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March 27, 2015

Friday Favourites

This is probably the least I've ever posted in one week on this blog. It was for good reason though, real life needed my attention and attention I gave it. But more on that below ... jumping right into the faves. 

Friday Favourites

Fave moments:

Deciding with my mum on a whim to take a trip to Virginia (and possibly Boston) in the summer. I get giddy over travel plans guys. GIDDY!

Also submitting the literature review to my thesis. Here's the thing about my thesis. It derailed my life for the past week. My original topic involved me interviewing minors (children) to collect data. In order to interview the specific type of minors that I needed for my data collection, I needed ethical clearance which takes months to obtain. Long story short, in order to graduate this year, I altered my topic and I had to resubmit two chapters to my supervisor in one week. Done. Life can resume ... as well as blogging. #happies

Lastly, my wireless router crapped out on me and I connected a new one all by my lonesome ... that deserved mention. ha!

Fave Beauty:

I needed a new moisturiser and decided it was time for a change and so I bought this one. I mean I'm not even "aging" yet but I might as well prevent it right? It doesn't have SPF though so I'm not sure I'd repurchase, but for now I'm loving it. I also replaced my favourite Lip gloss - I pair this with my MAC Diva. 

Fave Recipe:
How cute does this look? And even better how simple does this look? We all know by now that I love simple when it comes to "cooking".
Found here

Fave Funnies:
Or any random thing my eye decides it wants ... #lesigh


As a female, I laughed way too hard at this.

I'd actually really appreciate it mmmkay...

Fave Song:
I'm not a fan of country music. And that's putting it VERY lightly. But I am a fan of this song right hurr! I heard a not so country cover of it and fell in lurve.

I missed my blog this week having only posted twice. This just might mean a post a day next week but who knows!

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Have a great weekend!! 

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  1. In my favorites, I have a link to an article that tells the story of Ed Sheeran surprising a couple here in Sydney by showing up at their wedding and playing that song! How amazing is that?!?!

    Glad to hear your crazy week is past. Hopefully, you get to breathe and have some fun this weekend!

  2. New blog reader and transplanted Trini! Love your very clean blog design. That tuna looks wonderful- replace it with salt fish and you've basically got a buljol aka best dish ever! And so true about google!

  3. Oh girl, I LOVE that Ed Sheeran song! Not so keen on the music video though. Definitely haven't heard the country version but I'm going to have to check it out! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. That Dori GIF?! I think we can all relate to that! Boston is seriously so fun! I spent one day there before heading to Bermuda and we had an absolute blast! Definitely want to go back!

  5. omg the google meme -- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!! that's too funny. yay for fun trips planned. we went to boston a few years ago and it's awesome there! the seafood is delish!

  6. Trips are so exciting! I love planning them. The google meme made me bust out laughing.

  7. Woo hoo for possible boston trips! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  8. Planning a trip is always awesome! That google meme is hilarious!

  9. Human subjects review boards are a huge PITA. Glad you got yours done.

    Those funnies are hysterical!!! Love the Google one. All the truth in it.

  10. I've never heard of glow renewal but I need to try that!! Love BOSTON! travel makes me giddy too!

  11. Sometimes real life demands attention, and when it does we have to stop what we're doing and pay attention. Such happens. But I must try out that lip gloss. Thanks for recommending it.

    Kay of Pure & Complex

    1. Real life really demanded my time last week! Glad everyone understood :)

  12. Yeah to Boston and installing your router! Girl he is Pop not country but I love that song too. Distracted by clothes will be the death of my wallet. ;)

  13. I get giddy just at the idea of a trip. I am so distracted by... all things really. Got to have it. haha

  14. Uhhhh!!! LOOOOOVE that Ed Sheeran song. I had it on my blog a bit ago. Your trip this summer sounds like so much fun!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  15. Hah Ed Sheeran is country music?? I dunno about that but I do love that song. What was the cover you heard? And YAY for travels to the U.S.! More details please!

  16. Haha at the money one. I say that, and then I go to Target and I want everything.

  17. Love that song!!! And that Dorie meme is so me!!! The rest of your funnies are on point too. That trip with your mom sounds so awesome!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  18. i'm not technically 'aging' either but i dont particularly want to wait to find out haha!
    virginia! what! that's near me! how exciting!!

  19. That Google meme is too funny!

  20. omg i think it ate my comment! dang blogger!

  21. Yum, that recipe looks great!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  22. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Good job handling it like the boss you are. Where and what are you going to be doing in Virginia?!

  23. It's never too early to prevent wrinkles! And that Google meme killed me!


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