July 31, 2015

Friday Favourites

Whoop Whoop, we made it!! It's Friday. Today I have a work luncheon and a Wine and Cheese so its a celebrating and shmoozing kinda Friday. If I'm honest, I don't have too many words for today's post since this is the only post this week that I'm drafting the night before it goes up sooo ... yeah. Let's just go with those Faves...

Friday Favourites
Fave Quote:
if you live off a mans compliments

July 30, 2015

Five ways I save money shopping online!

It's Thursday guys ... and Im excited for tomorrow!! Tomorrow for me will be a long day, but a good one. Tomorrow marks the end of the court term and my firm has a partners and associates luncheon! In the evening after all that good stuff, Ill then attend the law association's Wine and Cheese ... Both fun things; both good ways to start the weekend. But today, I decided to post something that's been sitting in draft forever.

Let me start this with a huge disclaimer - I spend a lot of money on random stuff. There's no two ways about that. Last week my sister was looking for something  online for my niece and nephew and in a group chat with my mum, she asked me to help her find it. I did .... in under a minute. Her words to me were "You are like flash with the internet shopping". I am ... I really am.

But thats not to say I don't love a good deal! I thought I'd share my online shopping habits and the ways I try to save money spending online ...

Online shopping tips

July 28, 2015

My 2015/2016 Erin Condren Horizontal life planner

Tuesday is the day before Wednesday, which is two days from Friday, which means its almost the weekend!! YAY! I kid. Got you excited though didn't I? I'm a little bit ashamed at how excited I am about posting about a planner. But yup, that's what this entire post is going to be about. A planner. Specifically, my Erin Condren 2015/2016 Horizontal Life Planner. (Disclaimer - this is a photo heavy post).

Erin Condren Life Planner

While I consider myself to be very techno-savy - I like paper planners. I need to see my goals/to-do's and deadlines. I do have running reminders on my Iphone, but honestly, sometimes after the phone buzzes, I forget about it. In my planner however, every time I look at it I'm reminded of my tasks and as an attorney, I have to have visual reminders all day every day. 
July 27, 2015

A Bundle of Thoughts {aka Life Lately}

Oh boy, its been a while since I came on my blog and just wrote. Its so refreshing to just write - one of the very best feelings. When I fell in love with reading blogs and dreamt of starting my own, it was because I liked reading about other's lives. Lately blogging seems a little less about writing and life updates and more about blogging about being successful blogging. No shade just facts. And while there is a place for Pinterest-y posts,  tips and tricks, and the 'new' type of blogging, I have to remind myself that this space started as an outlet to write my thoughts, and that maybe once in a while I should actually yanno ... write.

SO life updates are in order me thinks...

the kay times

July 24, 2015

Friday Favourites

Hi guys! It's Friday!! Tomorrow is the glorious day I get to sleep late. I have no major plans for the weekend other than to sleep, read, write and relax ... Maybe throw in a glass of wine or three and some sushi. That's it!

I haven't done my Friday faves in a while and it's no secret that these are some of my fave posts to draft so here we go...

Friday Faves

Fave Purchase:
I own an iPhone 6, but my office bought me an iPhone 5 for client calls. The IT dept currently has it connecting it to our servers for contacts and email etc, but I did get a chance to see it yesterday and I realised it's gold. Naturally, I immediately purchased a case for it. I have this case in pink for my iPhone 6 and love it so I got the gold iPhone 5 version for a steal (under $2) on Amazon. 
Found here

I also needed a new wallet and I purchased this trifold Nine West wallet, also on Amazon for a steal. I absolutely love it! 
Found here
July 23, 2015

Firmoo Glasses Giveaway!!

Hi guys!! The weeks of this year are flying by. I can't really believe its Thursday... I swear the week just started and yes I know I say that all the time.

I have an awesome giveaway today (if you couldn't tell by the title of this post). I don't know about you but ...

free stuff ecard

and you shouldn't either ...

... especially is you wear and/or need glasses

I was pumped when Firmoo contacted me the last time and I got my own sweet pair of their glasses.  I tinted those glasses and I still have them and wear them - as sunnies. They have held up great and are they are super cute. When Firmoo contacted me again offering me a chance to give one of you guys a pair I said "le duh" ... in a more professional manner of course. But seriously, I wouldn't vouch for something unless I would love it myself. 
July 21, 2015

