September 30, 2014

Book Review #4 - The Darkest Minds

Hey guys! Im popping in today briefly ... I have to say for all those leaving comments on my guest posters posts, thanks a bundle. Ill be back full time next week and I will get to your comments. Forgive me if I'm a little busy cuddling my niece and nephew and soaking up all things Australia. Also, I might have flown all the way to Australia to realize I have allergies and I may or may not be the sick tourist puffing on an inhaler for dear life ... 

Anyway, today I have a review because ... book club ... and because Kari and I didn't do one for September on the last Thursday of the month as is supposed to be the case so we decided to pop one in. 

September 29, 2014

Guest Post: DeborahYanni

Hey guys once again I have a pretty lady taking over the blog. (Ill be back to blogging soon). I want you guys to meet my girl Deb! Listen, Deb is a makeup genius and you know I love me some makeup!! Seriously, the girl can do a wicked contour. Just visit her blog and you'll see for yourself! Anyway enough of me babbling, over to you Deb!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hi guys!! I'm Deborah and I blog over at DeborahYanni.

When Kay asked me to do a guest post for her I was immediately thrilled!! You see, this is the first guest post I've ever done and so I figured this was my chance to think of something really creative and witty to charm your socks off. Well, it didn't really work out that way. I mean, I do think I'm pretty witty and I can be really charming when I put my mind to it but that's besides the point. Writing a guest post is hard stuff.

So with a little help from Kay I decided to just be myself (whoever that is) and talk a little bit about what I love... MAKEUP!! That's right. Over at DeborahYanni I write about my obsession with all things beauty. So today I'll be talking to you all about my top 5 lipsticks for the fall season.

September 27, 2014

Oh hey there ... and a giveaway!

Hey guys, yups its me... jet lagged me, but me! Thanks for showing the ladies who showed up on my blog this week some love! I definitely needed their help! I have a few more ladies for you this week, but I'll definitely be popping in as well with a recap of the first leg of my trip aka my Norwood/Boston Massachusetts shenanigans and maybe even a book review ...

On another note, I have teamed up with Emily and some other amazing ladies for a great giveaway! I mean $100 Amazon gift card??? Yes please. Enter and enjoy!

              Green Fashionista       <>     The Kay Times       <>       Martinis & Bikinis

September 25, 2014

Guest Post: Kristen from See You In a Porridge!

Well guys, as you read this I am probably en route from Boston/LA to Aussie-land! I have another bloggy friend taking my place for the day. I happened upon Kristen's blog shortly after I started my own blog and she had me hook, line and sinker since then! She is one of my absolute faves and a genuine sweetheart. I mean that. Anyway who better to take over my blog on the day I head to Oz than Kristen ... she herself hails from the land down under! Take it away Kris!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Hi everyone! First I want to thank the lovely, gorgeous and generous Kay for having me at her place today, I'm Kristen and I blog about a whole lot of nothing over at See You In A PorridgeI am so jealous of Kay's awesome vacay, especially because one of the places she is going just happens to be the country I am from. So I thought I would share some 'must do's and do not's when going to Oz'.

1. Do the touristy stuff.

Heck, you're a tourist - do it! It's half the fun. I don't recommend climbing the harbour bridge because holy expensive and what do you really see from up there that you can't see from the ground? Plus you can take your cliche photos for free and they are just as fun. If you really want to do something, you can walk across the bridge for free (mind the traffic) or do the pylon lookout for $13.  The Bridge Climb is $150-$350.

September 23, 2014

Guest Post: The Kari Diaries

Hey guys!! I am still in Boston town before Australia and I have my sweet friend Kari posting for me today. I have so much in common with this girl its not even funny. Lawyer? check. Mediator? Check. Loves to read and write? Check and Check. Living in Manhattan? Ok ... so no check but damn the girl lives in one of the best cities in the world! Enough of me, Kari you take it from here...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Oh hey, girl. I'm Kari, and I'm guest posting for our dear Kay while she travels around the globe like the socialite she is. I blog over at The Kari Diaries, where I post about books, weird but sometimes sweet stories that could only happen to me, and how to feel beautiful as well as other real life things. I'm really bad at introductions, so let's just pretend we're old friends and skip over all that, yes? Ok. Still here? Excellent.

Through the many conversations I've had with Kay, one thing has been confirmed: we both suffer from baby fever. Now I'm sure Kay would make an excellent mom, but me? I can think of quite a few reasons I probably shouldn't be given my own little ball of squish. If you're nursing a case of baby fever, you should probably evacuate immediately. Except please don't :)


September 22, 2014

Guest Post: Alyssagoesbang!

Well I'm away today on vacation and I have one of my fave bloggers, my friend Alyssa taking over my blog today. Man I love this girl. She is not only my friend, but a true fitness inspiration and the bonus? The girl is an editor of literature ... I mean ... #love.  If you don't know her yet, you should read this post then head over to her blog and check her out. I promise you wont be disappointed. Anyway on to the post:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I've gotta start this post off with the obligatory (but nonetheless sincere!) thank-you to my friend Kay for hosting me on this great little spot of hers while she's jetting around the globe — and to my neck of the woods, meaning we'll finally be meeting face-to-face in just a few short weeks! Score! Anyway, in case you and I haven't met yet, my name is Alyssa and I blog, make lists, and embarrass myself over at alyssagoesbang. (Come on over whenever, the door's always open!)

