March 31, 2015

Places I want to visit

If you've been around this blog for any amount of time then you know that I am travel uhb-sessed. I've been to the US, all over the Caribbean, Asia (India), Europe and Australia and still think that there is soooo much of the world left to see. Sidenote - you can check out my Travel page to see the trips I've blogged about. If you look at my Pinterest you will see a couple travel boards. One of them is dedicated to places I want to visit. Lately, I just want to travel. And even though I am planning some trips for this year (US, Peru) these places have just been on my mind. 
Greece - Honestly, Greece is at the tip top of my list! Anywhere in Greece really, but Santorini's white buildings and blue seas have caught my eye. I want to go there some day!

March 30, 2015


No weekend recap from me since my weekend isn't over. It's a long weekend here, so I have the day off today. Yaaaas! It's also not lost on me that there is another long weekend next week - I could easily get used to the no work on Monday thing. So instead of a weekend recap I thought I'd pop in and share the above quotes that I stumbled upon on Pinterest (sidenote: for all those who follow me on Pinterest I confess that I pin all the things)

I've always been a positive person. Throughout my youth and into adulthood its the one thing people always notice about me. My friend Nadiya calls me the "eternal optimist". I've just never been a whiner or complainer - I'd rather find a solution to the problem and fix whatever is bothering me. That said, in the last year so much crap has happened that I allowed that to change and more recently, I've found that I've let little things get to me. I mean really little things like the car having no gas on a morning or forgetting to bring something upstairs and having to go back for it or a line at the bank were tripping me out. Literally everything was frustrating me to the point where I was at the brink of a "woe is me" attitude. 

But that just isn't me. 

Nor do I want it to be me. 

I like to have fun, I like to smile and cause others to smile and in spite of bad days, I actually do know that it doesn't mean that life itself is bad and that my worst day would be appreciated by so many. So those two quotes hit me.
March 27, 2015

Friday Favourites

This is probably the least I've ever posted in one week on this blog. It was for good reason though, real life needed my attention and attention I gave it. But more on that below ... jumping right into the faves. 

Friday Favourites

Fave moments:

Deciding with my mum on a whim to take a trip to Virginia (and possibly Boston) in the summer. I get giddy over travel plans guys. GIDDY!

Also submitting the literature review to my thesis. Here's the thing about my thesis. It derailed my life for the past week. My original topic involved me interviewing minors (children) to collect data. In order to interview the specific type of minors that I needed for my data collection, I needed ethical clearance which takes months to obtain. Long story short, in order to graduate this year, I altered my topic and I had to resubmit two chapters to my supervisor in one week. Done. Life can resume ... as well as blogging. #happies

Lastly, my wireless router crapped out on me and I connected a new one all by my lonesome ... that deserved mention. ha!
March 23, 2015

12 Facts about me!

Its Monday! I had a relatively slow relaxing weekend with the parents and since it consisted mainly of doing laundry and thesis writing I figure a recap will bore you all to death. So today instead you get me talking about me. Some time ago, Reisha nominated me for the "One lovely blog" award and I'm supposed to share 7 facts about myself. Because I like to babble and I am a rebel, it turned into way more than 7 facts so let's just roll with it! I have mentioned a few of these before but there are some new faces around so enjoy!

1. I am deathly afraid of lizards. Like its an abnormal fear. Just today I was watching a YouTube vlog and the guy in the vlog panned to a lizard in his yard. You know I had to stop watching. My pores raised, I started to breathe heavy and everything. Its serious and to some quite comical. Really guys, I once almost took a plane home from Barbados because there was a lizard in my room #truestory. If you want to know where the irrational fear came from I spoke about it here. Me when I see a lizard:
March 20, 2015

A Blate and other Friday Faves!

It's Friday! I have been a bit silent for the past few days because life was a bit hectic, but it was a pretty good week and here are the faves.

Fave Moment
Emily was in town for a wedding and we met up for Sushi at the same restaurant I went to last week and drinks at a new bar. I brought along my girlie Alicia and she brought her husband (who is the coolest). I'll be honest, I can't wait till she comes back because we had a blast!
March 17, 2015


It occurred to me the other day that I haven't written a post about me per se in a very long time. So time for an update on the current happenings of moi. 

Making: My nighttime smoothie. Well technically a protein shake. I drink one every morning and every night. I've been really trying to work on my health and fitness since the year began and this is just one of the things that became a part of my every day life. I literally ate my way through 2014 and packed on the pounds as a price for that. I am desperately trying to undo the damage.

Cooking: ... very healthy meals. First of all pats self on back for actually cooking. I ate takeout for the majority of 2014. Not kidding. I've eliminated gluten from my life since I found out I have a gluten intolerance. Its tough and I may slip here and there (theres no way Ill never eat pizza again) but for the most part its gone. Some days I am all pumped and love it. And other days well ... I feel for pizza.

