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November 20, 2014

Australia: Warner's Bay and Hunter Valley

I know I've been back from Australia almost a month now but I have tons of pics still to share (I was there for 4 weeks after all) and I'm going to try to share them all this week and next!

Disclaimer: This post has A LOT of photos. A lot. like a lot a lot... 

Anyway, before I photo dump on you guys, I'll explain the pics. My uncle (mums big bro) lives in Australia and he's kind of the reason why I have a lot of family there, including my sister. Its also the reason my mum has been there like 8 times.... How did he get from the Caribbean to Australia? Well he went to medical school in Ireland and while studying medicine he met a lady there ... a nurse in fact. And well he married her, moved to Australia and started a life there. Several Aussie wives (yes wives) and kids later, and he's still there maintaining a successful practice. 

He has two homes in Newcastle. One home is in Warner's Bay, where he has acres of land, about 6 horses and a dachshund that he ADORES. He also has a "weekend home" in the Hunter Valley (a beautiful place with several vineyards and golf courses .... and tons of kangaroos!!!!). My mum and I spent the first weekend we were in Australia hanging with her big bro in both of those places!

Enough of the explanation time for the photo dump ...

Warner's Bay
Peeking through my uncles window to his backyard ..

Back of the house 

I should mention. This horse is sick and very old. She may not be around much longer (he might have to put her down... she eats twice a day and is maintaining no weight) but even though she was ill, she was a beauty and so gentle and sweet.

Uncle and mummy walking back to the house.


Hunter Valley

The bulk of the weekend was spent in the Hunter Valley. I love it there. It might be too quiet for me but I love it ...
We passed several vineyards on the way

And we're here ...

My uncle has only ever had dachshunds ... he is obsessed with them 

He named his home "MAYGEO" ... After his parents May and George (my deceased grandparents)

The man is obsessed with dachshunds and horses I tell ya ...

A little piece of his collection. (emoji hands to the sky)

We took a drive around the neighbourhood and there were so. many. roos. 

The next morning there were these two roos at the back of his house!

We took a long walk that next morning and man was this walk ever beautiful!
On the walk we stopped at his favourite "hole". He plays golf. I dont understand golf nor do I think its interesting... but the sign was cute so I took a pic!

That weekend ended off with a lovely fish dinner and some vino.

Hope you enjoyed the photo dump. There is more. I spent a week in Sydney and that was a little piece of heaven and I also went to a petting zoo where I took some of my favourite pics from the trip!

Happy Thursday!!!


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  1. Your uncles home is amazing - that wine collection - YES!!! Can't wait to see more pictures - it's so lush and beautiful there!

  2. Love the pics. It looks so nice! I really want to go horseback riding now...more than normal ha. It's been WAY too long since I've gone. Can't wait to see more.

  3. More photo dumps please! I live vicariously through your awesome trips and weekends!

    "Emoji hands to the sky" I just practically spit out my coffee at my desk!

  4. ROOS!!!! that must have been weird to see them all around just because it's normal over there :)

  5. oh wow! I love your uncle's properties! Looks so beautiful and peaceful and KANGAROOS!!

  6. Both places look so beautiful. I love horses, so sad the one is sick. Am I the only dirty bird who at first glance thought the Roos were getting it on?! Just me?! Yeah. Ok. Toodle Loo!

  7. Hunter Valley is gorgeous, but yes pretty quiet! Lol @ your emoji hands to the sky - yes please!

  8. Thanks for sharing these great photos. I love your uncle's house and how he arrived at the name!

  9. Ahhh I wanna go! That dog is totally cute! And kangaroos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And my that is one wine collection!

  10. Great photos!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Nice to see what you were up to while we were all here missing you :)

  11. I'm so jealous!!! Your uncle's house is awesome!!!!!!!!


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