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June 11, 2015

Treadmill thoughts

A long time ago, Steph (and other people I just can't remember who else right now) wrote a post about her treadmill thoughts and I remembered thinking I want to do one of those since my brain runs a mile a minute. I never got the chance until Tuesday night. 

I went to the gym for a run for the first time in forever on Tuesday. I still religiously do my yoga but I had fallen off my running game for a host of reasons. So I slapped on my shoes and gym clothes and headed to the gym. From the moment I jumped on the treadmill and hit start I knew it was the perfect time to do one of these posts because the craziness that went through my head... it was too good not to record.

treadmill picture
*After hitting start button*

Do I really want to run for 45 minutes?

I really don't want to run for 45 minutes why am I here?

Im tired and its not even 5 minutes in. Whats going on today?

Maybe I should read a book or listen to Undisclosed.

Nope ... only dancehall can get me through this.

*Book pops into my head* - Why did i not bring my iPad. I cannot read off my phone.

How bad will it look if I just stop? Bad. it will look bad. Because you just freaking walked in

What am I going to eat after here. There is food in the fridge but I really feel for something else ...

I wish I could eat a gyro. But flour. Cant have that.

I'll just drink a shake then ... but I do NOT feel for a shake.

Only 7 minutes in ... what the actual hell?

That guy is really sweating ... and panting ... and moving

Oh yeah ... Im sweating too.

But really though, why is he panting?

Dude I am literally on the brink of death and exhaustion and I'm not panting would you quit *side eye*

Fix your face Krystal. fix yo face.

Ooooh I love this song

I cannot believe I dropped $100 USD on Erin Condren stuff today ... but horizontal ... and pretty

*budgets in head*

Oh gosh this girl next to me is running on an incline really quickly, I need to run faster.

Scratch that ...

She has cute sneaks. Me likes.

I really really should not have eaten that oreo today

At least panting guy is gone.

*20 minutes in* Dear God please let me live through this. I promise to obey the 10 commandments from this moment forward.

Walk. I need to walk.

Why am I hereeeeee???

Ok this wasn't so bad ... Nope it really was bad. Terrible in fact. Literally the worst run of life. But heck, I'm breathing.

Dang ... Im swaying

No really, maybe you jumped off that treadmill too quickly. Way too quickly

Walk in a straight line Krystal. Though art not drunk.

Dammit. Whyyyy did I park so farrrrrrrrrrr....

Thats it!! What crazy thoughts do you have while working out?? I literally swore I'd pass out during that run, but I lived to tell the tale!! 

Have a great Thursday guys!!

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  1. hahaha!!! I have similar thoughts-- until I started watching TV at the gym and things are better now!!!

  2. This is hilarious!

  3. i used to play the time game ...as in i'll look at the time, then swear not to look at it for 30mins and when i'm sure 30mins has passed, i look again and FUCK! only 5 minutes has passed #rage. it's why i stopped using indoor machines because they're so boring!

  4. Haha I love this! I think whenever I'm on a treadmill the only thing I think is "OMG is this over yet? Do I REALLY need to run this long? Screw it, I'm done!" LOL

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. haha my thoughts exactly - well almost...thankfully all the treadmills at my gym have tv's so I'm running but not really thinking about it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Hahahaha! You're too funny. I'm glad you survived the panting man!

  7. Treadmills drive me insane! I wish I had the patience for them

  8. Hahaha I have one of these posts started but I never went back to finish this. I really ought to. We have a lot of the similar thoughts.Especially the whole it's only been five minutes??? Ugh!

  9. I think very similar thoughts pretty much every time I run! Like WHY am I doing this to myself but I always feel awesome afterwards!

  10. hahahaha @ not drunk. hilarious! and why do people need to pant? i get so bored on the treadmill! and just one oreo? that's nothing ;)

  11. OMG this cracked me up! I have so many similar thoughts while I'm running. And of course at the end I'm always like oh, that wasn't so bad (even though it totally was)!

  12. OMG I love the inner thoughts!! "Fix your face Krystal. fix yo face" was my favorite. I always get so bored on the treadmill too.

  13. hahahaha I love this!! I am not a runner but the few times I've tried, I've had very similar thoughts with lots of profanities mixed in.

  14. I hate when I clock watch on the treadmill. I often have the "can I stop" about five minutes in. LOL

  15. it's unbelievable how accurate this is for me too :)

    i'm always checking out sneakers, and wondering of all the treadmills, the sweaty panting, loud stomping runner man has to go right next to me!!!!?!?!?!?

  16. Pretty much 99% of what I'm thinking during a run is what I'm going to eat afterward and doing mental math to make it feel like I'm closer to done than I am. Example, last night's 4 miler: At .5 mile, I'm thinking "Okay, halfway to halfway to halfway! Not so bad! Halfway to halfway to my turnaround point! Woo, okay!" Yeah, it doesn't make sense to me either. Also, first run in forever and you sign up for 45 minutes?! You're my hero!

  17. Funny. I'm so proud of you for sticking to the mill as long as you did. Those quitting thoughts are so me sometimes when I'm running outside. I want to stop but I am ashamed the people next to me will think I'm a fraud so I run around the corner and then I stop. Haha.

  18. Haha I would always think the same thing! Do I really want to do this haha
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  19. Replies
    1. I actually only went that night because you told me to!!! i blame you!!! hehe still love you though <3

  20. I am pretty sure I have thought all of these things! I hate running. Hate the treadmill. Heat sweating. And of course every time that I do run I look down at the timer and it's only been like two minutes and I'm already dying.

  21. The reason why I'm terrible at exercise is because my mind is very, very mean to me when I exercise. I call myself mean names, and I tell myself I can't do anything, and I assume everyone is judging me, and I think I'm panting! Ha!

  22. i'm the same way--you should hear my inner thoughts when trying to meditate. can't do it.

  23. I love stream of consciousness posts! It's why I do them, too...

    I definitely clock watch on the treadmill, when I actually get my fat ass on a treadmill. It's just SO boring.

  24. LMAO! This is one of the reasons I do not go to the gym. I'd go crazy with all the weird thoughts in my head and all the weird people who work out would distract me too much. "Fix yo face!!"

  25. Almost every single workout, I get 10-20 minutes in and I'm like HOW AM I ONLY THIS FAR? WHY IS THE END NOT NEAR?!?! KILL ME. My brain speaks in all caps too. Especially during workouts because my body doesn't like being punished so it yells at me. lol

    But the absolute WORST thing about going to the gym: grunters or people that drop weights. I can't even fix my face when that shit happens and I just STARE and GLARE and try to stab people with eye daggers. I just can't even deal with those beeches. NOPE.

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