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December 31, 2014

Training for Tuesday on a Wednesday!

Hey guys ... Its Wednesday already and tomorrow is a new year. Holy what???

So yesterday was the last Tuesday of the month and Training for Tuesday day ... but work and life kept my brain too busy to blog so Wednesday it is!! It's time for a running update!!

I've been running but mostly at the gym and this is so mainly because of convenience. I have made extreme progress and no longer get tired after one minute!!! That is cause for a celebration in my book. I'm actually able to run a good 15 minutes without breaking stride. Now, I'll be honest and say I did take a break for over a week thanks to the holidays so I may eat these words when I try to run on Friday my first day back and my first for the year. We'll see!

On the race front .... The race I was supposed to run with my bestie in January is still on but my bestie received word that she has to go to Peru for a year. While that means that I have Peru on my travel agenda now (yay me), it also means that I'm unsure if I'll run the race. I've never run one and I don't want to do it alone. Not just yet. But ... I'll update you guys if I do decide to. There are other races coming up and other people to run with so all is not lost!

That also doesn't mean I will stop running though. Not by a long shot! I love it and it's part of my life now. Most importantly it helps clear my head from the stress of day to day life! In 2015 I have some major goals to revamp my life and fitness. I'm not one for resolution, as I've said before, doable goals I can do!

* Run at least 3 times a week - ideally four
* Street run (or run at the University close to me with awesome fields lol)
* Enter some races
* Get a running buddy (already on this one)
* Track my progress and blog it to keep me accountable
* Have fun running!

Linking up with my girls Alyssa and Tracy

Happy Wednesday!! 
I cannot believe tomorrow is a new year!

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  1. That's great progress! What type of race were you supposed to run with your friend? I like doing "fun runs" aka Color Run, Warrior Dash, etc more enjoyable with other people but if it's just a regular one I much prefer to do it alone. Not that I've done a ton ha.

  2. Yay! I wouldn't want to do a race for the first time without a run buddy either. Just know that when you do get to do one, you have cheerleaders ready to send you virtual high-fives!

  3. i like these goals! good luck and happy 2015~!!

  4. I think you are going to do great with your running goals! I'm inspired by runners, I'm not one but you runners are pretty amazing!! you can do it! Happy 2015!

  5. I totally hear you, I would not have been able to run my first race alone. I was so nervous! To this day the only race I've run alone is my half, but that's mostly because my two race partners both dropped out after I'd already registered! But these are great and I can't wait to see you accomplish all these goals. I'm so proud of you for all the progress you've already made and can't wait to see you kick even more butt in 2015!

  6. Sounds like you are doing great!!! I really want to get a treadmill for our house and become a "runner" this year...we shall see!

    Happy New Years!

  7. You are doing awesome! A running buddy totally helps with motivation.

  8. Awesome goals, lady! Happy almost 2015! :)

  9. good luck girlfriend! i wish i had a running buddy though the ones i have online are pretty fabulous and helpful!

  10. I love this! You can do it simply because you are awesome!


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