October 28, 2014

I'm back baby ...

Hey there blog ... Are you guys still there? Trust me I'd totally understand if you left but ...

Yup, after one week in the USA and four glorious weeks with my sister in Newcastle and Sydney Australia, I am back home. I fully had all intentions of blogging while away but man oh man was that ever hard. I had my niece, nephew and sister to love on and countless new experiences to bask in and my little ole' blog took a back seat. I'm sorry, I really am, but I needed to take the break and enjoy those around me.

Also, some of you may know that I came home a few days early. I planned to stay and bask in all the glory that is Fall in NYC but alas I had some business to attend to. I had a presentation for my masters and more importantly Monday (literally the day after I landed) I had a HUGE interview for the biggest firm in the Caribbean. I literally had to change my flight. I do regret not seeing some of my bloggy peeps though and Ill be back to NYC soon to make that up to you folks (I'm looking at you Alyssa and Kari). I'll update you guys as to the result of the interview ... but I'll say this, it was intense. Not sure about it at all. 

October 08, 2014


Hey guys! Greetings from Oz! This post is more of an update on me, because although there have been posts on the blog, I have been largely MIA (for good reason). 

1. I'm still on vacation and loving it ... My cousins wedding is next weekend in Sydney and I cant wait to share that and other Aussie adventures with you guys. The problem? See i bought a new cam and now allll of my pics are on said fancy cam .... and while I have taken some pics off the memory cards and put them into folders etc ... its a MUCH longer process than snapping iPhone pictures and uploading them. And that is exactly why my last post was full of iPhone pics and I have not written any Aussie posts yet ... it happens .... I'll soon get to my recaps.

October 06, 2014

Norwood Mass travel recap!

Well look who's posting on her own blog again today!!!

I realize I just cannot recap my entire trip and so I'll just recap highlights. Like I said yesterday, I'm still in Australia and will be for another 2 weeks or so and I most certainly don't plan on boring you guys will 100 million travel posts ... so Ill stagger them. That said, today and tomorrow I have travel posts for you guys to at least show you what Ive been up to! First up? Norwood Massachussets.

This will be a quick recap because well ... you guys dont need a recap of the US now do you. So its more of an update. Yeah ... lets call it that.

I landed in JFK on 20th September. My uncle picked my mum and I up and we drove 5-ish hours, stopping twice (once in Brooklyn at a Caribbean market place and again in Connecticut for food) to Norwood, Mass. Why did we drive? Well because we always make that drive. Everytime we go to Mass (Boston or Norwood), we make the drive. In fact, my family also drives from Mass to Canada several times a year particularly in the summer for Caribana ... and we love it!
October 05, 2014

You have to start to be great!

Hey guys! Yup its me, you are not dreaming. And yes I am going against all I believe in and I'm posting on a Sunday (well its probably Saturday where you as I type this are but its Sunday here in Australia and I'm actually scheduling this post for for Sunday 12 am ATL standard time ... although Sunday is on its way out here.... mind twister right there.)

My girl Alyssa along with the very inspirational Tracy came up with this great link up and I just knew I had to link up.... even though it is most certainly not Tuesday!

So what am I training for? Well let me start with a little back story. Earlier this year I promised one of my best friend's Nadiya that I would run a race with her in September. A 5k. September has come and gone and I did not run said race. She did though, she always runs them. My sister is also a runner. And she currently runs 5k's, 10k's and half marathons. My deceased sister was also fit as a fiddle.

I do not however consider myself to be fit. And up until very recently I didn't think I 'qualified' to be a runner. I have boobs and I'm basically a little person!! So I made goals to run, goals I did try to fulfill but had no motivation to ... and because of that mindset its been a slow and painful process. 

What I needed was not a new body with smaller boobs and longer legs to be a runner, I needed a change in mindset....

So with that change in mindset, I have set a new goal with Nadiya ... we are both running a 5k in January. Together. No excuses. And I'll share my progress here.

October 03, 2014

Guest Post: Recent Somethings!

Hi guys, once again I have a pretty lady on the blog. The last guest post. Next week you guys will be stuck with boring old me again, so count your lucky ducks you have this lovely lady to read today!! Shelby the floor is yours ...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hi! I'm Shelby from Recent Somethings. While Kay is away playing in Australia in all its amazing-ness, a lot of us are stuck at home, bracing for cooler temperatures, and inevitably, dry skin. However, fear not, ladies. I've rounded up my favorite products (all under $15!) that will keep the dry skin long-gone come fall.

October 02, 2014

Guest Post: Christina from Sold Out Arenas!

Well guys, I'm out of the US and in Aussie-land now! Once again while I'm gone, I have an awesome lady taking my place for the day. You know those times when you read a blog and you just click with the blogger instantly? Well that happened with me and Christina who blogs over at Sold out Arenas! She is funny and witty and insightful ... Oh and she has the cutest son! Enough of my babbling, take it away Christina.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I am so honored to be quest posting for Kay. Her and I are pretty much the same person, give or take about 10 inches in height and my lack of law knowledge. This is my first time guest posting and I could not be more honored. After all, Kay has been my inspiration more times then she will ever know. My blog is a complete mess and does not usually fit into any category. I make you laugh, I make you cry, I write poetry, I say nothing at all. Without further ado, I attempt to make you laugh while simultaneously provoking thought... (weirdo)


It is no secret that women have a more difficult life than that of men, (if men are reading this, my bad) it is pure science. From birth we are judged and judging one another based on things that really get you nowhere in life. I can remember all the way back to preschool when I first realized my life was going to be hard.

Little Sally Smartass and I were lined along the fence with the other kids, she looks at me as we are about to take off in a foot race and says "You are going to lose, you will never beat me." I did not say a word. Why was Sally being such a grade A dirt butt? Needless to say, I smoked Ms. Smartass and everyone else in the race. I have 5 brothers therefore I understand that words mean nothing, action gets ish done in any physical competition.