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December 15, 2014

That time I became a fashion blogger for a day ...

Hey guys, Happy Monday!! My weekend was quiet and spent reading for an exam I have tomorrow. The final exam of my masters!! I do have my thesis left. I submitted my proposal for that last week but the final submission is next year and then I'm done. Since blogger does not have emojis (get on that blogger), I went ahead and found the appropriate emoji pic for the way I feel about this being my last bloody exam ...

Anyway, today I'm dipping my toe into fashion blogging. Just a toe. Some time ago I was contacted by Eshakti  to do a review for them and I said yes. Can I tell you how much respect I have for fashion bloggers? Literally so much respect because this has got to be the one post I have dreaded pressing publish for the most! No joke. 

Eshakti is a very blogger friendly company and several bloggers I know have already reviewed for them. If I'm honest, I have never read a bad review and so I knew and still know that the company is genuinely a good one. But with so many hits there was bound to be a miss. And I guess that miss was me? Well you'll tell me! 

I ordered this top: 

Let me start with the pros first because there were several pros: 

  • This company is great in that it allows you to customize your purchases. Seriously, I got to pick my top, the colour of the top and I was able to customise everything from the length of the sleeve (I ordered a three quarter sleeve) to the length of the actual top! That to me is awesome! 
  • I also have to say the material was excellent quality! None of that cheap stuff. Nope. It's thick and feels and looks like it can handle numerous washes.
  • This one might make you all laugh but its true! The black is actually black. I wear a lot of black clothes (read only) and not all blacks are made equal. This is a black top!
  • I love the neckline of the top!

So now for the whomp whomp ...

I ordered this particular top because I am an attorney and on some non-court days I ditch my jacket in favour of a fancy black top and black/gray slacks (with heels of course). So having seen the picture and plugged in my measurements I was expecting ... well ... not this.

I'm not a fan of tops being wide at the bottom and this top is definitely lower cut than the one on top. Now I have to say that my body may have had a part to play in the madness. I have ginormous boobs and I'm asked on a regular basis if I've had them done (I've blogged about my melons before ... and yes I run with these bad boys). I'm trailing off topic ... my point is they definitely popped out. So i'll cop to my role in it.

But ... I had to pin the back of the top to get it to fit without a flair if you know what I mean ... I'm 4'11 with boobs so I already look heavier than I weigh. I cannot wear boxy tops. No way Jose.

Let me just show you!

**Thanks mum for taking my pics hehe

All pinned it, it doesn't look too bad! I still love the neckline of the top. Definitely a plus!

Another plus? This top is awesome for selfies. Exhibit A:

I don't want to dissuade anyone from the company though there have honestly been nothing but great reviews that I've read. I just didn't have the best experience and had to be honest about it. Go check Eshakti out for yourself and at least browse the website, there are great deals over there!

What do you guys think of the top?

** I received this product complimentary from Eshakti for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

Have a great Monday guys!


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  1. va va voom girl!! That top look great on you!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  2. Damn! LOL. I had a really bad exprience with the dress eShakti sent me. It was an epic fail.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. You look super hot in that top! However, I can see how it wouldn't be work appropriate ha. I had a minor issue with the dress I ordered but I think that was a measurement fail on my part more than theirs.

  4. I wouldn't wear it to work but still looks great on you for night time wear. Looking fierce though!

  5. this top looks great on you but to have to pin it and all that, rude! i had a not so fun experience with the dress i got from them, however i got a skirt as well and absolutely adored it, so no big deal!

  6. Holy va va voom! Sorry it didn't end up being work appropriate but it looks great on you! Maybe better for a night out ;)

  7. I was a huge fan of the top that I received from them, but I have seen so many cute dresses from others so I think it is hit or miss. That top would still be cute for a night out ;)

  8. Holy. Boobs!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a great dress from them that I was very pleased with, but, I've seen some reviews where the clothing is very wrinkly. Whether that's the blogger's fault for not ironing or if the material is weird, I'm not sure. Mine didn't wrinkle at all.

  9. Too bad it wasn't the perfect one for you! I have a love/hate with shopping for clothes online!

  10. So maybe not a top for the office, but definitely a top for a girls night out? ;) looks cute on you! Sorry you didn't have a great experience with the brand though :/

  11. That top looks like Barbie size hanging on the door handle xD. There is no hiding the cleavage in that top, but it looks great on you for wearing out of work.

  12. OwOw!!! Looking gorgeous lady!

  13. I love that top! The front neckline is gorgeous but I get what you mean because I'm 5 foot 1 (I had to google it lol) and also big busted so we don't need to look top heavier :( But I would buy the top and pin it back too


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