February 25, 2015

Off to ...

This post was scheduled before the rant I posted earlier

Whenever I leave the country I post an "Off to" post. Ok, technically I'm not leaving the country, just the island (Trinidad and Tobago is one nation). Anyway, today I am heading to the beautiful sister isle of Tobago for work. Although it is indeed for work, I can't lie, I am excited to get away from the norm and to work form the comfort of a hotel room. 

And maybe take a drink or 5 ...

I plan on posting Friday, but if things are a bit silent around these parts, it probably because I was either overworked or over-relaxed. Let's hope its the latter.


I wear Locs

I don't usually jump in on "political" or "social" debates, because frankly I just don't normally see the need. It's the same reason I don't write controversial posts. But when something hits me personally, I take a step back and assess whether I should use my voice. Today I feel the need to express my views, hopefully without offending anyone. Because that's just not my shtick! 

Many people may know that social media is in uproar because of certain comments made by Giuliana Rancic on Fashion Police. I am a regular watcher of that show (R.I.P Joan Rivers) and generally I can accept the banter for what it is ... banter. I am not overly sensitive and I can take a joke. What I cannot take is ignorance.

Zendaya a "pop star" wore this to the Oscars:

She looked beautiful, she looked elegant. It was refreshing to see some locs on the red carpet, it's really not the norm. Giuliana Rancic however stated "I feel like she smells like patchouli oil. Or weed. Maybe weed?" 

What the actual EFF!

February 24, 2015

Packing for a short work trip : Tips

Quite often, my job causes me to have to hop over to the more scenic sister isle for work. Tomorrow I will be once again hopping a 20 minute flight. This time I will be spending 4 days and 3 nights. I leave on Wednesday and head straight to the hotel so no court. I then have court on Thursday and Friday and I leave again on Saturday. The third night, Friday night into Saturday was optional on my part. I could have left on Friday after court but I'm staying an extra night/day for a mini one night vacay with a friend who is hopping over to join me. But I need two days worth of work clothes and two days worth of none work clothes.

Avoid checking luggage - This time I am attempting not to check a bag. This one is tricky as I typically carry one bag/small suitcase and my handbag and laptop bag. Since I have to carry my laptop, up until this point, I have checked a bag to reduce the shear load since I have a handbag and laptop bag already. I am a short girl only 4'11 and I look ridiculous logging around 10 bags. So, this time I plan to take the laptop bag will be with me and my handbag will be packed in the carry on baggy.

Don't over-pack - I am typically an over-packer and probably am better at packing for long, far trips like Australia, India or Europe. But over-packing is a big no no for the work trip, near or far really. Limit the number of items you pack. The next two point flow from this one.

Pack Black - yeah yeah I wear a lot of black but it makes sense on a work trip. Easier to mix and match outfits and therefore pack less. Not hard for me since 99.9% of my clothes are in fact black.

Pack versatile items to save space -  This goes along with the above tip. Can one work trousers be worn two days in a row with a different jacket and shirt to make a completely different outfit? totally!

Work items -  This is a no brainer, make sure you have all work documents.

Pack some items other than "work stuff" - Pack exercise clothes if more than one day or an oufit for the evenings/ nights.

February 23, 2015

Happy Birthday TKT!

One year ago today, tonight really, I randomly opened a blog page and started to write. And what I wrote can be only be considered to be the most ridiculous first blog post ever. But I wrote it and I published it and this baby of mine was born. I'll be honest, I almost forgot this blogiversary. I knew it was soon but didn't realize it was today. I only happened to remember because I created a FB page last week (yup I bit that bullet) and went on it and saw the "date founded" was the 23rd. Damn all those pics of the weekend that I took, because this calls for an actual post. A post about how TKT came to be!

My baby is ONE!!! They grow up so fast! *tear*

* I attempted to start a blog on January 1 2014 on Wordpress.com. The name of it was "Black Suits and Champagne Flutes". Go head... I'll wait while you laugh at the name. I never published a post and deleted it all but I still love the name. I'm a black suit (attorney) and I love champagne but you can well imagine the shit show it was to get social media names for that gem. Also, TKT suits me better.

February 20, 2015

Friday Favourites

This was a good week. Two flips of a coin and the week was over though and that means the weekend is here and I can sleep. Disclaimer: I'm drafting and posting this in the middle of the night because I was chatting with my girlie Nads who is in Peru #priorities. Let's just hope there are no typos. Getting straight into my favourite happenings of the week.

