April 27, 2015

Wedding weekending

It's Monday already. I feel like in the last few weeks Ive been busier than ever. If its not my thesis, its work, if it neither of those, its friends and life being full. One of those "full" things happened to be the wedding of a good friend and colleague of mine. She met her now husband years ago when we were in law school and since they got engaged last year we have all been waiting for this wedding. I didn't ask her permission to show her face so I'll post what I can. 

Also before I start can I just say that you need not spend a lot to look good at a wedding? I straight up wore this Forever 21 dress to the wedding. Eighteen bucks.
Found here 
(The medium I wore is sold out now but small is available :D)

April 24, 2015

Tobago Favourites

I'm drafting this post in the middle of the night (what's new) from my hotel room while on a work trip to Tobago. Normally I wouldn't blog while on a work trip, but this has been such a fantastic trip this time around, I said what the heck ... I really should be prepping for court tomorrow but YOLO (Is YOLO still a thing?). My favourites this week are from my work trip!

Friday Favourites

In case you missed it, I'm in Tobago for a work trip. Its the weekend of Jazz festival and although I will be leaving early because I have a wedding tomorrow, two colleagues and I decided to try to enjoy some time off after work. 

We took a stroll on the beach (Store Bay) to see the sunset ...
April 22, 2015

Off To ...

Another week, another Tobago trip for work. Today I'll be hopping on a quick 20 min flight to Tobago where I have to attend court on Thursday and Friday. Thankfully I have some downtime this evening when I arrive and tonight so I should finally be able to catch up with blogs and comments and get back on track. When I return on Friday I have to prepare for a good friend's wedding on Saturday, so this week is definitely an exciting one!

If you want to check out what I pack for this quick work trips, you can see that post here.

April 20, 2015

A racing weekend

I had a rough week last week work and school wise and another rough week this week (I travel to Tobago again on Wednesday) but I miss my blog, I miss reading comments and I miss reading blogs. You know what I realised in the week I haven't posted anything? This blog is a nice reprieve from work ... and so is a fun weekend!! I hope you guys are still around to read it! ha! I will catch up on everything I've missed though so look out for that.

Let me preface this by saying this is NOT the typical post. I had a fantastic weekend. Particularly Saturday. I have said from the very beginning that I am obsessed with cars and racing and I have Pinterest boards dedicated to cars and racing. I'm not the typical girly girl. I watch F1 every week when its in season, like now, and I have friends who race cars. My best male friend races his car and I love to go see him and that's exactly what I did this Saturday. 

I spent the morning in the garage with him and his cousin fixing his Subaru Impreza (black) and watching the other cars get tuned up. 

April 13, 2015

A balancing act

The weekend after a super long weekend always flies by doesn't it? I mean where did Saturday and Sunday go?? I haven't posted a weekend recap in a while but thats because I've barely taken any photos of my weekend for the past couple of weeks. I will this week though!

The weekend was a good one. On Friday night I went out and ended up staying out until well after 1 am with a friend having drinks and great conversation. Saturday was spent relaxing, working on the thesis that has taken over my life and eating good food - like broccoli and pepper shrimp. Pepper shrimp is awesome guys and you should try it! Sunday I spent with my parents agin eating good food. Sidenote: I grew up eating avocado. Its a staple in the Caribbean so avocados don't generally phase me. But the avocado we ate on Sunday was extra yummy.

Anyway, aside from those things, I didn't do much because these days I suck royally at time management. Let me take a second to talk about the balancing act that has become my life. Right before I published this post, I "marked all as read" on bloglovin. If you know me, you know I never do that. I always catch up. I usually have my stuff together. Last week, even though it was a short week, I just didn't have it together. Something had to give and unfortunately it was blogging or reading blogs.

April 12, 2015

Sunday sweats ~ Vol 2

Not every week I will be at my exercise prime and this is a great example of one of those weeks. I went out twice this week so that also meant I drank alcho twice this week. Combine that with thesis stuff and feeling blah for most of the week and there wasn't mush sweating. Anyway this is what I did do.

Monday: rest ~ I actually had all intentions of working out today but my stupid gym closed for the holiday (We get Easter Monday off here). Clearly I'm in the one gym that's not 24/7 ugh!

Tuesday: 45 minute run/walk on the treadmill at the gym. 30 minute abs ~ This was me at my best this week and I thoroughly enjoyed this workout. Thoroughly. I went out later on this night and probably destroyed all my progress with a couple glasses of scotch. Whoops. 

Wednesday: 30 minute yoga, 20 minute run ~ I tried today guys, I did. It just wasn't happening so I stopped. 
April 10, 2015

Friday Favourites

Its's Friday!! Apparently the last post I published was my 200th post ... I can't believe its been so many already. Anyway, it's been a good week. It started with a long and glorious four day weekend (we get Good Friday and Easter Monday off) and since court was closed for most of the week I was free-er than usual soooo I went out a couple of times mid-week with friends and like a good blogger failed to take any photos. Whomp whomp. Anyway its the weekend and I'm looking forward to a good one. 

