August 28, 2014

Birthday Shenanigans

**First off I'd like to say that I'm aware that it is the last Thursday of the month and therefore its supposed to be book review day. However, Kari and I decided to push the book review to next week to give the winner of the giveaway the chance to read the book. If you wrote your post today, no worries next week you can link it up on Kari's blog!

Ok... can we address what a bad blogger I have been this month? I really have to chalk it up to the fact that August is my birth month and I really had no energy to blog this month. Another reason? My contract for work comes to an end soon (I'm renewing it but hoping to get another job) and I saved up almost all of my days vacation days to take all at once at the end of my contract. So basically Ill be on vacation for a really long time which is why I am able to take such a long trip starting September 20th. The downside is I have a LOT of work to complete before then. 

So what'd I do for my birthday? Monday on my Birthday Eve I got went to the spa and got a wax.... in that area no woman should probably wax but I torture myself anyway. Then it was off to lunch with my lovely friend Ali. Not a fancy lunch people. Just Ruby Tuesdays. Also I am clearly losing my touch because two drinks into lunch I was a little tipsy. Who am I? 

August 25, 2014

A weekend beauty haul.

So I wrote my 100th post and then abandoned the blog for days. Typical. I am back though and its the eve of the best day on the planet. My Birthday. Except that this year I wont be celebrating much and if Im honest I've got the birthday blues. That does not in any way take away from the fact that it is the best day of the year though!

What do you do to get rid of the birthday blues? You spend money that's what you do. You shop. And if you really want to get rid of the birthday blues, you shop for stuff to make you pretty. Anyway on to what I bought.
All the items:

August 20, 2014

Confessions - The 100th blog post edition

While reading blogs before starting my own I'd always see people blogging about their 100th blog post. When I started my own I somehow never thought I'd get here or at least not this quick. But here I am 100 posts in. Yes I bolded that, because frankly it boggles my mind that I've written one hundred of them. 

As it's Wednesday, I have a big confession. If blogging was a class I'd flunk it. And here is why ...

1. I think Blogging is weird - I mean the act of blogging itself is weird. Particularly 'lifestyle' blogging which is the category I'd probably fall into. I pride myself on being a private person in my real life yet I come on here day after day and type for the world to see my day to day life. That breakup I wrote I about a few months ago? You knew about it before my co-workers and some of my friends. That my friends, is odd. But you do it too. And it's weird. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but its still weird.

August 19, 2014

Monday night Sushi and Unicorns.

Sometimes your bloggy week starts on a Tuesday, because your weekend was full of relaxation and you really have nothing to recap on a Monday. But then on a Monday you find yourself in a totally random mood and you and one of your bffs end up eating sushi and drinking wine and just like that boom ... Blogworthy material. By 'you' of course I mean me. 

So Alicia (I've mentioned her many a time on this here blog) and I, were in the mood for sushi yesterday. I would say after 'work' but I'd be lying because this random run began at 7:30 pm. And yes, as I type this after 12 am, I am fully aware that I have work in the morning. I live life on the edge. Evidently.

Ali is my riding buddy, a ride or die if you will, and because she lives basically 5 minutes away from me, we often take these random late night trips. I remember back in the day, maybe 8 or 9 years ago when we we young and free (kinda old these days), we would hit the club until 5 am and still make it to class for 8. Gone are those days but we still have a little living in us yet.

This would be me two glasses in ... please excuese my shnouser. It looks extraordinarily huge.

August 15, 2014

Tomorrow is Sleep-a-day!

Before I jump into my post I have to say, naming posts are incredibly mind boggling. It might just be the hardest part of any post for me... I mean I named yesterday's post "Who wants a book?" ... Really?! I cant even! 

Anyway, it's Friday! And you know what that means ... Tomorrow is Saturday or as I'm calling it, Sleep-a-day ...  I fully intend to sleep as much as humanly possible. Anyways time to share some faves ...

Fave moment 

I don't know what the weather is like where you guys are, but man yesterday was a really dreary and rainy day. I took a picture while driving. I know, I know, I got a lecture from my mum already ... It's unsafe. But man this is what the road looked like...

August 14, 2014

Who wants a book?

How is it Thursday, no seriously! I say this way too often but I feel like I blink and the weeks are passing me by and frankly I love the month of August too much and hate when it just flies by! It is after all the best month of the year ...

I get carried away easily ... there is a point to this post aside from me talking about my birthday again.

Earlier this month, Kari and I were thinking of ways to promote the bloggy book club, where we post a review of a book on the last Thursday of every month, and link up on Kari's blog. I can't take credit for this gem of a promotion idea, it was Kari's brainchild but I think its brilliant. We are giving away the book for this month 'Big Little Lies' by Liane Moriarty. The book will be shipped to the winner and they can read and link up with us on August 28th on Kari's blog! Fun, easy and simple.