Kay and I have become pals over the past couple of months and have a ton in common, which has made our friendship so much sweeter. But there is one thing that is actually a really big problem in this relationship.

Kay hates American football. And I absolutely love it.

So now that I've hijacked been invited to share a post on her blog, I figure this is the perfect chance to bring Kay over to the Blue side — Oh yeah, I'm a New York Giants fan. (No, I don't want to talk about how this season's going. Let's just pretend it's still preseason, k?)

Why Kay Should Really Give American Football Another Try

September 20, 2014

Off to ..

By the time you are reading this I'll be off on my journey across the world to see my sister in Australia. This post is actually scheduled to publish as my flight takes off.

I may not have mentioned this before but my mum's brother is also a doctor in Australia and his daughter is getting married while I'm there. So many of my cousins from all around the world will be flying in for that wedding and I'm kinda excited about it! It isn't the main reason I'm going (this trip was planned before I even knew she would be getting married in October) but it sure is a perk. En route to Oz and on the way back Ill be spending a few days in the good old U.S.A ... 

Don't worry, not all of my posts will be about travel related while I'm gone, I don't want to bore or lose any of you. So ill still show up with as my usual self with my usual posts. But for the first two weeks, I plan to relax and so I have some lovely ladies guest posting for me starting this very Monday! Can a ask a teensy favour? Can you guys show them some love for helping a sister out while she travels?

September 18, 2014

Packing for a long trip: Luggage and general tips

Ok so before I begin this post. I have a confession. I have not packed yet. I have not even opened a suitcase. But I do have a plan. The plan is NOT to overpack.

I love to travel but I'm not a fan of airports, nor am I fan of lugging around 5 bags of luggage through an airport. I plan to pack a carry on, a large hand bag and one large suitcase. A month will fit in those three items if my life depended on it! 

I pack very differently if I'm hopping over to another Caribbean island or a short weekend trip than I would for a long trip. I am no expert by any means, but I've been on long trips to India and Europe before and I find that it helps to make a list of thngs that you will need. Particularly in my case this time around. Why? I will be travelling out from the rainy season in my country to the Fall in the Us, to Spring in Australia. Count it, that's three seasons. Thankfully, the clothes for Fall and Spring are not that far apart that I cannot improvise. So here are some things I plan to back.
This will generally be the bulk of the packing items. I find that if you find clothes that can mix and match you don't have to pack that much. This is not that difficult for me as I generally wear black or sombre colours so everything matches anyway. Also I plan to shop while abroad so I generally won't be packing too much clothing at the very beginning anyway. My tip would be to plan for the seasons you will be travelling into. I generally wear shorts at home but that wont fly in the Fall (US) or Spring (Aus). So what general items will I be packing?
Pants (jeans, soft)
Tops (long sleeve and tank)
Dresses (casual, day)

September 17, 2014

Dude where are my keys?

It's Wednesday already!! It's been soooo long since I confessed! I really only have one confession / story to tell today so lets jump right into it.
Last week was the beginning of my official vacation even though I was technically still working. I can't remember what day it was, but I was getting ready to go have lunch with my friend Ali at around 1 pm before I had to head to class at 5. I should mention that it was a last minute plan. We literally decided to get lunch and I jumped up to get ready. I got dressed, was looking cute, did the whole makeup shebang, phoned Ali to let her know I would be there in 5 minutes and then after once last check in the old mirror, I walked towards the door to pick up the carkeys and head out. I leave the keys to my car and the current purse in use in ONE place always.

My keys were not in said place...

They were not in my purse either ....

Cue this reaction ...

September 16, 2014

Hey its ok - Vol #2

I almost published this post without an introduction ha!

I've done a post like this before, it's patterned after a regular series in Glamour magazine called 'Hey its ok'. Again, the concept ain't mine! I have always loved that series (just like the confessions in Cosmo) and so here I am today with another one. Clearly I love spilling my dirty laundry all over the blog ... Sorry mum.

... to admit that you're too busy to blog as much as you would like to sometimes. Many of you may not even know this because I don't blog about it very often but I tutor at a University, am a full time lawyer, I'm currently in the second (and final year) of my masters programme, I'm writing a book ... and I'm taking a month off all these to travel half fully across the world to see my wonderful seeester and my nephew, niece and bro-in-law. I had a lot of stuff to get done before I leave. And that's ok, Ill have loads of time while on vacay to write and read all the blogs!

September 15, 2014

Packing for a long Travel: Makeup

So I went AWOL from the blog again, and from bloglovin'. I had some last minute work to tie up before I leave and it just could not be helped. As I type this on Sunday, I plan to get up to speed on all the happening in the blog world. One day at a time, I suppose. Fact is, I love blogging and I love reading blogs, but that box of legal files staring at me from the corner of my eye. It pays the bills. So sometimes blogging has to take a back seat. 

