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December 18, 2014

Australia: A very Sydney wedding

I am still recapping Australia. You guys probably want to shoot me. BUT this might be one of my favourite posts on Oz so please keep reading. One of the reasons for me going to Australia for a month (second to seeing my beautiful sister and her fan) was for my cousin's wedding. My uncle's daughter got married in a wedding nothing short of fantabulous. 

First of all, her love story in itself was fantastic and she put it on her wedding invitation. I took a pic of my sister's invitation because I could not find my own. Such a cute story!

a portion of the invite ...

On to the wedding. Like I said, it was fantastic and we ALL had a blast!

Getting ready and the church ...
My mum and I along with the bride's dad (my mum's brother) and two of my mums cousins stayed in a beautiful Airbnb house. We got ready there and headed to the church.

My mum is so beautiful :)

Mum and her cousins

Mum and her sis!

My gorgeous sister!

The bride's parents and her son

cousins ...


The bride and groom!
The bride and her hubby were so cute! They both kept looking at their son during the service. BTW the service was in French and English since the groom is from France. 

Outside the church
We took pictures outside for a bit before we had to head to the cocktail hour (the most fabulous cocktail hour like ever)
The bride's brother (different mums) and his (ex?) gf

The bride's brother and sister (they have the same mum .. damn you uncle for making these explanations so confusing hehe) PS. this girl is my soul sister. She is also an attorney and she makes living in Sydney seem so fab!

Cousin and his wife - they live in Wisconsin

Mum and her sister

Cocktail hour on a boat
The cocktail hour was actually a cruise!!!!! Holy sweetness. While the bride took pictures we cruised around the Sydney harbour and ate and drank and had a blast. Oh and the bride came to meet us during the cruise after she took her pics ... and then the boat took us to the reception!

The bride and groom came to meet us after they took pics!

I can't remember the name of the restaurant that the reception was at but it was on the Sydney Harbour and was in itself fabulous! Update: My sister says the restaurant was Pier One!

Another cousin's son

Sissy and her hubby

Le view from my seat ...

Lotsa photos!!! I have some other random Sydney pictures and I'll dump those in a post at some point, but this wedding had to be documented. It was one for the books!!! 

Have a great Thursday guys!!! 

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  1. How they met is truly fate! Love their love story and the bride and groom were stunning!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Gorgeous family! The wedding looks really fun and amazing! Beautiful bride and groom!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. what a beautiful wedding, and i love that you were on a boat - the bride and groom too, thats fabulous! their love story was the cutest thing i've ever read.

  4. Looks beautiful and perfect and how gorgeous are you and your family??

  5. That looks absolutely beautiful!!!! I mean the scenery and all that amazing food! You have a beautiful family!

  6. this was picture perfect. love seeing it all!! glad I found your blog! xoxo

  7. I mean, SO many good looking people! The bride's brother is quite handsome too hah. That is an amazing wedding and reception. You can't beat the location!

  8. Great day!!! These pics really capture that!
    The reception was at Pier One :).

    1. Totally forgot the name of the hotel! Ahhh ... anyway love you sissssssyyyyyy :D

  9. What a fun wedding reception! The bride's dress is gorgeous!

  10. This wedding looks and sounds like it was GORGEOUS! I love the idea of cocktail hour on a boat!

  11. 1.your whole family is Stunning! 2. This wedding looks like it was so much fun and so beautiful!

  12. Dang your family is gorgeous, looks like a lot of fun.

  13. The bride looks stunning. What a great idea to have the reception on a cruise boat. Fun!

  14. Everyone is so good looking!! The bride looked stunning in her dress.

  15. What a great idea to have the cocktail hour on a boat, how original and creative! I love it. Beautiful pics!

  16. Wow beautiful photographs! Bride looked superb :)

  17. I have really enjoyed your travel posts, so thanks for sharing! That wedding invite is just the sweetest!


  18. Wow!! You both are looking attractive in your wedding dresses. I can see your happiness and excitement in your eyes. Hey, how did you celebrate your wedding reception? If you don't mind share a few photos of the day here with us.


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