July 31, 2014

Book Review #2 - Attachments (Rainbow Rowell)

It's the last Thursday of the month and that means its the second month for the book review with Kari and I. Once again we did not promote it that well (its been a busy busy month for me and Kari both) but I promise you that we are getting our ducks in order and from next month we will be a lot more organized. After Friday I will have a lot more free time and a lot more time to devote to my poor neglected blog. So stay tuned and I hope you all stay interested. 

Anyhoo ... when I review books I try not to give away too much of what has happened especially if its a good book because I do want people to read it. So this review is more of my thoughts on the book while reading it and what I got out of the prose itself.

On to the review:

July 28, 2014

Busy Bee

Well look who is showing up to her blog today. Guys I did not read blogs all weekend, including Friday, and I haven't responded to last Wednesday's blog comments. I will, but I haven't yet because boy was this ever a busy end of week/weekend. Essentially this was my week last week....

Let's start with Thursday shall we. Remember on Wednesday when I said my intern was doing well now? Famous last words. On Thursday on my way to work I phone the intern and asked him if he was in San Fernando (city 45 minutes away from my office). He said no, he was at our normal office as we had court in Port-of-Spain. I asked him to go to into my office, check my desk diary and double check that we have court in Port-of-Spain (where my office is) and not in San Fernando. He assured me we did. I got to my office and my boss was not there. I phoned my boss, no answer, so I emailed him. While carrying on with my business I got an email and opened it to see the words "where the hell are you guys?" ... Guess where we were supposed to be (and yes this happened before but it was my fault and my hearing the last time) ... Anyway, my boss wanted us there, So I sped with the my two passengers in tow, the intern  and the palpable tension you could have cut with a knife, in my car and when we got to the correct courthouse. Long story short I never got home from work until after 6 pm.

And I went out immediately afterwards ... ergo ... no Friday blog.

July 23, 2014

I'm ready to party.

I feel like I'm a broken record because I say this every week but how is it already Wednesday?! I mean ... the week just started! Anyhoo, I missed confessing last week and although I am literally swamped with work, I just couldn't miss two in a row... A girl needs to confess.
1. I have a bachelorette party on Saturday and I'm incredibly excited about it. One of my best girl pals from law school is getting married to her high school sweetheart next week! I actually cannot wait for this bachelorette. That's an understatement. I. AM. STOKED.

2. Speaking of weddings, I actually have two weddings in a row to attend. One next Saturday and one the Saturday immediately after. I ordered four dresses because ... a girl likes to have choices. Only two have arrived and I'm not sold on either. If I'm not in love with the other two when they arrive ... welp I guess this will be me ... 

July 22, 2014

Influenster: Aveeno Positively Radiant VoxBox

** I recieved this product complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

I signed up for Influenster at the end of May, and I was pretty excited when I found out that I was receiving the Aveeno Positively Radiant Vox Box. My box only had one item but I didn't mind because it's actually a product that could prove useful for me. I received the Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector. 

July 21, 2014

Secrets of Blogging tag.

The weekend is over already?! I actually had a good weekend and last week was a good week also. I say hooray for great, relaxing weekends. 

Last week Nats, from Coral Tinted Perceptions (love her blog name), tagged me to do a Secrets of Blogging post. Thanks Nats!!! I've not been blogging for very long honestly and I most certainly don't follow most of the blogging 'rules', so I'm not sure that I qualify to give advice but I'll sure try! 

Also, this is going to be one of my more open and frank posts. Possibly the most open and frank post I've ever published. I overshare quite a lot on this blog, but I do keep a  part of my life just off the blog. Ill share a tidbit of that in this post.

July 19, 2014

Blogmopolitan Quiz #2

This is the second Saturday in a row that I'm posting on the blog. Weird. However, I really enjoyed doing this Quiz the last time I did it, back when I first started this blog. I just had to do it again ... even if I'm a day late and even if its Saturday!  

Without further ado ...

July 18, 2014

It was a good week ...

I started my week with a fender bender but in spite of that its been a good (but very busy) one! I almost didn't blog today because I'm exhausted, happily exhausted, but since I missed Confessions on Wednesday, I couldn't miss Friday also ... so here goes nothing.

