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December 01, 2014

Australia: Tour of Newcastle

Hey guys its Monday!! Hope everyone's weekend was ok. Most of you are probably just getting over your Thanksgiving food comas... Man I wish that was me! Anyhoosle ... I have about 3 Aussie posts left so I thought I'd skip a weekend recap post (it was a pretty tame weekend anyway) and post an Australia recap today and the other two later this week because .... these are a lot of recaps and I have other stuff lined up!

Although my sis took my mum and I all around Newcastle, we decided to take an official tour because the week after this one we were headed to Sydney for a bit. My mum had been to Newcastle several times but had never taken the official tour. It was a fun girls day and we had an absolute blast!

The actual city of Newcastle is a small but beautiful old coal mining city. A good portion of it was actually destroyed in a 1989 earthquake. It's since been rebuilt and is now a mixture of old and new, but the old definitely shines through. The city is stunning and the skies were a bit mesmerizing.

Ill be honest, because we were in a tour bus most of my photos were blurry so most of the ones Im posting are of my mum posing! haha! 

Tour of Newcastle

Obligatory selfie ... 

Walk on the pier before heading on to the bus! 

My mum is so cute...

The tour bus!

Newcastle is famous for its coal mining ... the tour guide passed around pics of old vessels carrying coal.

Some old buildings we passed ...

While heading up to a lighthouse we saw one of the coal vessels

Famous Newie lighthouse

I asked an older lady on the bus to snap a pic of me and my mum... we almost didn't make the pic! haha ... she was sweet though!

Pictures up by the lighthouse ... those skies!!!

Always in black ...

How was your weekend???


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  1. The your mom is so cute :) Also that bus is so old school I love it!

  2. that pic the lady took is too cute! y'all were barely in it!

  3. Gorgeous pics. And I love love love your hat.

  4. Great photos! Your mom is the CUTEST!

  5. man, this makes me so homesick. even though i've never really been to newcastle (well maybe i have but i don't remember, lol) everything just looks so Australian. the beaches, the street signs... that tour bus is super cute!

  6. I love your photos! And your hat! Looks like a great time!

  7. Looks like you had great weather. The trolley looks so cute, great way to see the sights. Too cute she almost cut you two out of the picture. Bless her heart.

  8. Your mama is cute, but so are you! Love the pink hat and all black - very celeb, my dear ;)

  9. Bahahahhahah... awwwww... that old lady tried - I'll give her credit for that! You guys are cute and I love your big hat!

  10. It looks gorgeous there - I'm wishing it was warm here right about now, it's been in the 20s and 30s, and those blue skies and sun make me jealous!

  11. Newcastle looks beautiful! Love your hair!

  12. I mean that last picture of you.....fabulous!

    I really want to go on vacation now seeing all these pics!

  13. Absolutely lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing! :)

  14. Newcastle looks like an interesting place to visit!



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