January 30, 2015

Scandal is back and other faves

I don't know about you but I am PUMPED that it's the weekend! I mean I haven't looked forward to a weekend in a long time, I usually work on a weekend and this one I plan to do minimal to zero work. In fact I have plans for tonight and maybe tomorrow and Sunday. But definitely tonight ... its going down.

On to some faves of the week!

Fave Moment

This week was pretty average but I found out I have a work trip at the end of next month for three days. It ain't no secret that I love a plane ride and paid by work? Hells yeah!!!

This moment hasn't come yet but I'm pretty pumped to head out on the town tonight. This woman needs a break... and a vodka soda ... because calories. 

January 29, 2015

What's in my bag!!

what's in my bag

I've seen these posts around, basically everywhere, and I've been meaning to do one of my own for the longest time. I might be nosy or "fass" as they say in my country, but I love to read those posts because hello... you get to see what's in someone else's bag! What is it about seeing the contents of someone's bag that intrigues me? No clue. But I love it and I thought I'd share my very own.

I decided to do a typical work day bag and I may have stuffed this poor bag to its limit. My poor baby!

January 28, 2015

Mid week 'fessings

I'm loving that its Wednesday already, that means Friday is almost here and since its Carnival season in my country ... the weekend should be grand. I have plans for Friday and Saturday and although the weekend just ended, I'm ready for another one to begin. Frankly, I'm usually exhausted and not in the mood to do a thing by Friday ... but since I actually want to go out. I shall.

Anyway its Wednesday so Confessions time...

1. I spent the last over a week of my life dealing with a bundle of files ... This bundle of files. I've probably read every page of these documents twice (which would explain my absence around here...)
January 26, 2015

A renewed vigour

It's Monday and I really should be recapping my weekend but since nothing really special happened this weekend it will probably take two lines to do so. Case in point - On Saturday I spent the day with the parents (love them) and on Sunday I did work (what's new) and spent the rest of the day washing, drying, steaming and twisting the locs ... it takes hourssssssssss of my life.

But like I said, it was uneventful so I decided to ramble today. 

I rarely ever come on my blog and just write. Write for writing sake. You know? That a bloody shame because isn't that the purpose of the blog? Well its how I intended it anyway, but we all know finding a blogging purpose can be a little difficult. Post for another day. This post is about me writing.

January 21, 2015


Hump Day already. Jumping right in to some confessions ... 
1. I posted on Friday that I was planning to make a shrimp stir fry.... and I did. And it was yummy. So so yummy. This is an almost done but in progress pic. Guys ... so yummy!! Did I mention yummy? #patsselfonback

2. I was cleaning out my wallet at work and I found this old card from my friend Whitney that she gave me ages ago. I confess I might have teared up. Little things. Whitney is my girl for life!!

January 19, 2015


Where did my weekend go??? And January for that matter. I had a nice weekend but it was a picture-less weekend so as I type this I have no clue how this post is going to go. Ha!

First things first. Two really important people in my life had birthdays this weekend. Get this, they had their birthdays on the same date but on different days. Mind warp... My nephew and bestie Nads (who is in Peru) both had birthdays on the 18th. Since my nephew is in Australia, his birthday was actually on the 17th my time. It still trips me out. Check out this cake that my sister and her husband made from scratch!

I wouldn't even know how to begin to make that cake. Remember I burn cookies made from a pack mix ... the domestic gene must have not made it down to me ...

January 16, 2015

Faves of the week

Friday guys! As usual I should be in my bed when I'm drafting this post, so this will be a pretty quick one. This week was full! Full of work, of emotions ... everything. Thankfully it flew by, but I still have a busy Saturday ahead of me. I have to judge a mooting competition (mock court room for students) on Saturday morning. I won't complain though because its still the weekend and so maybe I can convince my body to get some sleep at some point.

Anyhoosle, I'm pretty sure you clicked the link to read my faves and not to hear me ramble so hear ya go...
Fave TV show:
The bachelor is farmer Chris y'all! This show is just tragically funny at this point. It keeps getting worse, yet I keep watching to see who is there for all "the right reasons". Im hooked, so feel free to judge me.

January 15, 2015

A day in my life!

There were no confessions posts on the blog yesterday. It's a good thing I had planned a day in the life post for today (and took pics all day - so weird) because this post should excuse my blog absence yesterday ... because Tuesday (the day I'm sharing) was nuts!