Fave Moment
Realizing that I lost more weight ... and also realizing that my work trip is next week. I head to Tobago for 3 whole nights. I mean its a 25 minute flight so not a far trip but still, its a trip and a hotel, a pool, free food and evening walks on a beach. Yup as soon as my work day ends while I'm on that trip ... this will be me:

February 19, 2015

Currently Craving

Man my wallet cries every time I look online or go to the mall and see new things to buy. I am watching my budget though, because travel takes precedence, so I won't be doing any crazy spending anytime soon. That doesn't mean I can't look and that doesn't mean I don't want all the things I see. Also ... I'm not on a complete spending freeze anymore, if I want it enough, I may purchase it eventually. YOLO! These are just the things currently on the list. 

Currently Craving:

This Sutton Saffiano Leather bag by Michael Kors
I recently bought a Pearl Gray MK handbag so I may not be needing another one for a long time. But I do have my eyes on this black beauty. 

February 18, 2015

Carnival Confessions

Monday and Tuesday I was MIA but for good reason. For two days every year my entire country, and I do mean the entire country, shuts down and people prance around the streets in next to nothing in a parade called Carnival. There is music, there is fun and then there is repentance on Ash Wednesday. Perhaps only Brazilians would fully understand the concept since Trinidad and Brazil have rival Carnivals every year. This year my body wasn't in a position to be playing "mas" half-naked - because fat - so I didn't. Next year for sure. 

Anyhoo here are some Carnival confessions:

1. Leading up to the actual week of Carnival, there are countless parties (fetes) that happen throughout the season (I went a to a couple but they are expensive!!). Being completely honest, we start to get into Carnival mode from weeks or months before the actual Monday and Tuesday... all productivity leaves and work takes a slightly back seat, which is probably why I was able to blog a full 6 times last week. Ha!

2. On Carnival Monday before the "pretty" parade that starts during the day, people gather from about 3 am and dance the streets in paint and mud. I know, I know, it is strange, It's called jouvert and I swear, although it is dirty and crazy, it is balls of fun. This is a photo of me playing Jouvert a couple years back:

(with my faves)

February 14, 2015

The Valentine's Day Blogmopolitan Quiz

Well Happy Valentine's day folks. I'm posting six days in a row and that just has to be a record. I wont be around much next week because Carnival here is on Monday and Tuesday (like Mardis Gras). So I figure why not. I'm jumping in to do the the Blogmopolitan Valentine's day quiz even though I'm single (and dating). Single gals can hang too no??

Anyhoo here it is!

February 13, 2015

MAC makes me smile and other Faves.

Sooo I posted five consecutive days this week. I cannot remember the last time that happened. It's worthy of mentioning since I do not know when it will ever happen again. Ha! It's Friday, so here are the favourite happenings of the past week!

Fave Moments
Lots of great moments this week! On Wednesday I took the day off work because YOLO and went for lunch and to the mall with my mum. Lunch was yummy.

February 12, 2015

Recipe: Trinidad Pelau

Pelau recipe

Whoop whoop, this is the first recipe that I've ever posted! Every once in a while I blast some Caribbean-ness on this blog. Today I thought I'd share the recipe for Pelau, a dish native to my country. Pelau (pronounced pay-laow) is a one pot dish. One pot meaning that the chicken, the rice (in this recipe we use brown rice), the peas, the veggies etc. are all in one pot! It's pretty simple to make and rather delicious and filling. I have to give my beautiful and stunning mum a shout out because she wrote the ingredients and process out for me in its entirety. Thanks mama!!

February 11, 2015


Happy Wednesday!! These days are seriously flying by. Its mid week and almost mid February. Anyway, since it's mid-week, I'm supposed to post confessions, but frankly I only have one confession today. Naturally, this will be a short post.

So I can be lazy.

I did something on Monday that was so ridiculous it is worthy of documenting, because clearly I like embarrassing myself. I should preface this entire story by saying that it only seemed ridiculous after the lazy fact. So ... I bought a case of water as per the norm and put it in the car. I usually schlep this case up the one flight of stairs that lead to my apartment because I no longer have the live in boyfriend to take said water up to the apartment. Anyhoo, I was feeling a bit beat after work on Monday, so I left the case of water in the car. See ... I figured I had enough water in the fridge to last me through the night (remember I drink a gallon a day) and I'd just take it out of the car in the morning. Easy Peasy. But ... alas ... I only had one bottle of water in my apartment. One. bottle. Total bummer! I needed water stat!
February 10, 2015

10 Things I wish I knew before I became an attorney

I don't talk about the details of my job or what I do very often on the blog ... except to say that it consumes my bloody life. But the truth is, since I could talk and vocalize my thoughts (and let's be honest I've been a talkative and chatty one from birth ... I probably walked out the womb chatting), I told my parents that I wanted to become an attorney. My mum's brother is an attorney in the UK and meeting him as a child just solidified that. It was done. That was to be my career for life.

