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June 30, 2015

Training for Tuesday

You guys, I start my new job tomorrow and I'm nervous as all heck. No really. I'm sure I'll do fine but the anticipation is killing me. I've worked at my former job now for almost 4 years, fresh out of law school and I'm not the biggest fan of change, even when the change is wanted and needed. One of the reasons I'm so nervous is because I feel like I'll fall of of my rhythm. The training rhythm.

For the last four years I had a groove, I knew when I could leave work early and hit the gym, how much time I had after work for workouts, how my weekends were structured etc. Now Im entering into a heavy civil litigation environment and I need to set some goals so that even when work becomes a little too much, I'm still motivated to get it done ... especially with running. 

For some time now I haven't run as much as I would like, and the excuse is always that I'm too busy. Yoga I can do at home late at night, before bed or early in the morning (really the only "exercise" I'd ever do in the morning - not a morning exercise person). But for my running (which don't get it twisted, I still love to do), excuses run rampant and I always forget this: 

running quote

So today I will set some goals/advice for myself for running specifically:
1. Run at least three times per week
2. Run outdoors once a week if possible (if not possible do not beat up yourself)
3. Do a yoga for runners video once a week - Tracy recommended on a while back and I really need to get on my game and do it!!
4. Remember the feeling of a good run - and then go run.
5. Don't give up even when work gets tough and rough and days are long

give it all you've got quote

I'm actually going to write these things down and try to stick to them and I'll update you guys on my progress next month!!! I find that motivating myself sometimes takes work as I can settle into a rut pretty easily, but I have made some great strides this year and I don't want that to stop because of a change. A wanted change. So here's to changes and continued progress in fitness!

** PS. Im behind on my blog reading but those who have known me long enough will know that I will catch up. I always do ;)

Im linking up with Alyssa and Tracy for Training for Tuesday 

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  1. Best of luck at your new job. I'm sure you will be amazing at it. And I think scheduling in run time a few days a week, will help you stay on track. I find scheduling things helps me to stay in check. And don't be nervous, everyone at your new job will love you. How can they not!! You are awesome!!

  2. Good luck with the new job! Changes in routine do make it tough because you have to start all over finding places in your schedule to fit workouts. It's been easier for me lately, but that's primarily because I work in a place that has gym equipment, and the hours aren't strenuous, so I've got plenty of brain and muscle power left over at the end of the day. If/when I switch jobs, I know I'll be struggling to get it back together again.

  3. Good luck tomorrow, and good luck on your goals! I am sure once you are settled in you will find some balance.

  4. i know how stressful a new job is, but i'm not going to pretend i know how stressful your industry is! i think the key here is to remind yourself how much you enjoy working out, but not beating yourself up if you can't. it's a huge change! good luck with your new job darl.

  5. It's always so tough to start a new job and keep your routine but since you're already thinking about it and planning for it you're far ahead of the fear. Wishing you all the best luck in the world on your new job!!! :)

  6. Well first of all, wishing you all of the luck in the new job! I know you're going to be amazing there and I'm so happy for you taking this step! And one of the biggest things that helps me is remembering how I feel after or during a run. Getting there is usually the hard part. But after a long day at work, think of your run as a *treat* for your body and mind, rather than another layer of punishment. You'll never regret a good sweat!

  7. Trying to remember to get in exercise when work is hellishly busy is my hardest part too. I just want to sit down but it;'s worth it after the workout.

  8. I feel you! I went through the same thing last month when I started my new job and I'll be honest, that first week was rough and left me feeling like OMG I will never get my routine back and I suck and what am I doing?! But it got better and now it's like that never even happened. So, do your best (I know you will) and just know that even if you aren't perfect right away, you'll get there. So excited for you to start this new journey!

  9. good luck with the new job! you're going to do great :)

    this is why i always workout in the AM at the crack of dawn; too sleepy to come up with excuses so i just get up and go and when i'm at the gym, i can't turn back!

  10. Good luck ~ good luck ~ good luck!

    I think setting these types of goals are a great idea. I need to do it myself :)

  11. Good luck with your new job! It'll feel nice once you're all settled in.

  12. I'm little out of my groove as well. Stay focused, you'll get back into it before you know it!

  13. I've not been running as much as I aught to either. But I plan on doing a 10k in August so I'd better fix that asap! You'll do fine. Transition is never easy, just give yourself some slack and do what you can.

    I think I missed the reading post. Need to figure out what I should be reading. I think the fact that I'm reading the last published Ice and Fire book (dance with dragons) must figure in somewhere in the challenge 😋.

  14. I hope you had an awesome first day at work.
    I love that meme - give up, give it or give it everything. I'll use that line sometime.

  15. Good luck at your new job! Isn't it crazy how fast those years out of law school go by?


  16. If my schedule isn't exactly like it always is, the first thing that gets bumped is my gym time and it sucks because I really enjoy my gym time. It's my reading time and no one (but the broholes at the gym) interrupts me, it's soooo good.


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