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December 20, 2014

For the love of glasses!

Ever since I was a little kid I wanted glasses ... and braces. No joke. I would see all these kids in school with them and instead of being all "no way jose" I was all "I want glaaaassssesss" to my parents. Basically I thought everyone with glasses were cool ...


I kid you not, one time I faked not being able to see properly! I believe I said I saw cloudy-ness in the mornings haha. I was so persistent that my mum had to actually take me to the optometrist to have me checked out and basically prove that I had (and still do have) 20/20 vision. Anyway, essentially I love specs and that's probably why I am in shades 24/7.

So when Firmoo contacted me I was stoked. They offered me to choose a pair of their awesome glasses to review. I chose this pair of cuties:

Seriously, they are so cute!!! And there is an option to show how the glasses look on your face and I thought these would look super cute on mine! They retail for $35 bucks!

But ... I just mentioned that I have 20/20 vision. So I don't have an actual need for prescription glasses and I didn't want to take the glasses and waste their good product. At checkout however, I noticed there was an option to add tint and not only that to say how dark you wanted the tint. Bingo! Solution. If I add a tint to the glass I knew I would actually wear them ... Not as shades but as tinted specs. (Please note this was an add-on and so I paid $10 for this just so these beauties wouldn't sit unused).

I love them even more in person:

The tint is so dark they can actually pass for shades. They are legitimately glasses though and so sturdy! Also if anything goes wrong, Firmoo hooks you up with a few screws and a thingamagigy to fix your glasses!

I was obviously a fan from the moment I opened the bag but it still needed to pass the face test. 

#Passed.  Love em! Go get you a pair immediately. If you wear actual prescriptions and are adding tint, probably don't chose dark unless you want them to look like mine in which case go right ahead because I love them!! 

I hear they have a buy one get one free sale on all glasses going on. So head over to Firmoo!!

** I received this product complimentary from Firmoo for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

Have a great Saturday guys!!


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  1. I got this offer too. But I don't wear glasses either. I was actually thinking about getting a pair for my mom and reviewing but I haven't done it. Those specs look pretty cute on you. We should probably just be very thankful for our good vision. I wanted glasses as a kid and adult too. ;) vision is still 20/20

  2. Haha I wanted braces & glasses as a kid too. I wound up actually needing glasses by the 4th grade but I wanted them so badly that I intentionally did slightly worse than necessary on the tests just to guarantee that I'd get them. I never did need braces though.

  3. I love the frames you picked! They look great on you :)

  4. Cute glasses!!! I had to start wearing glasses in college and basically have to wear them all the time now. Boo!

  5. the glasses look so fetch! i think a lot of kids went through the wanting glasses stage, i know i did, and i would have killed for braces (really needed them) but we couldn't afford them!

  6. I was weird and wanted glasses too when I was young! I actually used to put my face up suuuper close to the lightbulb in my lamp on my nightstand to try and ruin my eyes so I would have to get glasses. Silly. Now I actually need them to see.


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