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July 17, 2014

Total Social - Wisdom from Bob!

I cant believe I missed my Confessions post yesterday. Life was a little too busy the past couple of days to get to it. 

The theme of the Total Social link up this month is "Favourite Things". You know what's weird about me? If you give me a broad category and tell me to choose my favourite thing, I cant do it. Favourite food? I can't choose one but I will say there are a lot of things I love to eat. Favourite drink? Again I have a few favourites and I'd feel like I'm cheating. Favourtie book? Impossible for me to choose because I have so many I can read a thousand times. You get the point. When I narrow it down though I find that its much simpler. 

I love quotes, but if you were to ask me what my favourite quote is, I wouldn't be able to choose one. What I can do however is tell you my favourite quotes from a particular person or a particular movie or time. Thumbing through my phone yesterday, I stumbled upon my favourite Bob Marley quote and I thought I'd share it. Its so relevant in my life right now that it probably would have gotten posted today anyway. 

I love this quote and this has been the theme of my year. Throughout this year, which has been a rough one, I've found strength I never knew I had and I'm very grateful to know that I have that kind of strength in me. When I stumbled on the image, I sent it to one of my friends who has to have surgery next week and who is just having a rough go at life right now. I reminded her that she will find strength to get through whatever she needed to. Its true what they say, when you think you are at your weakest point, you somehow find the strength to push through. 

Just thought I'd share this little piece of wisdom from old dreadlocked Bob.

Have a great Thursday guys!

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  1. this is 1000000% true. people do a whole lot of complaining yet never want to muster the strength to do something but when they have to, they even surprise themselves.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Great quote! I actually just watched I Am Legend, and at one point in the movie they're referencing Bob Marley's music and it's got a much deeper message than I would have realized. Sometimes artists and celebrities surprise me.

  3. LOVE the quote. I often save some I see on my phone and look at them from time to time. It's very true that least when we expect it we are tested and dig deep for strength. Great quote.

  4. fabulous quote! i think i have been at some pretty low points and have been my strongest, because how else can you get back up?
    ps i find it super hard to choose favourite foods and drinks too. i like them all!

  5. That is a very great quote...and also very very true. I never realize how capable I am until pushed to the point where I have no other choice!

  6. That is a wonderful quote! I love it! All quotes are my friends and I enjoy reading them. One day when I grow up I hope that my words are pictured quotes trending on IG or Twitter.

  7. Love that quote!!! Sometimes quotes can be so therapeutic!

  8. I love a good quote! I used to write them down and fill little hardback books. Now I'm thinking my mom tossed them when they moved. Sigh. And sad. This is a great quote for sure!

  9. Beautiful quote. And I whole heartedly agree. There are many times where, looking back, I have no idea how I was strong enough to make it through. But, just like that quote says, you surprise yourself what you can pull off!

  10. That is a great quote! Bob Marley was so full of wisdom.

    I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog

  11. One of my favorite quotes as well. A coworker of mine got me a wooden canvas that sits on my shelf at work with this quote on it. It's been a really good reminder since being on our infertility journey. Bob Marley did no wrong!

  12. Oh I love this quote SO much. I apply it a lot to running — believe it or not, because what the hell don't I relate back to running? haha.. and I'm the same as you, I can't name one favorite of almost any category!

  13. Such a great quote. Bob sure had a way with words!


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