Fave moment

This week I hung out with an old friend of mine several times. This boy was my best male friend in my teens and much of my twenties. These were my favourite moments of the week without a doubt. You know when you have a friend that no matter how much time passes it seems natural and normal to be around that person. Well that was me and my best friend this week. Ironically, I gave a funny story about him just last week in this blog post ... At the time of writing that post, I hadn't spoken to him in a year partly because both of our then significant others thought we were too close and partly because he spends most of his year away in medical school. On Sunday night I got a message on my phone. It read 'hey' and it was from Dale (who is home for the summer) and over the next maybe 4 hours we got all caught up on our lives over the last year and by the next day when we hung out, it was like zero time had passed since I last saw him. Loved all the moments this week that I got to spend with Dale :).

July 17, 2014

Total Social - Wisdom from Bob!

I cant believe I missed my Confessions post yesterday. Life was a little too busy the past couple of days to get to it. 

The theme of the Total Social link up this month is "Favourite Things". You know what's weird about me? If you give me a broad category and tell me to choose my favourite thing, I cant do it. Favourite food? I can't choose one but I will say there are a lot of things I love to eat. Favourite drink? Again I have a few favourites and I'd feel like I'm cheating. Favourtie book? Impossible for me to choose because I have so many I can read a thousand times. You get the point. When I narrow it down though I find that its much simpler. 

July 15, 2014

Wardrobe must haves!

I admire fashion bloggers. They have such style and it must take a lot of time to compile material and compose posts. I could never be a fashion blogger as I don't have the dedication. That said, I love to dress and apparently I love to spend money on clothes. There are some items that are just staples in my wardrobe at all times. So I replenish these items on a regular. I think there are some things that are must haves for every girls closets.

July 14, 2014

Show life you have a thousand reasons to smile!

when life gives you a hundred reasons to cry show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile

You know there are some periods in your life where negativity tries to follow you? Yeah I think that has been my year. I refuse to succumb to it though. Suck it negativity, I have zero time for you!

My weekend started off ok enough, I cleaned my entire apt, I went to my parents, watched the semi final game with my dad, ate my mama's food, slept in my bed (I call my childhood bed my bed and I spend nearly every weekend in it) and relaxed. Yesterday though, I was heading from my parents home to go meet up with one of my besties Alicia to watch the World Cup finals at a sports bar when this happened....

July 12, 2014

A Safari Tour

Hyderaad India

Believe it or not, when I started this blog I wanted it to have a heavy focus on travel ...  because I love travel and the places I've been. That's clearly not the direction my blog is heading but every now and again I'll pop in on a Saturday with a post about places I've been to. I wrote about India several times on this blog but I realized that I never shared pictures from the Safari Tour we took when we went to the Zoo. The name of the Zoo we visited was the Nehru Zoological Park and it was located In Hyderabad of course. 

This will be a post mainly of photos as the photos speak for themselves. It was a lovely day and it was the only place that I saw elephants on my entire trip to India. I love elephants. When we got to the Zoo we hopped onto a caged bus that took us on a Safari tour. At some point the tour ended and we were able to walk around the Zoo admiring the animals that were in enclosures.

July 11, 2014

Faves of the week

How is it already the 11th of July? Didn't this month just begin? I Literally think the days are flying by! I also think I should stop using the word literally so much. 

Anyway, despite the devastation that was Brazil's loss this week, I managed to have a pretty ok week and so here are my Faves of the week!

Fave moments

Hmm well I'm writing this at 12 am and I just came off the favourite moment of the week ... I went for a drive and a drink and then just chilled. One of my fave nights in a long time. Really tried hard not to drink though. I started with water and lime. Some vodka (very little) may have been splashed in there during the course of the night... All in all a great and pretty interesting night and even better since I'm doing it all again tomorrow.