August 13, 2014

Travel plans a go!

** grammatical/spelling errors in this post are brought to you by sheer exhaustion and refusal to proof read ... you've been warned.

I'm not sure why I insist on writing posts in the middle of the night. But that what I'm doing yet again. #YOLO. Is YOLO even still a thing? This ageing girl doesn't even know what the current lingo is. Anyhoo, it's Wednesday and on Wednesday's I confess. 
1. I'm going to Australia!!! I know I said I was going before but for a hot minute I was worried that my trip was not going to happen. Long story short, there is an Australian embassy in my country but no immigration department and I had to send my documents to Canada to get approved. Well ... Yesterday it did so in October I'll be in NYC, Boston, California and then Australia. Whoop whoop. For those who don't know my sister lives and studies (she's a few months shy of completing her phD in some chemistry something - I don't speak or understand science lingo) in Australia. I cannot wait to see her. So excited!! 

August 12, 2014

Hey its ok - Vol #1

August really insists on flying by doesn't it. Heck its the 12 and this is what, my 5th post for the month? I feel like I blinked and half the month was gone.

Anyhoosle, Some time ago, I did a guest post for Emily when she was on vacation. It was patterned after a regular series in Glamour magazine called 'Hey its ok'. So nope the concept ain't mine! I love that series and I loved writing that first post soooo every now and again I think Ill pop in and do one ... I just wrote 'do one' I crack myself up!

August 11, 2014

Another weekend, another wedding!

So another weekend has passed and there was another wedding. My friend and fellow attorney got married this weekend.  I promise Ill hold off on the wedding posts after this one. Ill be honest weddings give me mixed feelings. I'm ecstatic for my friends and colleagues getting married but knowing I would have been planning my own around now, makes me a little sad.. Still, I adore weddings and it is what it is! This particular wedding was at a golf course and just beautful! 

So lets get to the photos!!!! Obligatory selfies before I leave since I take it in better lighting and my makeup is fresh. I tried a muter red lip than last week and liked it even better. Also ... Good news! My eyebrows look great! 

August 08, 2014

I need a Harvey in my life ... and other Faves

Happy Friday guys! I cant believe we are already at the end of the first week in August. Which means my birthday is in a couple of weeks... YIKES! Im getting old guys ... its happening. Thank God I dont look old though. Anyway Im super excited that I get to do a Friday Faves today since I missed it for a couple of weeks well due to a hectic schedule. It was generally a lazy laid back kind of week but I still have some faves!

Fave book

Shameless plus but this is the book club's book for review this month! I actually just bought it so I havent read it yet but seems juicy!

Take a read and we review the last Thursday in the month! And Kari is cooking up a giveaway!

August 06, 2014


It feels like forever since I've done a confessions post ! Jumping right in ...

1. I rocked a turtle neck, pants and flats to work today. Generally speaking, I wear suits every day. That just describes my week. Go. Slow. And I'm loving it! This about sums it up ...

2. This is a really embarrassing confession. I'm almost too embarrassed to post it. Almost. I got in late from a wedding on Saturday and I parked my car in the usual spot in my apartment complex and ZONKED out. Sunday morning rolls around and I get a text from my friend and neighbour in a unit downstairs. She usually parks right next to me.  It started like this ...

She's a really cool neighbour who has become a really good friend, so although I was sleepy I threw on some clothes, walked outside and looked over the balcony to see her ... washing my filthy navy blue car. *SHAME FACE*. I about died laughing. Partly from the shame of my car being so filthy that my female neighbour decided to wash it and partly because well ... it was funny. And guys she did not just wash it!
August 04, 2014

Weekend wedding-ness

Oh hey there blog, long time no see ... 

I'm back to my blog now. Life and work has now calmed down a bit and for that I'm thankful! This weekend a really good friend of mine got married. It was a beautiful wedding. The bride looked lovely and all of us had a blast. Seriously, I've never been to a wedding reception where there was so. much. alcohol. I am not kidding! I saw soooo many good friends and fellow attorneys wasted ... and Ill be honest, I got a little tipsy myself! All in all it was a good time...

Lets share some pic shall we? Disclaimer ... they are iphone pics and for some reason my iphone is hell bent on taking grainy pics these days. It is what it is.

Doing my make-up before I left home. Had to crop out the old lady hair cover. Also I feel the need to address my eyebrows ... I get my brows waxed every two weeks by the same person at the same spa. I waited till Saturday morn to have my brows done and A new lady did them ... and she botched them ... that's what I get for waiting till the last minute ... (still not bad for a grainy iphone pic)