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November 26, 2014

Australia: Hunter Valley Gardens and Hunter Valley Zoo

It's Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving for you folks! Since Confessions are no longer with us *tear*, Ill take this Wednesday to do another Australia recap. I have to tell you, I have a lot more pictures than I thought. I'm talking at least three more posts, so bear with me. 

Anyhoo, when we left off I was at my uncle's house in the Hunter Valley. Well my sister and her family picked my mum and I up and our next stop was the Hunter Valley Gardens and Hunter Valley Zoo before heading back to Newcastle. First of all let me tell you, I looked cute on this day ... I really tried. BUT, Australia and its bipolar weather had other plans for my cuteness. It was Spring in Australia so although we left my uncles house in chilly weather, by the end of the day it was scorching, my cardigan came off and I was ten shades darker.

It was still beautiful though, Ill let the pictures do the talking! (PS. my nice camera's battery died halfway through this day .. so half these photos are good ole' iPhone)

Hunter Valley Gardens

The Hunter Valley Gardens were beautiful and there were several shops on the property ...

There is a year round Christmas store at the Hunter Valley Gardens.... too cute. I bought a Christmas Kangaroo (I am officially obsessed with kangaroos ... Gimme Kangaroo errything)

My nephew makes the silliest faces when you tell him to smile. Love him!

My sister, her hubby, my niece, nephew and mama

There was also a candle shop in the Hunter Valley Gardens. I am obsessed with candles and took home three of these bad boys ... 

Chocolate ...


Hunter Valley Zoo

How cute are Koalas????

Again, Im obsessed with Kangaroos and this albino Kangaroo had me mesmerized... He was also ENORMOUS...

There was one small albino kangaroo (I'd say a joey but man he was big) eating form his mama's pouch... We don't need Maury to know who's the daddy ...

You know Timon from the Lion King ... I think he was a meerkat ... anyway this is a meerkat and I didn't expect them to be soooo tiny!

Tasmanian Devil

And it wouldn't be Australia without a croc pic ...
or two ...

If you got this far you must really love me have patience. So just for you sticking it out, here is a bonus clip of the croc feeding. You can hear my Aussie nephew all excited ... and me wussing the heck out. Because really a crocodile is a big lizard and aint nobody... and I mean nobody... got time fo' dat! (And yes I have an extremely husky voice ...)

If ya missed any Aussie recaps you can check out this post and this post

Have a Great day folks!!


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  1. kangaroos scare me! they are so mean and dangerous. i have never seen an albino one.

  2. well duh of course I love you ;) oh my goodness though that kangaroo IS huge!! your niece and nephew are beyond adorable.

  3. ohh that koala is too cute!! I want to go to australia so bad!

  4. I'm so happy you were able to see the animals - they are so cute!!

  5. Oh my goodness, I want to cuddle that Koala! The Kangaroos are really cute too, I love the albino ones!

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want to hug that koala bear!!!!! So darn cute! And the kangaroos are just so cool looking! And I dont think I have ever seen a tasmanian devil before. What a fun trip!

  7. Those candles are the best!! Your nephews grin is so cute! The Koala's face with you in the pic, priceless! He looks blissed out, happy! What the hell is the Tazmanian devil chewing on, the trainers chained up leg?! Dafuq?!

  8. Huge YES to the zoo trip! I cannot believe how close you are to the koala and couldn't grab him for me hah. Please tell me your adorable nephew has an authentic Australian accent. Family in another country is amazing!

  9. Koalas are so cute, especially their noses. In Australia, I got to hold a baby kangaroo and it was adorable--I'll remember it forever!! Glad you are enjoying your trip. :)

  10. Ok so I was there so I know this isn't so, but that tassie devil looks like he's chewing on a human leg!!!! With socks!!! O. M. G!!!!
    Next time we'll take you to the 'real' zoo in Sydney.
    Cute pic of us :). Please email to me!

    1. I know ... I have no clue what he's chewing on and it looks awful that its on a chain... do you remember it being on a chain though?? I only posted one tassy pic cuz of that! emailing pic now and check your phone I messaged you!


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