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July 13, 2015

The Love/Hate Tag

Happy Monday guys! It was a quiet, restful weekend for me and so I thought I'd keep it simple today and do the Love Hate tag that literally everyone but me has done thus far. So here goes!!

Family - I'd be lost without them! Love my family. 

Sushi - If you've read this blog for any amount of time you would know that I love me some sushi. If I had the choice of a meal right now, it would probably be sushi!

Reading - I read myself to sleep every single night. It's my therapy - Mind you, I suck at updating Goodreads, so please don't let that be any indication of my reading status ... I always forget *facepalm*

Writing - I still do write, a lot. Its also my therapy.

Running yoga or a great workout - Few things can beat the feeling of a good workout.

Friends - I rarely blast my friends on the blog but I have a core group of girls who make my heart smile. All of them!

Children - I really do hope I have kids in my lifetime because I adore kids.

Wine and scotch - My drinks of choice.

Animals - Mainly dogs, cats and birds, but really anything fuzzy and cuddly looking gives me the happies. 

Stationary - I'm  stationary girl. Always have been, always will be...

My blog - As much as I abandon her these days because life has been hectic - I really and truly do love this blog (and everyone who takes time out of their day to read it).

Chipped nails - My nails are either painted or bare because I cannot stand the sight of chipped nails, particularly chipped finger nails. On me ... it doesn't really bother me on anyone else.

People who mistreat people/kids/animals - Ugh!!!!! Don't get me ranting on this!

My car being dirty - This is literally the funniest hate item on this list since 99.9% of the time my deep navy blue car looks like I railroaded it through a dusty mountain. But still ... 

My scale - Technically we have a love/hate relationship - she's like a terrible boyfriend. Sometimes I love her, most times I hate her. We're better off broken up but I just can't quit her.

Traffic - Lord put a hand for this one. Every day I spend well over an hour in traffic to and then back from work... Not too bad you say? Well it is because I work 20 minutes away from my apartment. And patience isn't my best virtue. Ask anyone.

Being late - I am always early. 

Ironing clothes - When I own my own home (hopefully soon) my dream would be to hire someone whose sole role will be to iron my clothes. I'm not kidding. I can clean, I can wash dishes, I can cook. I suck at ironing crap. I don't like it AT ALL. I wear suits daily for work and frankly if I never had to iron again, I'd be exponentially happier. 

Have a great Monday guys!!

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  1. Haha I feel you on the chipped nails and traffic. Two of my least favorite things! And I wish I liked sushi but I just can't bring myself to like it!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. im the same with chipped nails - can't stand the sight of them. 95% of the year, my nails are bare because of this however, i recently bought a pretty coral polish by essie (on sale) and it's been 3 days with no chips (yet). a first considering my nails always chip on the 2nd day and then #rage.

  3. You and me with our sushi love!! Can't live without it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I feel your pain with chipped nails and traffic. I expect traffic on the weekdays but when i hit it on the weekend, I go absolutely crazy. And all the people who drive and talk on their phones!! It's illegal here but they all do it. Hang up the phone and drive.

  5. You're not the last! I'm still working on mine. LOL We have some of the same dislikes - chipped nails and being late!

  6. oh yumm you and I both love sushi! I loved the place we went to. I absolutely hate ironing clothes. I've burnt some good clothes in the past (even a bridesmaid dress for a wedding) that I refuse to iron anything else again!! K on the other hand is good at it, thank the Lord!

  7. I actually like ironing but I am with you on the being late thing. I cannot stand the idea of being late and always arrive about 15 minutes early no matter where I am going!

  8. Oh my goodness I am ALWAYS craving sushi, but especially right now since I haven't had it in like... two weeks?! Must remedy this week :)

  9. Being late...or when others are late...makes me stabby to no end. Same with traffic, which is often the cause of being late.

  10. Um yes about the traffic! I live about 20 minutes away from my work too, but rush hour makes it more like 45 minutes, sometimes an hour. SO frustrating! Feel the same way about my scale too! I know the fluctuations from water weight and stuff are normal and I shouldn't freak out about them but I do!

  11. hahaha you're not the last! this is in my drafts and i have like 2 things on it. mmm sushi! and you will totally have children ;) and i'm reminding you: update goodreads. put the app on your phone! easy peasy.
    and ugh i hate my scale. but i keep eating and she keeps going up, so it's my fault.

  12. Ugh chipped nails drive me insane!!! And I hate my scale too, she is rude bitch! I so love sushi and reading. I think I need to do both of those at the same time. There is nothing like getting lost in a great book!!

  13. I had sushi for lunch today! I found some veggie sushi at the grocery store that is actually pretty good. I used to spend an hour to and from work in traffic and it affected my mood so badly! Hate it. I don't know if I could ever live that far away from work again...maybe if I could take the train or bus and actually DO something while I'm commuting, but I hate wasting time driving!

  14. Reading and animals are the best! Ugh to traffic, I deal with it too and it's annoying on a good day.

  15. I have noticed your love of sushi! I've been avoiding my scale lately too. She can be so mean sometimes!

  16. I don't iron. Period. I don't even own one any more. I refuse to buy anything that has to be ironed. I keep a suit on my office door in case I have to go to court that gets dry cleaned once in awhile. But no ironing for me because it's seriously the devil.

  17. Yes to everything! Sushi for sure and hell no to ironing! I hang most of my clothes so that I don't have to iron any creases out of them. And if it is wrinkled, I make Joey iron it for me. Hahaha. He's also great at cleaning shoes (which I hate doing too).

  18. I'm always early too. I haaate being late. For me, 10 minutes early is on time. And I hate traffic. My commute takes 10-15 minutes most times because I live so close, but Seattle traffic can be insane and it's taken me an hour. I love that you like birds! I love birds, I even think pigeons are cute. My family thinks I'm crazy and my fiance is scared of birds. Haha.

  19. I couldn't agree with you more on chipped nails and traffic. But yes to all the wine and champagne :-D

  20. sameeee to ironing clothes. i use a steamer but hate that too, hehe.


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