December 31, 2014

Training for Tuesday on a Wednesday!

Hey guys ... Its Wednesday already and tomorrow is a new year. Holy what???

So yesterday was the last Tuesday of the month and Training for Tuesday day ... but work and life kept my brain too busy to blog so Wednesday it is!! It's time for a running update!!

I've been running but mostly at the gym and this is so mainly because of convenience. I have made extreme progress and no longer get tired after one minute!!! That is cause for a celebration in my book. I'm actually able to run a good 15 minutes without breaking stride. Now, I'll be honest and say I did take a break for over a week thanks to the holidays so I may eat these words when I try to run on Friday my first day back and my first for the year. We'll see!

On the race front .... The race I was supposed to run with my bestie in January is still on but my bestie received word that she has to go to Peru for a year. While that means that I have Peru on my travel agenda now (yay me), it also means that I'm unsure if I'll run the race. I've never run one and I don't want to do it alone. Not just yet. But ... I'll update you guys if I do decide to. There are other races coming up and other people to run with so all is not lost!

That also doesn't mean I will stop running though. Not by a long shot! I love it and it's part of my life now. Most importantly it helps clear my head from the stress of day to day life! In 2015 I have some major goals to revamp my life and fitness. I'm not one for resolution, as I've said before, doable goals I can do!

December 29, 2014

Christmas and the weekend!

And just like that Christmas is over! I mean that was quick ...

I took the week off work last week and spent it at home with my parents. It was lovely being pampered for those few days. Christmas was quiet for us but a lot better than anticipated. The good food and being with my people was just what the doctor ordered. I didn't take a lot of pics though and those that I did take ... well they weren't taken with the fancy cam I bought before I went to Australia, they taken with my grainy Iphone 4s ... aka they suck.

Oh and it wouldn't be Christmas in my country without some black cake/rum cake for dessert ...

December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

First of all I want to thank you guys for your sweet comments on this post ... They mean a lot! Just popping in today to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Eat, drink and be merry! 

Have a magical day and hold your families close! I can't wait to see all the prezzies!

Merry Christmas!!!
December 23, 2014

A different Christmas.

** I wrote this post on Saturday while in a not so great mood. When I re-read it I decided not to post it. My mood has greatly improved since then but I decided to publish because this is real life! For those who don't know my sister passed away from a kidney disease earlier this year. 

Christmas was my sister's favourite holiday. It was our entire family's favourite holiday actually. I have so many memories of Christmas with my tight knit family dating back to my childhood years. Watching Christmas movies, Christmas concerts at church (where she and I would sing), mummy's baking, the ham, the spread, the presents ... my entire family happily sitting around the Christmas table. We get giddy for Christmas. Well we used to get giddy anyway. 

I have no idea what Christmas day will look like this year and if I am honest I have avoided all things Christmas the entire season. This blog has seen not one Christmas post. I have bought only my immediate family presents with the exception of a mandatory gift exchange at work. I have instructed everyone around me to buy me nothing. I want no presents. My eyebrows remain unwaxed because I refuse to go to the mall amidst all the cheery shoppers to get to my salon to. I have completely avoided the season.

Not a Christmas song has been played in my car. I have exclusively listened to mp3's in my car since Christmas music started to play on the radio.

Not a Christmas movie has been watched. In fact I have barely turned on my TV in recent weeks because Christmas commercials are just depressing. I catch my shows later. 

December 22, 2014

The magic number is Four.

It's Monday and its only three more days till Christmas. Crazy!! 

I've seen this post around literally everywhere. There is a saying in my country "monkey see, monkey do" ... in other words I'm going to do this because everyone has done it too. Queen of originality over here. Also it looked super fun and let's face it I like to talk about myself. It's also no secret that I'm a fan of listing posts ... so lets go:

Four names that people call me other than my real name:
1. Kay
2. Krys
3. Krysypoogy - reserved for my sister only
4. Kryssy / Krissy / Kreeseey - or any variation in pronounciation PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS!

