probably don't even know this song but I heard it this week and it took me back so this is my fave this week.

Have a great Friday and weekend! :) 



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  1. Love love love the song. Such a great one! I can't believe Suarez and that biting business, what a friggen nut job. Serioulsy a surprising world cup though having Italy and Spain gone :(

  2. You've had a good week :)) Oh and I love that you're eating clean, while I am trying to be healthy I haven't gone into a cleanse yet.... haha :)

  3. Oh that recipe looks so good!! Going to have to try it! Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh girl that song.......has lead me to some serious belt out singing in the past.....it's so good. I am definitely behind I need to hear about your cleanse. Oh I love that dress! So weird the sandals they styled with it no? That cut will look so good on you. That cat gif I can't even.....the light one who falls at the end it's like a soccer player fall ;-) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!! xoxoxo

  5. i'm reading another book by rainbow and not impressed so far. hoping for it to kick in!!

  6. You don't like tomatoes?! How is that even possible? I am completely adding that recipe to my menu this week, though. It looks delicious!!!

    And the ecard about doing it the way I said to? I think my husband and I have that conversation daily.

  7. Haha sleep ALWAYS wins for me.

  8. What!?!? I can't believe i missed the guy biting the other guy! Crazy!!! These soccer players man... they are nuts! And that cat gif is hilarious!! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela

  9. He bit a guy?!?! Lol. Have a great weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  10. Clean eating has really changed how I feel, Im loving it!!!

  11. That recipe looks really yummy! I haven't done a cleanse in a while.

  12. ugh the biting makes me sick. it was like the 4th time he had bit someone too, and he had bitten the same guy he bit before! like wtf? i would be like - i'm staying away from the mother trucker who bit me before.
    but WAIT. you don't like tomatoes? you cray.
    thank you for that recipe it looks deeeelish. go you on eating clean girl, such a motivation for me to get better too! and pfft don't apologise for healthy overload i cant wait! yay for new gym!

  13. Gym + cleanse + cooking healthy = my new inspiration. I've done one (the last and some) this week. Fail. Cats are so bizarre and I always wanted one, but my husband said hell to the no. Then I found our kitten and they are truly as crazy and hilarious as all the videos. You need one ;)

  14. I am not a soccer fan at all, but I think it's sooo funny when they fake injuries.


  15. Love getting excited about a new gym! Cats are just too funny!! That recipe looks so good, i might just have to give it a go too, minus the mushroom on top.

  16. I've been dying to read Attachements so I just joined your book club! Yay!

    1. And apparently I cannot type today. *Attachments

  17. I love the new dress! I am all about simple, classy pieces that are timeless like that!

    Alcohol vs millk. Alcohol wins every time!

    Have a great weekend!!!!

  18. I love a good sauna and some yoga!! You are not going to regret that! Good for you on the cleanse!

  19. Seriously, so proud of you for going all in with the cleanse and kicking ass! I am also really jealous because I just want saunas all the time always.
    Also, that dress is GORGEOUS and perfectly simple and elegant and just flawless! Oh and definitely do not apologize for the health-focused post, PLEASE keep them coming! And that first funny for your intern, just so much yes there :) Have a great time stepping out tonight and have a good weekend!

  20. Cute dress!! and haha sleep always wins for me too!

  21. I have been wanting to try a cleanse. My friend was just talking to me about it last night. I don't know what's stopping me from taking the plunge!

  22. Lmao, what the hell is going on with those cats. My cats are weird like that and engage in staring contests, and whoever loses gets clawed in the face. Would it be wrong to join a gym just to lay in the sauna?

  23. Ooo what cleanse are you doing?? I have yet to start mine...maybe this week...I definitely can't half-ass it since it was pricey lol. And have you seen the Suarez memes out there? Hilarious. Dude needs help!

  24. I decided late last week, promptly after our 'water' convo on twitter and after evaluating my current eating habits, that I needed to start a cleanse. Forward to today, day one of said cleanse, and I'm strangely psyched for it. I've cleansed before and I love the relationship I have with food afterwards. It's like I appreciate all the good things so much more!
    Btw, really excited for BookClub Month 2!


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