On to the faves ... 

Friday Favourites

Favourite Recipe: 
The Kale and Quinoa patties look delicious. I'm not sure I'm talented enough to try them but they sure look delicious. How do people come up with these yummy food ideas??

Recipe found here

April 08, 2015

Favourite Childhood Books

A few weeks ago Kristen posted a letter to books and I got super nostalgic. Anyone who knows me knows from a very early age I was (and still am) a reader. Growing up we were blessed to have had (and still have) a library bigger than my bedroom filled with books. Sidenote: Thanks parents for the gift of books! When kids, my sisters included, were playing outside, I was inside with my head in a book. Thankfully, my eldest sister who lives in Australia was also a reader and whenever she would bring a new book, I would read it. So I was reading adult books well before my time. In fact, I was skipped a class in school (think skipping infants and heading straight to grade one) because I read way beyond my years and as a result I was also the poster kid to be entered into reading competitions. Fun fact, I also read very very quickly - a speed reader actually. When I started University, before I studied law, I jumped at the opportunity to do a literature degree. Anyway, when I was read Michael's post about her favourite childhood books and I just had to post mine.

Bingo Brown Gypsy Lover - This is my all time favourite childhood book. I still own this book and read it ever so often. In fact, I shuddered to post this without a real photo of the book because I forgot to take one this weekend when I was at my parents house. This photo was the only one I found with the cover I have. I know this isn't the most popular childhood book, but ever since I first read it when I borrowed it from the library of my mum's school  I was beyond hooked. (Before my mum was a principal, she was a teacher who doubled as a librarian and I got it at her library - I never returned it whoops).

April 07, 2015

Book Club Book Review #10 - Love Lucy

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. I skipped out on posting yesterday because it was a holiday. Sidenote: I never realised that not everyone had a holiday on Easter Monday until my friend who is currently doing her Masters in Peru told me that she had to go to class - is this normal? We've always had Easter Monday off. Anyway, my Easter was quiet and spent at home with the parents for the entire weekend. Now back to the regularly scheduled program and one of my favourite topics ... BOOKS.

april lindner love lucy book review
April 05, 2015

Sunday sweats ~ Vol. 1

I probably chose a bad week to start logging my 'sweats' because this week have been all over the place. Last Monday was a non-Easter related public holiday here and then this current Easter long weekend finds me at my parents house. Since I tracked my sweats daily though, I figure why not post what I actually did anyway.
Monday: Rest ~ This was a holiday here and I just had no zeal to do anything but relax. Well relax and work on my thesis. No sweats of any kind happened. 

Tuesday: 45 minute run on the treadmill at the gym. 30 minute abs/thighs ~ Because I run just because I enjoy it and I'm not training for a race per se, I actually don't generally measure distance, but rather time. I plan to change that though so maybe from next weeks' post.

Thigh machine selfie
April 01, 2015

Training for Tuesday ... on a Wednesday

**I forgot to post this yesterday even though it was written and so we get Training for Tuesday on a Wednesday. Let's just pretend today is Tuesday mmkay. It's April Fool's day (Happy April Fools) so its totally acceptable to play pretend. Also since I'm pretend posting this on a Tuesday but really its Wednesday, I got the opportunity to read the other posts and Kristen's post and her honesty about her half marathon is refreshing and real and shows the ups and downs of running. Go read it. 

Longest. Disclaimer. Ever. On to the post:

A Change of Pace

This post is not going to be a long one. It's really about my new found love. Yoga. A little flashback: A while ago, well January really, I decided to really buckle down and get fit. And more importantly to  get in a healthy space. I had already started running at that point and I had already begun to love that. I try to spend most of my evenings in the gym, though I do falter here and there. I get my running in and have been trying not only to lose weight but be "in a good space" - I can't really describe the space I'm talking about so let's roll with it - it was a perspective shift. I love running and really want to improve at it (and I have significantly - I will continue always) but I've now found another exercise that I adore just as much! 

I had two friends who tried hot yoga a while back and they had a love/hate relationship with it. Anyhow they convinced me to give yoga a try. And I did and I hated it and thought I'd never get with that again. I never could get the poses down and at the time I thought "I could never lose my excess flab doing this ish" so I stopped. Earlier this year after I had seen some of Alyssa's posts and some friends over here began to pick up yoga again, I decided to try it. And I love it. You see with the January perspective shift, its not longer about the excess flab, its about loving the healthy lifestyle I've adopted, Its about pushing my body past what I thought was capable and it's about just enjoying it. I enjoy it so I do it! Do I want to lose a couple more pounds? Yes but that thats not why I love and continue to do yoga. I do it because I enjoy it. It relaxes me, it relaxes my brain, its calming. Yoga after the gym is the best thing ever.