Four jobs I've had:
1. Legal intern
2. Attorney
3. Tutor at a University
4. "Summer" Camp counsellor 

Four movies I've watched more than once:

I could honestly list soooo many movies for this category ...

1. Think like a man
2. Lord of the Rings
3. Mrs. Doubtfire (I know every word)
December 20, 2014

For the love of glasses!

Ever since I was a little kid I wanted glasses ... and braces. No joke. I would see all these kids in school with them and instead of being all "no way jose" I was all "I want glaaaassssesss" to my parents. Basically I thought everyone with glasses were cool ...


I kid you not, one time I faked not being able to see properly! I believe I said I saw cloudy-ness in the mornings haha. I was so persistent that my mum had to actually take me to the optometrist to have me checked out and basically prove that I had (and still do have) 20/20 vision. Anyway, essentially I love specs and that's probably why I am in shades 24/7.

So when Firmoo contacted me I was stoked. They offered me to choose a pair of their awesome glasses to review. I chose this pair of cuties:
December 18, 2014

Australia: A very Sydney wedding

I am still recapping Australia. You guys probably want to shoot me. BUT this might be one of my favourite posts on Oz so please keep reading. One of the reasons for me going to Australia for a month (second to seeing my beautiful sister and her fan) was for my cousin's wedding. My uncle's daughter got married in a wedding nothing short of fantabulous. 

First of all, her love story in itself was fantastic and she put it on her wedding invitation. I took a pic of my sister's invitation because I could not find my own. Such a cute story!

a portion of the invite ...

On to the wedding. Like I said, it was fantastic and we ALL had a blast!

Getting ready and the church ...
My mum and I along with the bride's dad (my mum's brother) and two of my mums cousins stayed in a beautiful Airbnb house. We got ready there and headed to the church.

December 17, 2014

Ten tips for a beginner runner!

Hi guys!!! Can I tell you how much I still miss confessions posts on a Wednesday? Also a big Hallelujah for me finishing my exam yesterday and taking the stitches out of my mouth from my dental surgery. Clearly yesterday was a good day!!!

Since we're no longer confessing, I thought I'd share some tips for beginner runners like myself. Now ... I aint no expert on running. Like the title says, I am myself a beginner. Also, I am well aware that you can find a million tips for running online. Still, there are some things that I was told personally by runners and some things I wasn't told and learned on my own that I thought I'd compile into a list and throw it out there.

ten tips for a beginner runner

1. Start - Like I said in this post ... In order to be great you have to start. If you want to run, don't just talk about it. Actually do it! I also think this is a pretty apt saying:
December 15, 2014

That time I became a fashion blogger for a day ...

Hey guys, Happy Monday!! My weekend was quiet and spent reading for an exam I have tomorrow. The final exam of my masters!! I do have my thesis left. I submitted my proposal for that last week but the final submission is next year and then I'm done. Since blogger does not have emojis (get on that blogger), I went ahead and found the appropriate emoji pic for the way I feel about this being my last bloody exam ...

Anyway, today I'm dipping my toe into fashion blogging. Just a toe. Some time ago I was contacted by Eshakti  to do a review for them and I said yes. Can I tell you how much respect I have for fashion bloggers? Literally so much respect because this has got to be the one post I have dreaded pressing publish for the most! No joke. 

Eshakti is a very blogger friendly company and several bloggers I know have already reviewed for them. If I'm honest, I have never read a bad review and so I knew and still know that the company is genuinely a good one. But with so many hits there was bound to be a miss. And I guess that miss was me? Well you'll tell me! 

December 11, 2014

Tooth Surgery: The wuss chronicles ...

Well it's Thursday (technically Wednesday night as I type this) and I have not read a blog since Tuesday. I have been laid up in bed after having one. Yup just one wisdom tooth surgically extracted. 

PS. Please note that the above photo was only inserted so that my crazy swollen mug would not be the picture that appears next to this post in your bloglovin feeds. You guys didnt need that image before you clicked the post. You are welcome. 

