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September 15, 2014

Packing for a long Travel: Makeup

So I went AWOL from the blog again, and from bloglovin'. I had some last minute work to tie up before I leave and it just could not be helped. As I type this on Sunday, I plan to get up to speed on all the happening in the blog world. One day at a time, I suppose. Fact is, I love blogging and I love reading blogs, but that box of legal files staring at me from the corner of my eye. It pays the bills. So sometimes blogging has to take a back seat. 

But yay for this blog post that I have been planning for a while. I apologize in advance, I have a couple travel posts planned for this week ahead of my big trip. Today I'm talking packing make-up for travel! I'm taking a long trip, Ill be gone (from home, not the blog) for a month! Yes a whole month!!! (I didn't take any vacation during my three year contract, I only travelled on long weekends, and so I was entitled to the bulk of my vacation at the end of my contract, before my new contract begins.... I know you guys are curious! haha). The makeup Ill be carrying is already packed up, although nothing else is, so here's what Ill be taking.

I found a pretty sizable maekup bag that I just had to purchase. Its actually not that big, but I managed to stuff all I would need for a month inside of it. I may have even impressed myself by how much I was able to pack. 

First things first this is the bag all packed up with two compartments, a front compartment and a larger back compartment.

The front portion of the bag is clear.And I managed to stuff some bulkier items in there. One item still to be stuffed.

1. Clean and Clear morning burst cleanser - I'm loyal to this facewash (I have a night time facial wash that I'm two minds about carrying)
2. makeup brushes
3. Olay facial wipes
4. Bottle with milk of magnesia (which btw really does work as an awesome primer even though some complain it dries white.. it works for me)
5. Moisturizer - not shown because I need to find a travel sized bottle of my moisturizer
Inside the larger compartment, I squeezed in two smaller makeup bags and some other items. I couldn't bear to dump all the items into the large bag so there needed to be some order. Every thing has a place.

The top left makeup bag has two compartments:
On the left: eye-liners and eye-shadows - eye makeup in general (this will be more filled up - I will add more eye-shadows)
On the right: way too many lipsticks and lipglosses. And a lip pencil. It is what is is

The top left makeup bag holds my powders, concealer and foundation (I usually use MAC concealer and foundation but these were smaller ... and I like them so they are going).Also going in this bag are my blushes and bronzer ... which I forgot to photograph because they are in use and ain't nobody got time to take over photos. 

I also packed some makeup squares, some cotton rounds, a smoky eyeshadow palette I like and some hair clips. It all fit snuggly into this bundle:

** This bag will go in my suitcase/check-in luggage and a good tip would be to have a iny bag with the necessities in your carry on!

And that is it!!!

** I should mention that I have become a major fraud. Just a couple weeks ago, in this post, I wrote that this blog is a strictly Iphone blog because I wasn't about to shake out money for a 'nice camera'. Well ... while it isn't a DSLR, so not the fanciest cam on the block, I ordered a brand spanking new Sony DSC-HX300 20.4MP Camera and got it on Saturday. The trip needed a camera. It is what it is!

How was your weekend? Did I miss anything in my packing? What would you have packed?


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  1. I am impressed with how much you fit in that bag. I have a separate makeup bag for just glosses so I feel your pain girl! No shame. Congrats on getting the new camera, you need it for the trip.

  2. love seeing what others pack. i'm sharing mine, well what is in my purse, next monday.

  3. I don't think I am going to blog today. I have stuff to say but I just feel like catching up reading blogs rather than writing my own. I rarely take off for a day so I am fine with it. Happy packing!

  4. I need a new camera - is that one good? I want a step up from a point and shoot, but i'm not ready for a really fancy one. I love seeing what other people pack, i'm horrible with makeup and whatnot when I travel, I just bring everything! I need to be more organised like you :) I think we have some of the same makeup brushes, but I don't have that fancy holder - love it!

  5. I like how you put all of your smaller bags into one larger bag so that everything is nice and organized. I usually just throw mine into a plastic bag from Target, hahaha, but now you've made me want to invest in a cute, re-useable bag!

  6. I need a bag like that for my travel makeup goodies!

  7. I desperately need a travel make up bag! this is so cute!

  8. Those cotton rounds are my everything when it comes to daily face routines. Such a cute giraffe print bag, too! Yay for your trip and you totally deserve the new camera. Let me know how you like it - I'm itching for something better for a trip next spring ;)

  9. I love this bag! So cute and it looks like it holds a good amount! Yay for new cameras!

  10. LOVE the new camera! Let me know what you think. I'm in the market for one to upgrade my iPhone pics on the blog.

  11. What a cute bag!!! And you fit a lot of stuff! Just packing like a pro over there. It's not too late to take me with you, ya know!!! ;)

  12. Yay for a new camera!!!!!! Aren't you excited to play with it?!

  13. A new camera is always fun. And it can completely be justified. You need one for your trip. My case would be filled with lipgloss and lipstick as well. And eyeliner.

  14. Wow you got a lot of stuff into little bags. Nice! I'm usually throwing everything off my vanity and into an enormous cosmetic bag the morning I'm supposed to leave, haha. And congrats on the new camera, wooo!

  15. This is beyond amazing! You got some put stuff into that bag!!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  16. I love to see how others pack. I'll be doing it for our cruise in December!

  17. Dang, impressive packing job! And welcome to the dark side with a "real" camera ;)

  18. impressed with every single aspect of this post! your make up collection is great. i really like the travel holder for the brushes. where did you find that? ireally need to look for something like that. a camera for a MONTH (!!) long vaca is TOTALLY necessary. awesome purchase! when is the big macbook purchase, this weekend? woooohooooo

  19. i'm a master packer! i use all natural face wipes and put all of my creams and serums in little travel bottles. i don't wear much makeup so that's pretty much nil and i can fit a week's worth of clothes/makeup in a carryon :)

    Vodka and Soda


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