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January 29, 2015

What's in my bag!!

I've seen these posts around, basically everywhere, and I've been meaning to do one of my own for the longest time. I might be nosy or "fass" as they say in my country, but I love to read those posts because hello... you get to see what's in someone else's bag! What is it about seeing the contents of someone's bag that intrigues me? No clue. But I love it and I thought I'd share my very own.

I decided to do a typical work day bag and I may have stuffed this poor bag to its limit. My poor baby!

The bag itself is a Michael Kors Jet Set East West Top Zip Tote in Pearl Gray.

I love this bag and since I've gotten it, its been my go to work bag. I can't get enough of this bad boy! I called it a boy, but I figure its a girl and isn't she just a beut?!

1. Nine West wallet - It looks a little beat up in this picture for some reason but this wallet is one of my prized possessions. I love everything about it. Possibly because it belonged to my sister.

2. Filofax Finsbury planner - Love this planner and it goes everywhere with me. My non-blog life resides in this baby!

3. Scrunchies - I always have extra scrunchies ... in case I want to wrap my hair up in a bun.

4. Random papers from work - should not be in my bag and will not be put back into my bag. Seriously why is it there? hmmmm

5. Kleenex Tissues - I dunno why ... I've probably used one.

6. Keys to "home" aka my parents house.

7. Makeup Bag - I got a set of three cheap Trina makeup bags and I use this one because its flat and fits in my bag. What's in it? Well Ill save that for another post. It fits a lot!

8. Sunglasses bag/case thingy - For my Guess sunnies

9. Eclipse mints

10. Eclipse gum - Shoutout to eclipse... or something.

11. Notepad - This isn't usually in my bag but I was heading to court with a file and no ipad or laptop to jot notes in, so I picked up a notepad from the office and shoved it in my bag. It's still there from days ago and shall be removed ....

12. Metformin/Glucophage - Because polycystic ovaries are a bitch. Not the words I want to use but I try to keep this blog PG. And because my mama and sister read here. But if you want, go ahead and add a whole heap of cuss words before the word bitch.

13. Playtex bag - This holds my feminine products aka my tampons, liners and Summer's eve wipes. It resides in the zipper portion of the bag. Its always hidden. For good reason.

14. Lipbalm - I picked this up when I was in Boston in the Fall. Its a cheap lipbalm I got in H&M but man the thing really works for chapped lips.

15. Pilot push pencil and black ink pen - Because I always have something to write with in my bag. You never know when you're gonna need it!

16. Flash Drive - This comes in and out of my bag. Because I do work at home in the evenings a LOT, I have to carry my work back and forth. If this stick gets stolen ... just shoot me. I mean it.

Notably missing ... my shades, my car keys and my apartment keys. All three are currently resident on my kitchen counter where I left them about 2.5 seconds after I entered the door and 2.5 more seconds before I plopped my bum on my bed for an epic nap after work yesterday. Real Life.

I told you guys I pack a LOT of stuff into my beautiful baby. She's a trooper though and holds them all so well while looking stunning. Ha! I kid.

Have a great Thursday guys!!

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  1. I have a version of that bag and LOVE using it for work! I always enjoy posts like this:) I wish everyone would do one about their closet so that my husband would stop accusing me of being the only person with this many clothes and shoes!!haha

  2. I love this! My purse looks very similar!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  3. Love that purse! And love these posts, it's fun to see the similarities and differences with what people keep in their purses!

  4. Ooo I love the purse! So cute and such a perfect color and size! Thanks for sharing, I'm always interested in what others are carrying! Lol!

  5. Your bag is so neat & organized! Mine is a hot flippin mess.

  6. that bag is a beaut!! so pretty. and i spy an australian ring ;) love it.

  7. You're so organized! But why am I not surprised ;) It's the attorney in you (and that's my fave gum!).

  8. Very organized. My bag is a nightmare, though I just switched it so it's cleaner than normal.

  9. Ohh I want that bag! hahaha I am SO unorganized in my bags that I'm jealous of your's!

  10. I love love love that bag! You remind me so much of my best friend and she has the same bag - not surprised at all!

  11. Cute bag and you carry a moderate amount of necessities, I on the other hand....

  12. I carry a ton of crap in my bag! I love yours.

  13. My bag is full of receipts and change. I really need to clean it out.

  14. Your bag is so organized! I have a turquoise Michael, but it is FULL of junk. It's really a "anything I might need in an apocalypse" bag...only I didn't mean for it to be. Love that color!

    1. haha And in my opinion I have too much stuff in it!

  15. Love the pearly grey color of your purse! This was such a fun post, I carry a lot of the same things haha. XO

  16. I loooooove your bag! It's beautiful. I've been thinking about a What's In My Bag post for a while, maybe I'll go for it in a few weeks :P

  17. Very nice looking purse...good thing you picked a sturdy one to carry all your stuff in. :) I'm the same way and lug around a ton of things, but it's all so useful!!

  18. I want your purse! I love these kinds of posts! What is in my bag is simply horrifying and if I did a post on it, everyone would think I am carrying around a 20lb bag of garbage and children's toys lol!

  19. MK is totally my jam, I can't resist all of his beautiful bags!!! I have so much stuff in my purse...I need to do one of these posts I keep saying I will and never do!

  20. I take glucophage too. We have o much in common it's ridic! Love your bag though, we have good taste in common tooo... ;) x


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