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August 08, 2014

I need a Harvey in my life ... and other Faves

Happy Friday guys! I cant believe we are already at the end of the first week in August. Which means my birthday is in a couple of weeks... YIKES! Im getting old guys ... its happening. Thank God I dont look old though. Anyway Im super excited that I get to do a Friday Faves today since I missed it for a couple of weeks well due to a hectic schedule. It was generally a lazy laid back kind of week but I still have some faves!

Fave book

Shameless plus but this is the book club's book for review this month! I actually just bought it so I havent read it yet but seems juicy!

Take a read and we review the last Thursday in the month! And Kari is cooking up a giveaway!

Fave shows

Who has been watching this show?? I need a Harvey in my life. STAT. #yum

This has got to be my favourite legal drama on television and would be my favourite show period if Scandal didn't exist. This season is going so good and Im kind of bummed that there are only two more episodes.

Another show I'm really into right now (although there was no episode this week) is Botched. The show is plastic surgery gold!

Fave blog post

This post by Liz from Fitness Blondie was so on point that I had to share! It's all about knowing your worth and finding happiness within yourself and Im telling you, its a GREAT read. :)

Fave Video

I should put this under the funnies but I didnt want anyone to skip it! How bleeping cute is this kid! Katy Perry music comes on and she danced... In a couple years she will rule the club scene wont she. Dance face in full effect!

Fave Funnies

I need this shirt!
My phone is forever on silent ... so this ...
Right?! Where the hell is it? Id love to visit ...

Fave song

I loved this song when it first came out and I Still love it! Heard it this week and now its on repeat once again!

Hold on Were Going Home by Drake Feat. Majid Jordan on Grooveshark
Happy Friday!!


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  1. those were good. a nice little laugh before bed. and girl...you can totally link up for oh hey friday over on september farm, too! (if you want!) http://farmerbell.blogspot.com

  2. OOOHHH I just finish, What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty and I really like it. I'm going to try this one next!! I can't believe some of the weird crap they have on botched, people are so dumb with some of the surgeries they do. Geez.

  3. Girl, I'm stealing this post idea. There will be a Friday Favorites post on my blog today. You just inspire me!

    Every time I read the synopsis for Big Little Lies I get sooooo excited for it. It sounds cray. I love cray.
    Also, we might have to fight over Harvey. He's delicious. Just sayin.' Actually, I wouldn't mind just being Jessica. Or Donna. Donna's my girl.

  4. hahahaha love that, my phone is always on silent. ooh suits, that is on my to watch list!

  5. Cute video of the baby....to funny! Happy Friday!

  6. Did you read The Husband's Secret? I still haven't yet, but it seemed like everyone was reading it for a while. Tell us if this one is good!

  7. i put my phone on vibrate and once i couldn't find it...took me a HELL of a long time to locate it too! i walked around the whole house calling it repeatedly hoping i'd hear it vibrate.

    Vodka and Soda

  8. Love that last E card and Botched is a very enjoyable show. Love Terry Dubrow!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. I am LOVING suits and the bromance between Harvey and Mike is one of my favourites!!!!

  10. I've heard such good things about that show botched I really need to get on board! Suits has been amazing this season!! Yeah so happy you are back and linking up this week!!! xoxoxo

  11. Suits is on my list for an epic couch marathon! I haven't heard of Botched, I'll have to check it out. I so want that T-Shirt!

  12. Harvey is quite nice, indeed. And he's an attorney so you'd definitely hit it off right away and get married and have beautiful babies together I think ;) Have a great weekend! (And let me know if you find out where Sesame Street is, mmk?)

  13. That video is the best. I love how instantly happy she becomes and how she bobs her head at the buildup part. Adorable.

  14. Oh, to not work out but still get the benefits! Dream time.

    I will add Suits to my list.

  15. Ooooooh when is your birthday??? Exciting! I've heard such great things about Suits but I've never given it a shot yet. Maybe I will after I move and I'm poor for a little while and all I can do on Friday nights is stay home and watch Netflix. Yes, I think that's what I'll do haha. And I'm so with you on that song, I still get all happy when I hear it. It's just nice and lovely and I love it. Have a great weekend love!

  16. that katy perry video killllsssss meeeee!!!

  17. I soooooo wish I could absorb other peoples workouts AND healthy eating! Haha!

    I want to read that book! It is on my list, I can't wait to read your review to see if I will like it.

    That shirt is my life.

  18. Ooo that book is on my wishlist...you'll have to let me know if it is good or not!

    I've seen previews for botched, but havent checked it out yet. I may have to try watching an episode!

  19. My coworker sent me that baby Katy Perry video this week... soooooooooo sooo funny!!

  20. I was obsessed with Nip Tuck so I am going to have to check botched out!

  21. Omg Botched! I freak out over that show! Like holy hell some people just get jacked up when they get plastic surgery! Crazy!

    And yes, my phone is always on silent too and I always forget to turn the ringer on when I leave work so I get a bajillion missed calls and voicemails sometimes and I don't even know it.

  22. So yea, I am going to have to jump in and read a book with you soon! I just ordered three books that I need to get through first and then start on something you are doing. That baby cracked me up with her facial expression to Katy. I like to think Juicy J got her going in my mind.

    Also, botched! I haven't watched an episode yet but the commercials always make me giggle like a 5 year old.

  23. Thanks for linking up! I too love Botched.... My fave had to be the justin bieber guy.... I mean, really?!


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