Literary Ladies Check In

Good Morning guys!! Its been an entire week ... my apologies. My new job is great but tons of work. I just need to figure out how to strike a balance between work, my personal life and my baby (aka my blog). I'll get there stick with me. 
Anyway today is check in day for the Summer reading challenge to see what books we've read so far. Here's my list - some books have changed from when I posted my preliminary list
What I've Read:
* A YA book (mandatory!) ~ Nineten Minutes by Jodi Picoult  (Disclaimer - I'm not sure this qualifies as YA even though some say it is and that's why I originally chose it, so I may swap this out with a real YA)
* Non US Author  (mandatory!) ~ What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty (different book than listed last time)
A book that has been on your TBR list for a year or more ~ 12 Years a slave by Solomon Northup
A book with a kickass female character ~ Rage against the Dying by Becky Masterman
* A book that is or will be a movie (or TV show) ~ A long way down by Nick Hornby 
* A book written by a comedian or celebrity ~ Bedwetter: Stories of courage, redemption and pee by Sarah Silverman
A book with a one word title ~ You by Caroline Kepnes 
* A suspenseful book – a mystery, a thriller, a book about revenge ~ The Martian by Andy Weir (different book than listed last time)
* A book about Summer, with Summer in the title ~ Last Summer by Rebecca Rogers

July 14, 2015

Show us your books - June/July Reads

I had a long day today (its Monday night as I write this) but I needed to draft this post before lights out. I've been meaning to join this link up for some time now and just always miss the date - clearly I'm not the most organised blogger these days. But I love books and reading and I wasn't about to miss another one. Joining Steph and Jana for "Show us your books".

Now these aren't all the books I've read in June and thus far in July. Far from it actually - remember the literary ladies summer reading challenge? Well I've read all but one book from my list (and changed a couple of my choices - but thats a post for another day) so I've definitely read a lot in the last few weeks and since I don't want to spill it all just ye, I just chose some books that I've read that stood out good or bad. Here goes!

I sometimes always walk into Book Stores just because. So a couple weekends ago I went shopping for work clothes at the mall and walked into a book store and saw this. I've read both The Husbands Secret and Big Little Lies so I though why not. I'm glad I did. I'm not sure what I would do if I forgot years of my life or didn't remember those people close to me - but I thought she did a good job of portraying the concept. Its gotten mixed reviews but I'd give this one a thumbs up and 4/5 stars. I recommend.
July 13, 2015

The Love/Hate Tag

Happy Monday guys! It was a quiet, restful weekend for me and so I thought I'd keep it simple today and do the Love Hate tag that literally everyone but me has done thus far. So here goes!!

Family - I'd be lost without them! Love my family. 

Sushi - If you've read this blog for any amount of time you would know that I love me some sushi. If I had the choice of a meal right now, it would probably be sushi!

Reading - I read myself to sleep every single night. It's my therapy - Mind you, I suck at updating Goodreads, so please don't let that be any indication of my reading status ... I always forget *facepalm*

Writing - I still do write, a lot. Its also my therapy.

Running yoga or a great workout - Few things can beat the feeling of a good workout.

Friends - I rarely blast my friends on the blog but I have a core group of girls who make my heart smile. All of them!

Children - I really do hope I have kids in my lifetime because I adore kids.

July 07, 2015

Recipe: Eggs and Spinach Breakfast Tacos

Hi guys!! I decided not to post yesterday because while my weekend was great, it was no 4th of July!! Basically, I ate sushi, drank wine, shopped, went to church and relaxed. Boom! 

Anyway, today I thought I'd share another concoction or "recipe" that I created in my head. Like I said the last time I posted a recipe, I whip up an idea in my head and then head to the kitchen. It's really the only time i get inspired to "cook" since I rarely actually follow recipes. I'm sure its been done before since its simple and not a big creative idea AND since it only calls for like 2 ingredients, but I thought it was tasty so why not share it. Also ... it legit takes 5 minutes to whip up. Win win for lazy cooks (like myself).

Eggs and Spinach Tacos
July 03, 2015

Friday Favourites

I can't believe its July already!! We're closer to the next Christmas than we were to the last and to me thats just crazy! Also ... next month is my birthday. The year is flying by. I was supposed to travel  this month but instead I'm at a brand new job and loving it. I'm going to try to whip up this post in no time since duty calls but I just had to check in today ... even though most of you will be busy with 4th of July weekend things!

Friday Faves

Fave Moment

Hands down my favourite moment would be starting my new job. I love it!!! I love the people, I love the atmosphere, the location and I really really love my new office. It still needs some personal touches and yes I already have files piling up in there (after two days) but I really love my new office... Its huge and beautiful!

Fave Beauty
In this post I mentioned that I switched moisturizers to the L'oreal Age Perfect Moisturizer. I still like that one, but I now only use it at night. I was missing my favourite (not the norm) moiturizer and I'm so glad I got it back. It makes my skin smile.