July 09, 2014


Well hello there Wednesday you got here quickly. I'm writing this at 1 am because I'm still awake. So this will be a rush job, I'm just warning you. Since I'm on a little 'get my tiny self a little bit healthier' kick, I thought my confessions should focus on that today. Jumping right in...
1. I have packed lunch every day for the last two or three weeks with the exception of last Friday. Which also means I actually have been cooking. It's amazing! Two wins: I don't have to spend money and I know exactly what I'm eating! Lets hope I can keep it up.

2So Friday (the only day I didn't pack lunch), I had fast food. Well ... fried chicken with a salad. You can tell I've been eating super clean for weeks because my tummy 100% did not like the fried chicken and rejected it ... you can use your imagination. 

July 08, 2014

Things I couldn't do growing up

The other day I was reading one of Amanda's posts and she was talking about things that scare her about the younger generation. I commented on that post saying that kids have such a sense of entitlement these days. That post by Amanda inspired this post. 

It's crazy to me the things that kids nowadays are allowed to get away with. While I was always spoilt, I grew up in a semi-strict household, where school work was priority numero uno and there were some things I was just not allowed to do. That's not to say I didn't have a blast as a kid, because I most certainly did, but there were some things that were simply not subject to compromise.


July 07, 2014

Monday's rambles

laptop and headphones

How was everyone's weekend?? I hope those in the US enjoyed the fourth! I can't wait to read all the fun posts. It wasn't a long weekend for me this weekend and it was also quiet with the exception of me hanging out with a couple of friends (sans drinking because I'm trying to stay away from alcohol for a couple months) and watching some amazing World Cup games on Friday!

Every now and again I like to come on here and ramble. And today is one of those days. I didnt have the best week last week, but I think I managed to keep a smile on my face ... for most of my week anyway ... and I think that's what I'm going to do this week as well. No. matter. what. I will be lying though if I didn't say that I'm hoping this week is much much better. Much ... did I say that already?? Thankfully, I got the screen on my phone replaced on Saturday which means I spent 4 days without a functioning screen on my phone and keeping a smile on my face was a miracle in itself. Fixing my phone was definitely step number one towards a good week. 

July 04, 2014

Happy 4th!

Everyone knows I am not American and today is not a holiday for me (boo!). However, I do have loads of family in the USA and most of my readers are Americans! So, I thought I would take the time out today just to wish you all a Happy 4th of July!!! 

From America or not, I think we can all agree that it's always a good thing to celebrate the freedom and independence of a nation.  Perhaps more importantly, its such a special thing to be able to celebrate the people around you and the blessings that freedom brings, especially since there are still so many people suffering and struggling around the world. Its a good time to stop, reflect and count the many blessings that you have while downing a drink or two of course ... (Take one for me too please)!

July 02, 2014

A comedy of errors

No this post has nothing to do with the Shakespearian play that I love so much, the title just aptly describes the week. Yup this week has been one big comedic mess. Comedic because I am choosing to laugh at all of it and because frankly each story individually is kinda funny in its tragedy. Seriously I spent the last half hour laughing with my friend about all the random craziness that's happened so far ... 

In case you are wondering, here are some tips if you want to have a good laugh this week!

1. First you must go to a class at your gym called 'Body Blast' because that clearly sounds like a ball of fun! If you go it will probably blast your body ... as the name suggests ... to the point where you want to throw up. You might get light headed and you might also realize that you are not as 'fit' as you thought you were. Don't worry call your mum and sister afterwards while laying on your apt floor. A good pep talk will pick you right up and you should be fine in no time. Just tell yourself tomorrow should be better ....

July 01, 2014

Guest Post: Emily's Anti - Bucket List

Its the first day of July and I have a lovely lady taking over my blog! I love Emily's blog and if you like pics of beautiful beaches, fabulous vacations, great recipes and fashion, you will love it too. Also she is originally from Trinidad (she now lives in Florida). Naturally, I think everyone should love her based on that fact alone haha! Take it away Em!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hi everyone! I'm Emily from Martinis & Bikinis and I'm excited to take over Krystal's blog space for the day. I love reading The Kay Times to keep up with Krystal's life and get my daily dose of humor. She seriously cracks me up!

I wrote a Bucket List last year and I've been slowly checking stuff off my list but today I thought I'd share with you my Anti-Bucket List ~ things I don't ever want to do before I die.