Jumping right in ...

5:52 AM - Alarm sounds for the first time. I have an "urgent" meeting with the bossman at 7 so I needed to be up early.  I usually get up at 6:20 ... with tons of backup alarms. Sidetone: The meetings are always "urgent" and yet never urgent at all. Snooze

January 13, 2015

Beauty wish list

Its Tuesday and at the time I am writing this I should be in my bed, but I'm not because i was looking  at Youtube videos on make-up which is what inspired this post. I have a beauty wish list a mile long ... but I will not allow myself to buy any of it right now ...

Let me explain. In the latter part of 2014 my wallet/bank account took some major hits. For example, I traveled to the US and Australia, I bought a Sony DSC camera, 18" rims for my car,  a Macbook Pro (love it), an iPhone 6, a Filofax ... and I'm not even counting the oodles of money I spent while shopping on my trips... I basically changed my entire wardrobe. I say all this to say ... I ain't spending no money no time soon ... grammatically incorrect statement for emphasis only of course. I like my money in the bank, even though the evidence says otherwise, and so the makeup I want will just have to go on a wish list for the time being. Enter this post ... my beauty wish list because a wish is all it will be for a while....

January 12, 2015

A farewell weekend!

It's Monday and my weekend is over... and we're into double digits of January. Just how???

I usually write my posts at night, but last night I was beat from the weekend and from wine so I just could not. This weekend was a kind of bittersweet one. One of my besties Nads, is leaving for Peru for one year so I spent much of the weekend with her.

On Friday night, Nads, another girlfriend and I went to a restaurant named Kava for some drinks and pizza. We had a blast. All three of us studied law together and although we are always around each other we took the time to reminisce and chat about school days and our soap opera love lives. Well my soap opera love life. Sidetone: Young and Restless has nothing on me ha! I wore the same MAC Diva lipstick I wrote about last week and yup, Im still obsessed. 

Please ignore the eyebrows ... Im trying to grow them out so I could get a good shape the next time I wax them. The last woman botched my brows! 

January 09, 2015

Friday Faves

How is it the 9th of January already? Wasn't it just Christmas?? Seriously though ... time flies. I'm writing this post in the middle of the night as I am doing work to meet a deadline for today so all typos are courtesy pure exhaustion ... and an overdose of coffee.

But let's jump in!

Fave moment:

I sound like a broken record but my fave moment would have to be receiving my new phone. It's love plain and simple. No more 4s with blurry pics. My fancy can might never see the light of day again. Kidding. I think.

My other favorite moment is playing "words with friends" with my sissy in Australia! She is a beast at this game and the only person who routinely beats me. Our games tend to look like this:

Shortly after taking that screenshot I attempted to open up the game and she played a 65 point word that blew me out of the water. Typical we play 100+ point words regularly .. or she does anyway! Haha

January 07, 2015


It's literally been forever since I've confessed. I missed it ...

Jumping right in.

1. I use the word literally entirely too much. I know I confessed this before ... but really. It needs to stop.

2. I know i said this yesterday ... but I got my iPhone over the weekend and I'm uh-bsessed. I love it even if I'm terrified that I drop it! Got me all giddy this week.

January 06, 2015

Book Review #7 - My True Love gave to me

First of all... How bad of a blogger am I? The new year started and i just haven't had a chance to stop.  Quick catch up ... I am IN LOVE with my new iPhone. I mean. Love. Also work started back this week for me and I'm already swamped so I have a ton of blogs to read and sooo many posts to catch up on. I can't wait to sit and read them all. All will be done this week. 

But first, the book review for the book club!

January 01, 2015

Dude ... its 2015

Dude .. it's 2015... 

No really ...

I cannot lie. I was so ready to be done with 2014. Seriously, To 2014:

It was my worst year to date. No exaggeration. I lost my sister at the beginning of the year and got out of a long relationship (3 plus years) ... aka the worst heartache I have ever felt. While I did travel quite a bit (I went to four US states and Australia), I'd honestly have given those things up in a heartbeat to get back what I lost. Let me be clear ... This isnt a downer post! I've had enough of those! This is about looking forward. I'm proclaiming that this year I will have an awesome year recap for you about all the great things 2015 did for me.