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September 17, 2014

Dude where are my keys?

It's Wednesday already!! It's been soooo long since I confessed! I really only have one confession / story to tell today so lets jump right into it.
Last week was the beginning of my official vacation even though I was technically still working. I can't remember what day it was, but I was getting ready to go have lunch with my friend Ali at around 1 pm before I had to head to class at 5. I should mention that it was a last minute plan. We literally decided to get lunch and I jumped up to get ready. I got dressed, was looking cute, did the whole makeup shebang, phoned Ali to let her know I would be there in 5 minutes and then after once last check in the old mirror, I walked towards the door to pick up the carkeys and head out. I leave the keys to my car and the current purse in use in ONE place always.

My keys were not in said place...

They were not in my purse either ....

Cue this reaction ...

So I proceeded to search my entire apartment. I tore the place apart looking for the keys to the car. I even ran downstairs and looked around the foot of the car to see if they fell out of my hands the day before. Nope.

At this point, 20 minutes had passed and I looked like this ...

I called Ali and proceeded to freak out on the phone, because ...  no keys is a good bloody reason to freak out. I should mention that I didn't drive my car since maybe midday the day before.

My next phone call? The boy from yesterday's post who happens to be one of my best friends. Oh and who by the way I was talking/texting all morning? This is how the conversation went.

Boy: Why are you freaking out? (this dude is always calm)
Me: Because I was going to lunch Ali and then I have class ... AND I CANNOT FIND MY KEYYYYYYSSSSS!
Boy: Ok class is at 5 right?
Me: Yes but I want to leave now!
Boy: Ill be there in 5 minutes
Me: I don't want you to take us ... I want my keys :(
Boy: Ok don't freak out, I'm bringing your keys ... you must have forgotten them in my car last night. I really only noticed after we last spoke and I was going to bring them after I finished up here with lunch for you.
Me: What???
Boy: I have your keys
Me: YOU have my keys?
Boy: Yes
Me: and you didn't tell me?
Boy: Because I was bringing it soon. Relax.
Me: RELAX???

The initial reaction:

When it sunk in that the boy had the keys and didnt immediately call to tell me:

When he showed up with said keys ... 

and tried to hug me and say he was sorry ... 

Thankfully, my class on that day was cancelled and my evening ended like this. He even got to tag along.

There are two morals to this story:
Men are dumb
Blogger  needs emojis ...

Have a great Wednesday guys!!

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  1. My initial thought was that you left them in the door, I have done this before, scary. You're reactions were spot on my friend! Also, blogger does need emojis!

  2. omg what a panic!! i would freak out...so glad you got your keys!

  3. wtf seriously?! who has someone's keys and doesn't tell them IMMEDIATELY? but that drink looks amazing. lol

  4. I would have been going bananas!!! I don't really understand why he wouldn't have told you right away so that you didn't freak out - they really are weird sometimes!! Glad your night ended well though!

  5. hahahaha Blogger definitely needs emojis. Glad you forgave him. ;)

  6. why didn't he call you as soon as he realized he had them? BOYS ARE DUMB.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Haha I love everything about this. Boys are dumb. I don't care if I'm planning on bringing them at a later time...I'd call the second I found them.

  8. Hahahha. I would have been upset!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. I would have freaked out too! And I'm mystified as to why he wouldn't tell you he had your keys as soon as he realized it?!? I'm glad you got your keys back though!

  10. How could he not text you immediately that he had your keys!?!! I hate when I can't find anything, much less something as important as keys! Relax, Relax?!?

  11. boys are so dumb, why didn't he tell you he had them instead of asking why you were freaking out? duh. I'm glad he had them though + they weren't lost to the ages!

  12. At least someone you know had them! www.crazytragicalmostmagic.com

  13. I would have freaked out as well! Did he have your purse too?

  14. LOLOL you need to tell people you have their keys as soon as you realize it. Men think differently. hahaha

  15. ahaha oh my gosh i would have been SOOOOO PISSED. hopefully your friend was the one you had drinks with later that night??

  16. ahahah the morals of the story are spot on! and I. would. have. STABBED SOMEONE

  17. Love this - had a good laugh for the day. Thank you!

  18. Boys are dumb. Holy panic! He better have bought you 3 drinks to make up for it! ;)

  19. AGREE with your final two points! hahaha <3

  20. Truer words have never been spoken on the "blogger needs emojis" front. Also, WHAT? Why wouldn't he tell you SO MUCH sooner than he did? Homeboy needs to shape up ;)

  21. Hah men are dumb. Another confirmation!

  22. I'm glad you got the keys back but what the heck?! He had to have known you'd be freaking out, I can't believe he didn't call immediately!

  23. Hahaha Blogger does need emojis! That's so funny but at least you got your keys back.. boys can be so silly lol

  24. Visiting from Kathy's link up! I get an immediate sense of panic and dread when I misplace my keys even for a minute I would have totally been freaking out if I were you!

  25. Losing my keys is pretty much my most irrational concern because I know we have spares and my husband has his keys too. For some reason I'm always checking to make sure I haven't lost them.

  26. Guys just dont think like we do, and have no sense of emergency about important things like keys! Um wtf....you tell someone that right away! At least it ended well!

  27. The most common statement in our house is: Boys are stupid.
    That's what I was thinking as I was reading and then I kept scrolled and read your similiar sentiment. WIN.

  28. LOL yes men can be dumb. And I agree blogger get some emojis.

  29. How come guys are always so calm when there are legit stresses going on?!


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