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July 01, 2014

Guest Post: Emily's Anti - Bucket List

Its the first day of July and I have a lovely lady taking over my blog! I love Emily's blog and if you like pics of beautiful beaches, fabulous vacations, great recipes and fashion, you will love it too. Also she is originally from Trinidad (she now lives in Florida). Naturally, I think everyone should love her based on that fact alone haha! Take it away Em!

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Hi everyone! I'm Emily from Martinis & Bikinis and I'm excited to take over Krystal's blog space for the day. I love reading The Kay Times to keep up with Krystal's life and get my daily dose of humor. She seriously cracks me up!

I wrote a Bucket List last year and I've been slowly checking stuff off my list but today I thought I'd share with you my Anti-Bucket List ~ things I don't ever want to do before I die.

1. Skydiving: This girl is deathly afraid of heights and I'm pretty sure I will faint or puke if ever faced staring out a plane at 10,000 feet altitude. No thanks! I will wait for you at the bottom and sip a cold one.

2. Eating frog legs: I think I'm pretty open when it comes to food. I love trying dishes from different cultures and countries and I like things that some people squirm at like oysters, clams and escargot. But frog legs? No and No. I don't give a sh*t if they say it tastes like chicken.

3. Brazilian wax: Hello, the OBGYN is torture enough once a year, why on earth would I choose to have an another examination that involves hot wax and ripping off skin?! I can deal with "down there" myself.

4. Shoveling snow: I grew up in the Caribbean and finally settled in Florida. I've seen snow once and never used a shovel and I really hope to keep it that way (the shoveling part, not seeing snow again).

5. Public speaking: I haven't been able to completely avoid this in the past with school and some jobs but if I could, I'd never speak in front of large audiences again and hope to never work for a job that requires it. 

6. Shave my head: I'd never do this as a fashion statement. I understand some women have had to shave their heads due to unfortunate situations/illnesses and I respect them for that but I would never chose a shaved head as my new hairstyle.

7. Flying in a helicopter or two seater plane: This goes hand-in-hand with skydiving. I'm way too paranoid and just don't trust those small aircrafts. That's just a panic attack waiting to happen.

8. Eating chocolate with peanuts: I just can't do it. Snickers? Gross. I don't like mixing sweet with salty. For me, tt has to be one or the other.

9. Running a 5k, 10k, or marathon: I'm not a runner and I don't think I'll ever be. I wish I was but I don't foresee it happening in the near future. Bah Humbug, I know!

10. Moving the lawn: As the saying goes, "never say never" but if I could avoid this completely in my lifetime, I'd be one happy girl.

11. Owning a pair of high-waisted jeans or jean shorts: Not gonna happen. Period.

What's on your Anti-Bucket List?

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  1. Some of those (skydiving, shaving my head, frog legs, Brazilian) are definitely on my anti-bucket list as is climbing Mount Everest, scuba diving, or horseback riding. The other stuff you mentioned, though, like public speaking and running a 5K, well, I'm doing those soon and Snickers are one of my favorite candies!

  2. No mixing sweet with salty? Oh man, pass all that stuff MY way :) And... I've been skydiving. It. was. awesome. But I was also 21 and fearless back then! I'm with you though, on shoveling snow and mowing the lawn... Ugh.

  3. skydiving......and frog legs yup and yup....I can just never get down with either one of those!

  4. Hahaha I agree except I love mixing sweet and salty stuff!

  5. Oh I don't ever want to skydive or shave my head.. I do go for waxes and it's uncomfortable but worth it lol

  6. hahaha to the mowing the lawn. i love mowing the lawn! i hope one day you become a runner ;) i hate the idea of skydiving, blech! helicopters + small planes freak me the heck out!

  7. Not gonna happen: 3, 5 (if I can get out of it re: work), and 9-11. I live in Jersey so shoveling snow/mowing the lawn are pretty standard. Boo. I went skydiving once- it was exhilarating and scary at once, but definitely a once in a lifetime thing for me- not gonna happen again!

  8. Great list! Definitely no to all that waxing, sky diving, cliff jumping, et cetera ha.

  9. Hahah I've done so many of these, but I do draw the line at shaving my head, skydiving, or Brazilian wax...I'll do my own lady grooming thank you lol

  10. Ugh. Frog legs. We went to a place that served them and just the THOUGHT of them made me feel so sick I couldn't even eat my salad! haha

  11. I'm with you on the frog legs. There are some foods I will never try. I hate shoveling. I like snow as long as it is mild. I really want to move somewhere with no snow. I have never mowed the lawn. I'm actually a bit scared of mowing the grass. The mower scares me.

  12. Yep, some of these are definitely on my anti-bucket list too. Frog's legs? No thanks. And living in the northeast I've had enough snow for my lifetime and if I never had to shovel an ounce of it again it would be too soon!

  13. I could never shave my hair off, unless it was an illness thing. Frog's legs, heck no! Everyone should say no to the high waisted pants/shorts!

  14. I'm totally with you on the high-waisted jeans... not going to happen!!


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