But yay for this blog post that I have been planning for a while. I apologize in advance, I have a couple travel posts planned for this week ahead of my big trip. Today I'm talking packing make-up for travel! I'm taking a long trip, Ill be gone (from home, not the blog) for a month! Yes a whole month!!! (I didn't take any vacation during my three year contract, I only travelled on long weekends, and so I was entitled to the bulk of my vacation at the end of my contract, before my new contract begins.... I know you guys are curious! haha). The makeup Ill be carrying is already packed up, although nothing else is, so here's what Ill be taking.

I found a pretty sizable maekup bag that I just had to purchase. Its actually not that big, but I managed to stuff all I would need for a month inside of it. I may have even impressed myself by how much I was able to pack. 
September 09, 2014

Things I'd struggle to live without.

The week just started and its already Tuesday. And we are NINE days into September!! My Birthday just ended! How did that happen? Anyway on Sunday night, I decided to catch up on a new show on FOX called Utopia. And I actually liked it.

Per the website for the show, the idea behind the show is this "14 pioneering Americans wave goodbye to the lives they’ve known, move to a remote location, and set out to create a society from scratch. They’ve got limited supplies, wildly diverse backgrounds, and zero bathrooms."  Crazy right? 

Anyway on Sunday's episode all the "Utopians" were tasked to put some of their personal items into one huge crate ... personal items to take to with them as they create their new society. I realized I could not do this show because there are some things I'd struggle to live without. Some time ago, I was contacted by Man Crates to do a post about what "do or die items" I would put in a survival kit. Man Crates is a super trendy new 'gifts for men' company and they ship gifts for the men in your lives in crates! While watching Utopia, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to write this post.

September 07, 2014

London memories

If I had to live anywhere else in the world it would be either New York City or London town. I love London and I miss it. I can't believe that it's been since 2011 since I've last seen it. I don't usually post on a Sunday, but I woke up this morning and decided to post about London for two reasons, my mum just informed me that we will be taking a trip to England (her brother lives in Essex) and Europe next year and because I wish I was passing through London to get to Australia. I just love the place.

In 2011 when I last visited, it was winter (-5 degrees on the warmest day - aka freakin cold for a Caribbean girl), so the pics are kind of dreary but I'm posting them anyway. Beware of the photo overload! Here are some not so typical things that I love about London ...

September 04, 2014

Book Review #3 - Big Little Lies (Liane Moriarty)

Well it's that time of the month. No not that time (where is your mind), I'm talking about book review time.  its the third month for the book review with Kari and I, although things are a little different this month. We are reviewing August's book in the first week of the Spetember because we had to give Shelby, who won the giveaway, a chance to receive and read her book. I do love that its an Australian author this month since Ill be there soon! (yes I keep talking about Australia ... I'm excited so bear with me.)

Ill be honest though, this isn't my best review ... Keep reading to see why.

September 03, 2014

Sorry not sorry.

It's Wednesday!! I haven't confessed in a little while because I was swamped with work and life, but I'm back on the ball. We are three days deep into September already and boy do I ever have some confessions. I may not have any readers after you guys read number 1 though ...

Jumping right in ...
1. Remember a few months back when the World Cup was in full swing and every blogger aside from me was COMPLAINING loudly on their blogs about how much they absolutely hated the World Cup and football in general (yes football because it shall never be called soccer on this blog ... and because a foot actually touches a ball for 99.9% of the game). Remember? We all read the complaints of how much they "didn't get it" or "didn't care about it" or couldn't understand the "hype" around the wonderful worldwide sport and "wished it would end" because "it's going on forever" ... you get my point. Well I apologize sincerely and profusely for the complete angst I felt while reading the complete disdain for my favourite sport. Because I feel the same right now. Three words: American. Football. season. 

September 02, 2014

Another Q&A

Is it really September? August flew by. Although it was my birthday month I cant say that I'm too upset. In about 19 days I'll be hopping a flight clear to the other side of the world. Not too shabby September. Anyway, my sweet friend Alyssa got nominated for a Leibster this week and she posted a Q&A in response to that Leibster and tagged everyone. I love the questions she posted and since I had no planned post for today I said why not. We all know I love a good Q&A.

And since I have nothing else to babble about in this intro lets jump right in ...

September 01, 2014

Happy Birthday to my country!

** This is an extremely long and picture heavy post. If you read to the end, kudos :)

This is very different post for me. I rarely do an entire post about where I am from mainly because I'm just not sure how many people would be interested in reading it. However, today is the exception. Yesterday was Independence Day in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) and like the US we have a holiday today. 52 years ago we told HRH the Queen of England, Thank You for all you have done for us, but we'll take it from here ... Ready or not we took the helm, created a flag, a national anthem and a legacy.
I am superbly proud to call myself a 'Trini'. We may be tiny, we may be young, but we make our presence known wherever we go. Many of you did know about much about my country so I thought I'd share some things that make me proud to be a Trini!