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October 05, 2014

You have to start to be great!

Hey guys! Yup its me, you are not dreaming. And yes I am going against all I believe in and I'm posting on a Sunday (well its probably Saturday where you as I type this are but its Sunday here in Australia and I'm actually scheduling this post for for Sunday 12 am ATL standard time ... although Sunday is on its way out here.... mind twister right there.)

My girl Alyssa along with the very inspirational Tracy came up with this great link up and I just knew I had to link up.... even though it is most certainly not Tuesday!

So what am I training for? Well let me start with a little back story. Earlier this year I promised one of my best friend's Nadiya that I would run a race with her in September. A 5k. September has come and gone and I did not run said race. She did though, she always runs them. My sister is also a runner. And she currently runs 5k's, 10k's and half marathons. My deceased sister was also fit as a fiddle.

I do not however consider myself to be fit. And up until very recently I didn't think I 'qualified' to be a runner. I have boobs and I'm basically a little person!! So I made goals to run, goals I did try to fulfill but had no motivation to ... and because of that mindset its been a slow and painful process. 

What I needed was not a new body with smaller boobs and longer legs to be a runner, I needed a change in mindset....

So with that change in mindset, I have set a new goal with Nadiya ... we are both running a 5k in January. Together. No excuses. And I'll share my progress here.

Thankfully, I'm currently in Australia at my sister's home and like I said, she is a runner and has been for a while. She went with me to a running shop just this week and I got my feet measured and sized and I purchased some Asics running shoes ... in pink of course...

My feet look huge in this pic ... they are size 5 (although 5.5 in sneaks to allow for running)

My current goeal is just like Alyssa's and Tracy's actually. I'd like to run one mile without stopping. I currently stop A LOT. But baby steps ... Im giving myself loads of room for error but not allowing myself to quit. There are days when I wont feel to run and on those days I'll walk but I wont allow myself to stop!

Thankfully right now my route is pretty scenic.. my sisters suburb looks like this ... 
The neighbourhood is still surrounded by nature. In fact this pond and the woods near to it  (where kangaroos actually live) ... quickly becoming my favourite route.

So new mindset, new goal and hopefully tons of support from you guys.... and I will run that race :) And more importantly, I will run AFTER that race. I will be the runner I dream of being.

Anyway, I'm off to go catch up on some blogs before I take a quick afternoon run!

Have a great Sunday guys!!!

Linking up with sweet Alyssa and Tracy



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  1. We all start somewhere Hun! You can do it!

  2. Good luck with your goal! The shoes are super cute.

  3. Running is tough. I do it but sometimes I really struggle with it. But those views are so amazing!

  4. Go Kay!!! I often think that smaller thighs and longer legs would make it SO much easier to be a runner, but honestly, the fact that I have to work so hard for it is kind of what makes it great. Running was really the first thing in my life that wasn't easy but that I kept pushing and working for anyway. So proud of you for embarking on this journey! You'll always have my support :)

  5. I love that you are running while on vacation, and I love that picture of your sisters neighbourhood, it looks so... australian. sigh. running one mile without stopping is a fabulous goal, one that took me a long time to get to!! i wish my thighs were smaller and my legs were longer it would be so much easier lol. and i adore your new shoes. anyway so proud of you girl!

  6. YOU CAN DO IT!!! couch to 5K is your new best friend to help you train for it. such an amazing app (and free too, yay!)

    Vodka and Soda

  7. 1. LOVE the new shoes!
    2. LOVE the race goal and the buddy system you're using :)
    3. You WILL get to the point where you can run a mile without stopping. Remember, it took me a couple of weeks! And remember also that walking is allowed! Eventually, sure, you'll want to (and will be able to) run certain distances without needing walk breaks, but you can't control everything on a run and sometimes you just need to give your body a break for a minute. Definitely don't beat yourself up over walk breaks. You're going to be great. So proud of you and cheering you on every step of the way!

  8. You can do it! I agree it is all a mindset. I love Asics running shoes. I would love to get back to running. I used to run in High School and gave it up. I just got back to walking on a regular basis and conquering running is next on my list. It's on my Bucket list to run the 5k color run.

  9. You can do it!! It helps when the scenery is that beautiful!!


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