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June 05, 2015

Friday Favourites

I missed my Friday Favourites post last week and these are my favourite posts to draft so I decided to whip one up this week. Its been a good week, a very good one. When I wasn't doing work, I was out with friends having a blast. Also it was a great week because yesterday was my sister in Australia's birthday. I'm always sad I can't spend the day with her and since she reads this blog I wanted to say HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY sissy! I love her so much!

Friday Favourites
Favourite Moments
I went out three, yes three, times this week. On Monday night I went out with my girls randomly for a drink. Since I was on a cleanse, I drank water!

Thursday was a holiday here so Wednesday night (the night before the holiday), I went out to watching some cars drifting (I love cars and speed) and then me my girls and some of our male friends went out to a bar TILL 3 AM!!! I cannot remember the last time I stayed out that late. Thank God Thursday was a holiday.

I wish I got  full length pic. I had on the cutest long sleeved top with cute shorts :D

Last night, I went out for some eats and some drinks with an old friend who now lives in Virginia doing his Phd but who is home for a little vacation.

Many great moments.... not so much sleep ....

Favourite Recipe

I have got to make this avocado chicken burrito! It just looks so yummy!
Recipe here

Favourite Pin

I saw this on Pinterest and it was too cute not to pin! When I grow up (yes I know Im fully grown but sometimes I don't feel like it), I want a kitchen like this:
Found here

Favourite Funnies

Story of my week in memes:

With the exception of the word "retarded" which I hate ... this is so something I'd say:



That's it!!! I hope you guys had a great week. I have a lot of catching up of posts to do and I WILLLLL do it this weekend.

Have a Great weekend guys!!

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  1. Love love love that minion meme.
    Looks like you had a great, fun week. Have a great weekend too.

  2. i bailed on plans last night because i was freaking tired and here you are being awesome and going out 3x during the week! you go.

    and that 30 vs 20 meme? SO TRUE. i went out for a cousin's 22nd bday and i'm like, oh please i can hang with 20-somethings....until i saw how ridiculous they were acting and then i was like, laterzzzz....i'm outta here you guys are morons.

  3. What a fun week! Those burritos look amazing, I want them now! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Happy Friday!

  4. That kitchen is amazing!! Who wouldn't want to cook every night with a kitchen like that.

  5. That kitchen is everything! Those burritos look really good too. I cannot hang with 20 year olds...I can barely hang with other 26 year olds haha.

  6. the kitchen is gorgeous. i can never decide if i want dark cabinets or white ones! my husband likes the dark look. the 30 year old /20 year olds ecard is hilar. i am feeling that way all the time, and i've made the recipe. it IS really good! a little messy though :)

  7. That kitchen is gorgeous! I want one too when I grow up. lol Sounds like you had a busy fun-filled week.

  8. that 30/20s ecard makes me laugh every time, it's so true!
    those burritos look so good.
    and wow look at you going out all the time ;) i can't remember the last time i was awake at 3am.. and it wasn't because i woke up to pee. hahaha!

  9. That is a great picture of you. Can I just have that kitchen now please!! That last meme is freaking hilarious! Let's face it, it's them!

  10. Hahaa love the funnies - so true about not really being 20 (thank god in so many ways!). Love that you got in lots of time with your girls. I'm sure you looked cute, picture or not! Cheers to the weekend, lovely :)

  11. That minion meme is hilarious & I need to try that chicken burrito recipe like right now! Hehe. Have a great weekend, Kay!

  12. That minion meme made me burst out laughing. It's 5am. The kids are in our bed asleep (so of course I'm not asleep). And I actually burst out laughing. 😂.
    Thanks for the blog birthday greetings. I've never been happy birthdayed on a blog. Feels awesome!! Especially as it's from you and on this blog. Lol. I love you too baby sis xxx

  13. They say you're finally grown up when you're taking care of another person but to tell you the truth I still don't feel grown up and I'm 36! Love the memes and the willpower to drink water while going out, cleanse or not. I would have probably stayed home!!

  14. That kitchen!!!! I want that kitchen!!!! Drifting is so cool to see in person!!! I went a few years ago when I lived in Atlanta. They were mostly Mustangs and 350 Z's that were there.

  15. Sounds like a busy, but fun week! I love happy hour after work! Love the funny about being in your 30s! That explains my mood exactly lately!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  16. That kitchen looks incredible!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  17. Those chicken burritos look amazing! And that kitchen!? Beautiful! Sounds like you had a fun week!

  18. I love when you talk about your love for cars and speed. Such a fun hobby that I never would have guessed until I learned it about you! Looks like you had some fun this week :) good—you deserved it!

  19. love the catch up with you.missed seeing you around!


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