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September 18, 2014

Packing for a long trip: Luggage and general tips

Ok so before I begin this post. I have a confession. I have not packed yet. I have not even opened a suitcase. But I do have a plan. The plan is NOT to overpack.

I love to travel but I'm not a fan of airports, nor am I fan of lugging around 5 bags of luggage through an airport. I plan to pack a carry on, a large hand bag and one large suitcase. A month will fit in those three items if my life depended on it! 

I pack very differently if I'm hopping over to another Caribbean island or a short weekend trip than I would for a long trip. I am no expert by any means, but I've been on long trips to India and Europe before and I find that it helps to make a list of thngs that you will need. Particularly in my case this time around. Why? I will be travelling out from the rainy season in my country to the Fall in the Us, to Spring in Australia. Count it, that's three seasons. Thankfully, the clothes for Fall and Spring are not that far apart that I cannot improvise. So here are some things I plan to back.
This will generally be the bulk of the packing items. I find that if you find clothes that can mix and match you don't have to pack that much. This is not that difficult for me as I generally wear black or sombre colours so everything matches anyway. Also I plan to shop while abroad so I generally won't be packing too much clothing at the very beginning anyway. My tip would be to plan for the seasons you will be travelling into. I generally wear shorts at home but that wont fly in the Fall (US) or Spring (Aus). So what general items will I be packing?
Pants (jeans, soft)
Tops (long sleeve and tank)
Dresses (casual, day)

It is really important on long trips to determine whether or not you will need outfits for special occasions. Maybe you will be attending church regualarly, or you have an event or conference you are attending while abroad. Whatever it is, you can still pack wisely. I have a wedding to attend while I'm in Australia. I plan on purchasing an outfit while I'm in the US but I do also plan on packing a backup, just in case. In short, have a couple of options but make sure they can be folded into a small package. 
Dresses for weddings
Since footwear takes up a lot of space, I wont be packing much of this but I think these are necessary! When in doubt while packing choose black or a dark colour ... it will (usually) go with any outfit. Again, also take into consideration the seasons you will be travelling into. Below is generally the footwear I plan to pack;
Flip Flops
Sneakers (for exercise)
This is super important for me personally. I have a tendency to forget chargers and it is extremely important that my Ipad be at 100% when I enter the airplane for the long trip from LA to Australia. I also plan on packing my Macbook Pro which I will purchase on Saturday and other items. I find that its important to check whether or not the country that you will be flying to has the same electricity voltage and ports that you do, and if not research so that you can find an adapter that would be able to convert your item to the item in the country to which you are travelling. For instance, my sister is already arranging to have adapters for the charger for my camera etc. It's the little things that we dont necessarily think about. 
Memory cards and flash drives
There are other items that may be important for a ltrip. For long plane rides, although I have my  Ipad for e-books, ill also be carrying some phsyical books with me. Thanks to Kristen, I managed to dig up my old Pride and Prejudice which will give me a good plane read. The other miscellaneous items I plan to back are below.


If you what to see what I pack makeup wise, check out this post

Have a great Thursday guys!!!


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  1. I wish I were going somewhere so that I could utilize these tips! ;) Crazy that you are traveling through 3 seasons! That sounds like a packing nightmare but it looks like you've got it under control!

  2. When I travel I always want to bring all the shoes!! Good luck, lady!

  3. i had to pack for hawaii, NZ, and Aus, so i know all about the importance of different seasons. it was cray! have fun!!

  4. You've done a really great job with the shoes!!! I always over pack there!

  5. I typically wear everything I pack but could be better about re-using some items.

  6. Girl you have planned this well.. hopefully it works out the way you planned lol!

  7. well isn't this a great list!~! i went to st. lucia and was SOOOOO frustrated they didn't have the same type plugs in the US. stupid me didn't ever think to look into this!

  8. This is a great list! I hate packing because I always overthink it and end up packing way more than I need!

  9. wow, not gonna lie, 3 seasons would freak me the eff out! but you seem to have it sorted - i agree, all about the lists. and hayyyy P&P! I hope it's a great plane read!

  10. Love all the dresses and casual outfits! I would be in serious trouble. I am known for over-packing by A LOT. Like I need a medium suitcase for a weekend trip...haha I would not even know where to start packing for a long trip with different weather/temperatures. Safe travels and have lots of fun!

  11. I never count my "travel days" into my wardrobe, that way I can cut my outfit needs down by days ...

  12. The black and white dress is gorgeous! I always have to have a sweater since I am always cold. You have all the bases covered!

  13. The nice thing is that you'll have access to a washer/dryer wherever you are, so that definitely cuts down on some of the things you'll have to pack. Oh and I looooove those dress options for the wedding!!

  14. Well look at you being a packing genius! I tend to over pack slightly everywhere I go. I dont know what I would do hitting three seasons?!?! Scary stuff! Haha!

  15. I'm literally the WORST packer. I want to bring EVERYTHING "just in case." hhaha

  16. Such a great post girl!! When I pack I tend to bring a lot of black clothes and then a few fun accent color things so I can try to get everything in a carry on if possible. Oh and lots of underwear I swear I always pack more than the days I'm there but always run out somehow lol

  17. You know what's funny? I really love when people post about packing and what they pack and how they pack, I feel like people are super creative about how they pack so I love seeing these types of posts! So when do you leave??

  18. How sad is it that I want everything that's on your ultimate packing list? I mean, it's just all so cute and convenient!

  19. i'm a minimal packer. if there's going to be a washing machine there, i pretty much only need a carryon! i can fit a week's worth of clothing in a carryon and that includes shoes :)

  20. This is great. Literally makes me feel that I want to go on a trip now with all those cute outfits ! lol

    ~ Lu


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