March 16, 2015

Weekending - Samurai Sushi and other yummies

This was a yummy weekend. Like really yummy. Not the healthiest weekend but yummy none the less. I'm talking Sushi, curry, meatballs ... yummy. 

Lets start with sushi because yum ... After a ridiculously long day at work Friday, some co-workers and I decided to head out for some sushi at one of our favourite spots Samurai Sushi. In typical blogger style (and not typical Kay style), I took pics to show you just how lovely this restaurant is. Seriously a restaurant can win be just by its ambiance.

The inside and bar area:

March 13, 2015

Friday Favourites

Friday. Oh Friday, I can genuinely say I haven't been this happy to see you in a long while. So happy to be done with this week. I also can't wait to eat some yummy sushi tonight and to take a drink and chat with some old friends. But before all that happens, lets talk Faves of the week.

Friday Favourites
Fave Random
My mum and aunt have been into horticulture all their lives. Since last year I have been trying to dip my toes into the "plant" game. Let me tell you right now ... I suck. I clearly do not possess a green thumb. In the last year I have successfully killed 3 very expensive orchid plants. Anyhoo my mum decided to help me out a bit and now Im trying to raise some succulents and bromeliads. These are all in the cactus family and should be much harder to destroy. I hope.

March 12, 2015

10 things I would do if I won the lottery

This hasn't been the best week for me. Tuesday was the anniversary of my sisters passing so things have been a tad quiet around these parts and a tad sombre in real life. I didn't want to take the entire week off though, so here I am today. Missed me? Of course you did! :D 

I promised to keep March positive in spite of everything so today I'm doing just that and keeping things light. I was watching one of those documentaries about lottery winners and how they blew their winnings and it got me thinking... Seriously what would I do if pigs flew and I won the lottery?

March 09, 2015

A zip-lining weekend

What do you do when you're having a sucky week and your friend messages you on Saturday morning and says hey ... wanna go zip-lining? You say no and you keep your chicken self at home you say why the heck not. And that's exactly how Saturday morning went for me. 
Truth be told, I don't have a bucket list, I have no desire to do dangerous things for the thrill of it just to say I tried it. Well unless you count loving really fast cars. I really love fast cars. (blame the ex and his love for speed for me loving the thrill of a racer's car). But save for that exception, I am not very adventurous. Like at all. Case in point - The back yard of the home I grew up in, the place I still call "home", where my parents have lived for all my life ... I have probably been in the back there a handful of times in all my life because there are so many trees in my back yard and trees mean lizards. And if you've been around these parts for a while you know, I don't like lizards. I know that was a lot of babble, but you catch my drift ... I'm not very adventurous, not even adventurous enough to run in my own lizard filled back yard.

March 06, 2015

Friday Faves

How is it the 6th of March already. I know I say this all the time but really is 2015 moving a little quicker than other years?? Seriously though ... Anyway, on to some faves. 

Friday Favourites

Fave moment
My fave moment of the week will probably happen after I write this post. I am totally ditching work today. I mean I'll be doing work but from home. I got to work bright and early yesterday morning to tackle some files because its been  quite the busy week and my archaic desktop computer just was not cooperating. I spent the hours of 7:30 am to 11 am trying to get IT to fix it at which point I had to go to court. Long story short this lady is not going in to work to tomorrow to deal with the headache of that computer and my bum will happily do work from the comfort of my bedroom.

Random desk pic because my fruit looks nice
March 04, 2015


Its Wednesday already! The week has already been all types of cray and I wasn't even going to post today but since its the middle of the night and I am awake (sleep eludes me), I figure why not.


1. I have a RBF. I don't mean to have it. I just do. When I smile I am told I have the most inviting face ever but when I don't smile .. I look stuck up. I wish I could change that fact because I am far from stuck up ... but I also have zero intentions of walking around grinning like a Cheshire cat. I also cant hide the emotions on my face and can't help it. Wanna see a throwback college pic (circa 2009) of an "are you serious right now" face? Here ya go:

March 03, 2015

Book Club Book Review #9 - Ugly Love

Its the first Tuesday of the month and so it Book Club time with Kari and I. How did we even get to March this quickly. In any event here we are and a book we shall review ... 

March 02, 2015

Weekending and then some

It's Monday and the first week in March. I'll be honest, March isn't the happiest month for me, so I'll be happy to jump over the "March" hurdle. For today though, I'm keeping the vibes positive on the blog, starting with the glorious weekend that was ... well really this story begins before the weekend, on Wednesday.

As I said in this post, I had a work trip from Wednesday into Saturday. It was a lot of work with both Wednesday and Thursday night in the hotel finding me up at 2am with my head in the books (boo work), but a lot of fun as well. Balance people, it's key! Also, all work and no play makes Kay very grumpy. The hotel, while not my top choice (hated the decor but work put me up) was relaxing. The room was huge and I cant really complain about having a private balcony for evening coffee green tea.