And I did it.

And I love it.

But ... there are things that I wish they told me before I became an attorney, or things I wish I knew before taking that oath ... so that I didn't have any Law & Order inspired unrealistic expectations of life.

On being an attorney

February 09, 2015

A facelift and random goodness.

Hold on ... don't click that little "x". You are in the right place, I just gave the blog a little facelift. First of all, I know its Monday and while I looooooove to write my weekend posts, I sucked at taking pictures for the second week in a row. So you get me rambling about the blog facelift and some random goodness instead. Also I rambled in list format because ... sleepy.
February 06, 2015

Another week has gone!

I had plans to post every day this week and then yesterday I crapped out and didn't show up to the blog. It happens I guess. Anyway it's Friday again and another weekend is at my doorstep ... all the raised hand emoji's for the weekend and 2015, please slow down!

Time for the Faves of the week!
Fave moment

I have two favourite moments this week. The first was when Lisette sent me a mock up for the new blog design. I mean ... the girl is talented and patient! I'm a little picky lets say that. This blog is going to look so cute really soon. Heck if you read this post really late, it might be up ...

The second fave moment - My boss, whom I love, took me to lunch yesterday ... we had good laughs and good fun and sometimes those little things make working so hard all worth it. #truth #whydoiusehashtagsinblogposts.

February 04, 2015

Raspberry has a "P" and other confessions

Usually the struggle is real with naming my confessions posts but this week it wasn't. My number one confession pretty much named the post and if I had my way it would be the only confession of the day ... because it blew my little mind away. But so as not to bore you I threw in a mish mash of other random as heck confessions. Whatever popped into my head.
1. I've always been a good speller. I never had an issue with spelling literally ever. On Monday though ... I learned for the first time in my years of existence on this planet that the word "raspberries" has a P in it. I was reading blog and they had a valentine gift idea of chocolate stuffed raspberries. So I went to comment ... and Mr. red squiggly line appeared under "rasberry" ... and then it happened ... The moment I saw the P.

How, just how did I get through two undergrad degrees, a post grad dip and almost completing a masters without knowing this? I blame the fact that its not a common fruit where I live... no scratch that ... there is no excuse. None.

February 03, 2015

Book Club Book Review #8 - Orange is the New Black

Well its the first Tuesday of the month and that means it's Book Club time!! I know book review posts are not everyone's cup of tea ... but if it is, grab a cup! #epicjokefail

Just some "housekeeping" or updating for those who don't know. Several months back Kari and I started this little book club called "To Fill up and Live" on Goodreads and on our blogs. Every month on the first Tuesday, we review a new book and introduce the new one for the next month. Honestly, I have failed at promoting this baby and that is going to change. I do want people to participate and for everyone who loves to read to jump on board. We'll get there.

Anyhoosle, enough babbling .... on to the book of the month!

February 02, 2015

January (mini) Beauty haul (and a mini weekend recap)!

First things first, Are we really in February? Weren't we all just celebrating the new year? Slow down 2015 ...

Anyway, while my weekend was fabulous, I don't have many pictures of the weekend and so I don't have a major weekend recap this week. I could literally recap it in one paragraph ... On Friday night I went out with an old friend for some a drink. Technically for some eats and some drinks. We hit up a place called Trotters, and I for the most part stuck to my new healthy regime. I had sweet potato fries and wings. Not too bad. I did have two drinks though. Vodka soda for the win!! After that we hit up an art and fashion show. On Saturday, I did work. Meh. It's Carnival season in my country so Sunday, I went to pan semi-finals. No pictures of that either. See? One paragraph.

So instead of the typical weekend recap, I decided to share a mini beauty haul. It's mini because I'm working on a budget and trying to save some money for some travels I have in mind (Hello Peru, Australia, Disney). Anyway, there were some items that I needed to replace STAT and I thought I'd share and I plan to share monthly since I do haul a bunch of ish every month.