Back to the surgery ... I was originally supposed to extract both wisdom teeth on the left and return to extract both on the right. When I got to the dentist with my mama, he checked me out and told me that the bottom wisdom teeth would both be really tedious surgically extractions and if left there is a high risk for infection. He also told me it was my choice, but he advised that I wait to extract the top because they would be easier to extract if they grew out more. I should mention that my top wisdom teeth, while there is no space for them were growing straight but the bottom were growing horizontally and causing all kinds of issues below the gum. Because I was chosing not to be sedated (I should have chosen this option and gotten all out), I chose to extract the more serious bottom tooth now and the next one at at later date.  

December 08, 2014

Sushi and other weekend things!

It's been a while since I came here and recapped my weekend. I might be rusty but here goes. 

On both Thursday and Friday I went out for sushi. Thursday I went with my bestie Alicia after work and on Friday night I went with my other bestie Nads and a mutual friend of ours. Man I needed me a good sushi fix after last week and the crap storm that was work. I mean ... sushi fixes everything amiright? And wine. Sushi and wine. I was too busy eating, so I only have a pic from Thursday's sushi-ness.

Friday I actually took a half day off work ... to do work ... go figure. While I was home however, I decided to bake cookies. My best male friend / partner in crime's birthday is Tuesday and last week I told him I would bake him cookies. Not from scratch of course. Because ... no. Instead I baked this:

December 03, 2014

Hey its ok - Volume 3

Whoop whoop its Wednesday, which means its two days away from being Friday ... and the weekend. Excuse me while I rejoice in that fact

I've done two posts like this before, it's patterned after a regular series in Glamour magazine called 'Hey its ok'. Again, the concept ain't mine! I have always loved that series (just like the confessions in Cosmo) and so here I am today with another one. 

... to wake up with a swollen gum and have to rush to the dentist only to be told you HAVE to surgically extract not one but TWO wisdom teeth next Tuesday. Months ago I mentioned on the blog that I had been putting off the extraction for months. So yes that literally makes it months upon months that I have been putting this off. But now that my gums are swollen and the top left wisdom tooth is attempting to push through the SIDE of my gum .... its time. #LeSigh

... to be totally freaked out because you never had a surgical anything before ... #FixItJesus

... to ride a curb and scratch your new 18 inch rims on your car that you spent thousands of dollars on. Yup, totally ok. Except it really is not ok! At all! 

December 02, 2014

Book Review # 6 - Anna and the French Kiss

It's Tuesday and I'm battling a wicked flu. It started with a sore throat last week and now its full blown! Ugh. Anyway on to book things ...

First things first. Kari and I have moved the book club reviews to the first Tuesday of every month. Kari announced the book for the month on her blog but I unfortunately did not. Not to worry, Ill announce the book this time and be right back on track. 

December 01, 2014

Australia: Tour of Newcastle

Hey guys its Monday!! Hope everyone's weekend was ok. Most of you are probably just getting over your Thanksgiving food comas... Man I wish that was me! Anyhoosle ... I have about 3 Aussie posts left so I thought I'd skip a weekend recap post (it was a pretty tame weekend anyway) and post an Australia recap today and the other two later this week because .... these are a lot of recaps and I have other stuff lined up!

Although my sis took my mum and I all around Newcastle, we decided to take an official tour because the week after this one we were headed to Sydney for a bit. My mum had been to Newcastle several times but had never taken the official tour. It was a fun girls day and we had an absolute blast!

The actual city of Newcastle is a small but beautiful old coal mining city. A good portion of it was actually destroyed in a 1989 earthquake. It's since been rebuilt and is now a mixture of old and new, but the old definitely shines through. The city is stunning and the skies were a bit mesmerizing.

Ill be honest, because we were in a tour bus most of my photos were blurry so most of the ones Im posting are of my mum posing! haha! 

Tour of Newcastle